• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Be a good \”liar\” and your children will become better

When we educate our children, we ask them to be honest and not lie to others. As parents, we must also set an example. However, today I want to teach you how to be a big \”liar\”, because many times, only by lying to children will they become better. In the education world, there is such an interesting effect – the expectation effect. Before explaining, let me tell you a story: There is a \”big liar\” named Rosenthal, who is a famous psychologist. Once he came to a school, randomly selected a dozen children, and said that they were geniuses. Then something magical happened. These children made great progress and really slowly turned into geniuses! From this expectation effect, it is not difficult to see that genius is not just born. In fact, every child can become a genius, it depends on how teachers and parents treat and expect them. To put it bluntly, what kind of person you want your child to become is what kind of person it will become. This requires some deception. Why do I encourage everyone to \”cheat\” children? In psychology, human behavior can be divided into three steps: determining, pretending, and becoming; for example, if we hope that our children will become a child who loves to read, then we can use this Three steps to achieve. First of all, this is the time when parents should use various methods to announce that their children like reading very much. For example, tell your child that he is a good child who loves to read, and praise your child in front of neighbors and others as a good child who loves to read. You should also treat him as a good child who loves to read. Secondly, when I pretend to be a child, it will be baffling for me at the beginning. How did I become a good child who loves reading? However, people\’s opinions are the best. If a child often hears others praising himself as a good child who loves to read, then he will also try to read. As long as they go to study, they will get recognition from others: \”He is indeed a child who reads!\” When children receive this kind of praise, they will pretend to be reading even if they are not really reading. Finally, when children start to pretend to read, they fall into the trap, because they will unconsciously form a habit, and slowly they will become such people, and loving reading will become normal. As a result, the child really became a person who loves reading. A lie told a thousand times will become the truth. If you are willing to believe who the child is, then he will become who he is. Usually we can position our children as: excellent, quiet, compassionate…and then treat our children as such people, and in the end they will really do what you want. You should also pay attention to the method of \”cheating\” your children. 1. Say it another way. If you want your child to get better and better, then try to use another way of saying it when facing your child\’s shortcomings. A mother went to a parent-teacher meeting, but the teacher scolded her: \”Your child is the most disobedient. Even if he doesn\’t get good grades, he is always moving around. He will break down if he sits there for less than 3 minutes in class.\” Heart.\” When everyone heard the teacher\’s comments, were they all very angry and wanted to beat up the child when they got back? However, when the mother went back, she lied to her child: \”Today the teacher praised you and said that you can now sit quietly for three minutes at a time. You have made great progress!\” The child was very excited to hear such a comment, so he slowly started toHe can only do it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes… And this mother also used this kind of \”deception\” to trick this child into Tsinghua University. This kind of well-intentioned deception is the wisdom of education. 2. Be patient. Educating children is never a simple matter, so you must be patient when educating children. According to the above method, we need to repeatedly set roles for children so that they can change according to them. Also remember that this kind of change is a gradual process. Don\’t find that your child has not changed after a week, and then return to a vicious look. In this way, not only will the children not change, it will also make them no longer trust your \”lies\”. In fact, the so-called deception is that we have to think that the child is excellent in our hearts. If you feel that the child is stupid and stupid from the bottom of your heart, and you always scold and scold him for it, then the child will slowly admit that he is stupid and become less and less stupid. excellent. Some people may say that no matter whether it is good or bad for your child, you are always lying to him! If my children can become outstanding, then I am willing to be called a \”liar\”!

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