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Boys must cultivate the three qi, and girls must cultivate the three elegances! Parents must understand

My cousin is more than 8 months pregnant and will give birth soon. During this period, she kept nagging in my ear: \”Sister, if this child is born, if it is a boy, I must let him practice Taekwondo and make his body strong; if it is a girl, , I will raise her like a princess, wearing beautiful dresses and fashionable styles, so that she will look very cool when taken out.\” Many parents should have said this, but in fact, raising children is indeed very different, especially in terms of personality. They are very different, so parents need to pay more attention to their education. Today, Dandan Mama will talk about: If you have children at home, how should parents educate them so that they can become better and more lovable! If there is a boy in the family, he must cultivate three kinds of Qi! We all know that sharing is the glue and lubricant of friendship, it is also a kind of life wisdom and philosophy, and it is also a kind of experience. People who share often make others more convenient and happy themselves. Especially for children, it is indeed a beautiful thing to learn to share from an early age. I heard something from a friend: a colleague brought his 2-year-old son Feifei to play at home. Maybe because they are similar in age, my daughter behaved very well and gave Feifei all the candies and toys. The two of them had a lot of fun. . But just when it was time to eat, my daughter put all the washed strawberries on the table into her own bowl without giving any of them to Feifei. Moreover, when others came to take them, she pushed them away vigorously, which made me extremely embarrassed. Indeed, for families with strict upbringings, sometimes their children\’s rudeness can put them in a dilemma, thinking that they have not educated their children well. But they don’t know that when children are 2 years old, their self-awareness has just awakened, and they have a strong sense of monopoly on things, so they have no awareness of sharing at all. They basically don’t understand the art of sharing until they are 5 years old. Therefore, parents must give their children enough patience during this period and guide them to share. Otherwise, missing this opportunity will be very detrimental to their children\’s interactions with others. Naturally, they will not be able to experience the joy of being kind to others, and will leave a sense of shame to others. The impression of being stingy and difficult to get along with. The importance of courage to success at the age of 8 is self-evident. Children with courage and courage are always willing to challenge new things and will not hide behind their mothers and cry; they never back down midway and retreat when encountering difficulties. They I will just keep running forward and never complain about suffering or tiredness. Every time I chat with mothers in the community, they will complain: \”Our children are not generous at all. They hide behind me when they see people. What will happen when they grow up with this kind of temper?\” It may be because the children have no contact with the outside world. This situation is caused by too few opportunities to interact. However, in this open society, it is really important for children to establish their own interpersonal circle. If a child is too introverted and timid, he or she will be more likely to suffer from boredom in the future, and will also lose opportunities that belong to him, such as work and money. And more importantly, they dare not take the initiative to pursue what they want, and spend their entire lives content with the status quo and doing nothing. In this regard, parents can take their children out more often to give them opportunities to communicate with their partners and slowly open their hearts. Or when parents go out to buy food and visit the supermarket, they can also ask their children to help choose food and exercise their communication skills with others. 12 years old to raise ambitionThere is an old saying in Qi: \”Hardships and hardships make you successful.\” If you want your son to transform from a boy into a real man, you must \”work his muscles and bones, hone his will, strengthen his self-confidence, and hone his physical strength.\” In layman\’s terms, it means enduring more hardships, suffering more, being independent and persevering. 1. Suffer more and suffer more. Children who can enjoy themselves may not be successful, but successful people must endure hardship. Parents should know that it is easy to move from frugality to luxury, but it is difficult to move from luxury to frugality. If children are accustomed to enjoying a superior material life, they will be lazy to work hard and lose their fighting spirit. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if they suffer a little. The more they eat, the more they want to work hard, which is very helpful to their growth. 2. Be independent and ambitious. Today\’s children have to carry their schoolbags when they go out and wash their clothes when they come home. They have absolutely no ability to live at this age. You know, as boys, you will have to accept more challenges when you grow up. Now you don\’t know how to do these basic things, what else can you do after you grow up and leave home? If you have a girl in your family, you must take three skills! 5-Year-Old Smiles There are many good sayings about smiles, such as \”women who love to laugh are the most lucky\”, \”people who love to laugh will not have bad luck\”, and \”people who love to laugh have the most beautiful hearts\” and so on… A famous foreign psychologist once said: Smile is the best and most beautiful synonym of a person, even if she does not have a good family background and ability. There is a lot of pressure in life, and we must learn to release it. Especially as girls, our psychological pressure may be slightly weaker than that of boys. At this time, we need a way to release stress. Therefore, parents must teach their children to smile from an early age, which can trigger feelings of happiness and dispel gloom. Moreover, children who love to laugh will give people around them a sense of youthfulness and vitality. Such children are not only more likely to be emotionally superior to others, but can also broaden their interpersonal circles, break the barriers of bad relationships, and promote emotional cohesion, which will be A person who is very popular with colleagues and leaders. Cultivate tolerance at the age of 8. If boys are said to \”take a step back and be a tolerant person\” when encountering problems, then girls should \”not compete with the world and be tolerant.\” Everyone is special and has his own personality and thoughts. Therefore, conflicts will inevitably occur when people interact with each other. This is inevitable, even among relatives. The difference is that because of the same blood relationship, we often laugh it off after quarreling with family members, while conflicts with others often end up in the end of life and death. But in life, there is no need to compete for victory or defeat in everything. It is more relaxed and happy to tolerate the mistakes of others with a tolerant heart. Therefore, parents, please teach your children to learn tolerance and forgiveness, which will open up a new situation in their lives. Moreover, tolerance means understanding, which is a catalyst for interpersonal relationships and a fastener of friendship bridges. Tolerance can sometimes turn enemies into friends, which is very helpful for development after entering society. At the age of 10, when it comes to grooming, “30% looks, 70% grooming”, doesn’t it mean that a person should pay attention to his own appearance? Of course, the dressing mentioned here does not refer to how gorgeous the clothes you wear, but to wearing clean, appropriate clothes that match your status. We often say that good grooming is a business card that a person shows to the world. When people outside are attracted by your business card,If you are attracted, you will take a step towards success. Moreover, a child\’s good appearance not only represents the influence of a good family atmosphere, but also a side interpretation of good parenting. Therefore, instead of spending a lot of money on clothes and shoes for your child, it is better to give her good appearance than millions of wealth. Okay, this is the difference between raising boys and girls. I wonder if parents have learned this?

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