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Boys want to praise, girls want to coax! This teacher said that if you do this, there will be no children who cannot be taught well.

Qing Lanjun said: There are no naturally good children in this world. Every child is a star hidden on the earth. We need to brush away the dust from them so that they can shine brightly. The parent sharing today is Gan Chu, who is from Linli, Hunan. She is a primary school teacher. She used her own experience to tell us the secret of raising children – boys should be praised, and girls should be coaxed. I have always admired a senior sister who was a primary school teacher. No matter how naughty the boys or how withdrawn the girls were, in her class, within a month, they were completely transformed. Over the years, the pennants given to her by her parents have been hung all over the wall, and the flowers in the office are also displayed all year round. When I asked my senior sister about her secret, she smiled and said, \”Actually, it\’s very simple. Boys need to praise and girls need to coax.\” Next, the senior sister gave me two examples. Once, a transfer student named Wang Hua came to my senior sister\’s class. It is said that the original school has nothing to do with the child. More than ten parents have signed a letter saying that if the child continues to stay in the original school, they will collectively transfer their children to another school. However, facing such a \”little ancestor\”, the senior sister had no fear at all. At first, Wang Hua thought that when the new teacher heard about his misdeeds, he would definitely talk to him and give him a warning. But a week later, apart from getting him familiar with the school environment, the senior sister didn\’t say a word of warning to him. She also arranged for him to sit at the same table with the classmate with the best academic performance in the class, and also asked him to answer questions by calling his name during class. This was a bit flattering to Wang Hua, who had always been placed in the corner of the classroom, always far away from those with outstanding grades. The bigger surprise is yet to come. A week later, the senior sister recommended Wang Hua as the disciplinary committee member in the new round of class cadre selection and said in front of all the students: \”Wang Hua is an excellent classmate with strong organizational and management skills. Under his leadership, the discipline in the class will definitely get better and better.\” In an instant, the whole class burst into applause, and the senior sister saw tears rolling in Wang Hua\’s eyes. As expected by the senior sister, Wang Hua not only managed the discipline in the class in an orderly manner, but his academic performance also improved. His biggest headache before was composition, but with the guidance of his senior sister, he also won the prize in the school\’s composition competition. On the day of the award presentation, Wang Hua’s mother held her senior sister’s hand tightly and thanked her repeatedly. His mother said that the child never took the initiative to study at home. Every time he was asked to do homework, he would throw books on the ceiling of the living room. Now, after he comes home from school every day, he first takes the initiative to finish his homework, and then reads English on the computer. After that, he also reads extracurricular books for a while, and then exchanges reading experiences with his class teacher, my senior sister, before going to bed. After receiving recognition and praise from my senior sister, I climbed into bed obediently and went to sleep. After seeing such an astonishing transformation in the child, many teachers in the school thought that the senior sister had done something secretly. The senior sister said that she did nothing at all. She just regarded Wang Hua as an excellent child from the beginning and kept praising him, which made Wang Hua unknowingly think that he was indeed an excellent child and that his words and deeds should be consistent with The standard of an outstanding child. The girl Minmin is also a success story of the senior sister. Minmin\’s parents were in her first gradeWhen she got divorced, Minmin first lived with her father, and then her father formed a new family. Although her stepmother did not embarrass Minmin, Minmin still strongly requested to return to her mother, and her mother agreed. However, Minmin\’s mother works in a supermarket and often has to work night shifts. In this way, Minmin could only stay at home alone, and gradually became withdrawn. She was listless in class and stopped playing with her classmates after class. Naturally, her academic performance plummeted. When Minmin was in fourth grade, she happened to be assigned to her senior sister\’s class. After the senior sister learned about Minmin\’s situation, she specifically told Minmin\’s mother to prepare a mobile phone for Minmin. Next, the senior sister will discuss homework with the children through WeChat video every night, and sometimes tell stories to the children. After the children finish talking to the class teacher, they always put down their mobile phones obediently and climb into bed by themselves to go to sleep. After a period of time, Minmin gradually became cheerful. She would also take the initiative to raise her hands to answer the teacher\’s questions in class, and would also take the initiative to play with her classmates after class. Regarding Min Min\’s change, the senior sister still just said lightly: \”I just coax her more. This child\’s father is not around and her mother is busy at work, so she is usually too lonely. I talk to her on WeChat every night. Sometimes we talk about studying, sometimes we tell stories. After that, she says, \”Baby, be good, it\’s time to go to bed,\” and she goes to bed by herself. Girls are more delicate than boys and need more attention from teachers and parents. While the children around her were being held in the palm of their hands by their parents, Minmin suffered from the breakdown of her parents\’ marriage. Her mother was too busy working to take care of her situation, and she felt naturally empty and depressed. The \”coaxing\” of the head teacher can not only add warmth to her, but also enhance her sense of existence, making her feel that she is valued and that she receives no less love than others. In this way, her inner self-confidence and pride will also increase, and she will of course be willing to show herself in front of others, and thus become lively and cheerful. I remember one time I went to the classroom to look for my senior sister. It was time for get out of class to end. All the girls in her class were surrounding her, and one of them was sitting on her lap. This shows how \”popular\” she is. In fact, I also had this experience when I was a child. As long as I like the teacher, I will definitely learn well in the subjects taught by that teacher; and when I don’t like the teacher of a subject, I will also lose interest in that teacher’s class. If you are not interested, you will naturally not be able to learn that course well. This phenomenon is especially obvious in primary school. Look, if the senior sister has this secret of coaxing babies, how can the children\’s academic performance be bad! Hey, as a teacher, I feel so ashamed compared to my senior sister. In the past, I often gave up or let things go for students who were too naughty. As long as he doesn\’t disrupt the class and doesn\’t affect other students, I\’ll bow down and thank God. However, after listening to the two stories from my senior sister, I also decided to try the education method of \”boys praise and girls coax\”. Practice has proven that this trick really works. At present, several parents have reported that their children have taken the initiative in learning and become more sensible at home. One of the parents also said that his child used to be a little bully, flipping the table and throwing bowls when he disagreed. Now he doesn\’t lose his temper easily and will take the initiative to serve meals to his parents. divisionMy sister is right. If you want your child to have good academic performance, you must first make him recognize that you are an excellent child. Only when he identifies with himself will he turn from passivity to initiative, will his words and deeds be in line with the standards of outstanding children, and will he truly become outstanding. Boys want to praise, girls want to coax. When a child fails to do well in an exam or does something wrong, his young heart is already timid. At this time, a compliment is much more useful than a reprimand. The sentence \”Look at other people\’s children\” is far less motivating than \”My child, you actually have this magical skill, you are so awesome\”. Because when you reprimand a child, the psychological implication you give to the child is that he is very bad and his parents are very disappointed with you; while the psychological implication that praise brings to him is that he is a great child, but he did not do well this time. , I will definitely do it well next time. In this way, the children\’s sense of pride and achievement will increase, and they will be full of gratitude to their parents, so they can work harder!

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