• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Bursting into tears, those naughty moments that make you so tired that you collapse…

Since becoming a mother, I have discovered that raising children is really hard and tiring. When the baby is just born, the mother\’s value is reduced to that of a cow. Feeding and coaxing her to sleep are the most important things for a new mother. Those dark circles under the eyes caused by lack of sleep are not worth talking about at all. Waiting and waiting, hoping and hoping, the baby can finally sleep until dawn and can crawl and walk. At the same time, he is relieved to find that his nerves are completely tense. As long as he is awake, he will start to do bad things if he is not careful. Toys scattered all over the floor, rolls of paper torn into pieces and thrown all over the bed and on the ground, reminders countless times, pants still wet… these are all daily routines. Many times, when you have just tidied up everything with your tired body, you turn around and see that your baby has made a mess in the house with an innocent look on his face. The clothes he just washed are covered with messy paint. He is also looking at you innocently. Giggle. The fatigue and pressure in your heart bring you to the brink of collapse, but looking at his innocent face after doing bad things, you can only cheer up and use up the last bit of energy to clean up the battlefield. While gritting his teeth and scolding the \”naughty child\” countless times, he tried to comfort himself as \”his biological child, my biological child\”, telling himself that the healthy growth of his child was more important than anything else. The day after day of hard work and dedication makes people exhausted to the point of collapse, and the daily routines that are so busy that they are beyond their capabilities and have to work hard to cope with it make people feel powerless and crazy. I often feel that I am overwhelmed by the trivial matters of the family, and I am so tired that I don’t even have the strength to speak. Those happy times when children can use their mobile phones to catch up on TV dramas, chat and buy things after falling asleep, turn out to be as hard-won as luxuries. What do those moments when a mother is so tired that she is about to collapse, but still manages to keep herself smiling, what do they look like in the eyes of a child? Share a video. After watching it, you will have a different feeling: Yuehua was moved to tears the first time she watched this video! \”The ordinary in your eyes may be their beautiful magic…\” For children, they may not see their mother\’s fatigue, but their mother\’s patient company will become the warmest and most magical thing in the child\’s memory. In an instant, every ordinary to exhausting day will bring countless warmth and happiness to the children! Mother\’s love moisturizes things silently, the most ordinary but the greatest!

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