• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

\”Child, if no one criticizes you, you will never grow up.\”

I heard from the teacher today that my son was criticized for not completing his homework and he was depressed all day. From the moment my son came home, I didn\’t take the initiative to mention this matter, but paid attention to him silently. After dinner, my son finally couldn\’t help but said: \”Mom, I was criticized by the teacher today and I am a little unhappy. I still like the feeling of being praised.\” After thinking for a long time, I decided to answer him this way. If you are not afraid of the teacher criticizing you, you are afraid that the teacher will ignore you. Without hurrying to explain the truth, my mother will first tell you a story about \”Mozi plowing the pillars in anger\”: Mozi felt very angry because his apprentice was proud and complacent when plowing the pillars. Geng Zhuzhu was puzzled, so Mozi said: \”If I want to go up to the Taihang Mountains and drive with a good horse or an ox, do you think I should whip the horse or the ox?\” Geng Zhuzhu said, \”Of course I will.\” It’s time to whip a good horse, because it runs fast and is worth whipping.” Mozi said: “I also think you are worthy of my whipping, so I’m angry!” When you talk about the experience of being criticized, your mother is the first This thought is not distressing, but joy. Because my mother knows very well that only a teacher who cares about you and has expectations for you will find out about your little problems, will not tolerate your mistakes, and will hate that iron cannot be made into steel. Once upon a time, an article titled \”To Children: I Hope You Can Meet a Teacher Who Holds a Ruler and Has Light in His Eyes\” sparked heated discussions among netizens. In the article, the author hopes that her children can meet a strict teacher: a good education will not cultivate flowers in the greenhouse, but will cultivate towering trees; don’t be hostile to a teacher who is strict with you, but instead Be grateful…Children, you have to know that apart from your parents, your teachers are the ones who wish you well the most! They don\’t hesitate to put on a bad face and criticize students. In the final analysis, they hope that you can make changes and do better. After all, a good education must be a combination of leniency and severity, with clear rewards and punishments; a good teacher must be a combination of discipline and kindness, and a combination of severity and kindness. If teachers are \”good guys\” and only praise and praise every day, how will you realize your mistakes? In this way, although the teacher\’s indifference does not hurt your feelings, it will harm you for the rest of your life! Therefore, my mother can understand the teacher\’s painstaking efforts, and I hope you can understand it! Parents\’ strictness is love, and parents\’ pampering is harm. Similarly, when your parents criticize you, it is precisely because they love you deeply. Take a look at your neighbor, Xiao Li, who is the same age as you: his parents are reluctant to criticize him and are always partial to outsiders for fear of making him unhappy. His friends are all envious of him. Even if he doesn\’t complete his homework, he can act like nothing is wrong, but you will get a beating. But what happened next? He became overbearing and selfish. He started crying whenever he didn\’t get his way, liked to lie and shirk responsibilities, and broke rules all day long. His friends didn\’t want to play with him. Sometimes you may wonder why your mother always praises other people\’s children, but is very strict with you? But have you noticed that your parents often praise you for what you do well, such as not being picky about food, going to bed on time, and studying seriously… In fact, your parents also want to praise you as a flower, but if you make a mistake and get into trouble , your parents are criticizing youA sign of true love for you. A few years ago, the Li Tian case that shocked the whole country finally came to an end: a spoiled dandy boy finally paid a heavy price for his illegal behavior. Prior to this, Li Tianyi had committed 32 traffic violations, but his parents were reluctant to strictly discipline him and even shed tears of distress. If his parents could criticize or even punish him when he made a mistake for the first time, would Li Tianyi be able to avoid making the same mistake again and again? Hold it in your hand for fear of falling, hold it in your mouth for fear of melting, this is not love but harm! One or two words of criticism and correction will not make you perfect, but if you are willing to listen and change, you will become better step by step. And if you can correct your mistakes and use this as a warning to remind yourself to pay attention at all times, your parents will not be stingy with their encouragement and praise. Therefore, mom hopes that you will not resist, let alone ignore our criticism of you! If education is all about praise, you will never grow up. Su Shi once said that he did not know the true face of Mount Lu just because he was in this mountain. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to discover our own problems in a timely and accurate manner unless others criticize and point them out. If everyone only tells you \”you are awesome\”, \”you are amazing\” and \”you are the best\”, this is not education, it is no different from coaxing a baby! If education is all about praise, will you still study hard? Will you still pursue progress? Will you still be strict with yourself? Children, you have to understand that criticism is not directed at a certain person, but based on the situation. Parents, teachers, and superiors in the workplace, when they criticize you, they are actually helping you: only those who really care about you will find your faults to the point, and will patiently advise you; only those who really care about you will speak out. Only those who criticize you openly will hate you; only those who really value you will frankly point out your shortcomings and hope that you can avoid detours. It is precisely because of their \”bold\” criticism that you can see yourself clearly and not lose your way and become arrogant. Good medicine is bitter to the mouth and good for the disease, and good advice is good to the deeds if it is unpleasant to the ears. It is precisely because they wake you up that you can make progress and grow. In addition, your parents don’t want to praise you for having a “glass heart”, because one day you will have to study and live alone, how can you not be able to bear it? Therefore, when others criticize you, don’t rush to refute or resist. Think about whether what you did was wrong or inappropriate. Instead of being dejected and giving up on yourself, it is better to overcome it and solve it with a full mental state. I believe you can do it. Mom will be happy to provide you with guidance and help if needed. My child, everyone who dares to criticize you is a noble person in your life, and you must cherish it!

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