• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Childhood is different: you are playing with your mobile phone in the air-conditioned room, while he is carrying supplies under the scorching sun

My son\’s swimming class ended the day before yesterday. Although he had already received the completion certificate, he and I had already agreed to use up the ten swimming tickets given by the swimming pool and swim for an hour or two every day. Review and exercise. Yesterday afternoon, at three o\’clock, my son was still indifferent. He stayed in the room, blowing on the air conditioner, playing with his mobile phone, and was extremely happy. I reminded him that it was time to set off, but he was reluctant: \”Let me rest for a day. Don\’t go today. Go tomorrow.\” \”No, you must do what you promised. If today drags on tomorrow, tomorrow will drag on.\” If you delay the day after tomorrow, nothing will be accomplished. Hurry up!\” I said non-negotiably. He put down his mobile phone, but still did not leave the air-conditioned room. He muttered: \”The sun is so bright outside, it\’s so hot. What should I do if I get heatstroke? You are so cruel. Are you my biological mother?\” \”Because I am you. Mom, you have to be cruel, otherwise it will harm you. Let you stay in an air-conditioned room all day long playing with your mobile phone, no matter the wind or rain, or the sun? Make you short-sighted and weak? Do you want to be such a person? ?Do you think this is how I love you?\” I said seriously. He said nothing and stood up to pack his swimming equipment. After my son had packed up, I handed him the phone and asked him to read the following news: (Hu Zhibo, Suide’s “smallest volunteer”, was captured by netizens while resting next to a pile of mineral water. This photo quickly became popular on the Internet. ) Recently, during flood fighting and disaster relief in Suide, a photo of a little boy paralyzed next to a mineral water \”mountain\” became popular on the Internet. The little boy in the photo is the \”youngest volunteer\” in local disaster relief. In the photo, a little boy with glasses and short hair is leaning against a \”mountain\” of mineral water, with his mouth half-open, sleeping with his legs curled up in the sun. The little boy had a piece of red cloth pinned to his body with the words \”Volunteer, Yuanzhu Middle School\” printed on it. This little boy is 12-year-old Hu Zhibo, who is about to enter junior high school. The reporter contacted a volunteer who participated in the service with Hu Zhibo. He said: \”The child insists on serving at the service point every day and works silently when he comes. Although he is young, he is strong, healthy and very capable. We should order some services for the child. Like.\” Zhibo\’s mother told reporters that it was her son\’s initiative to participate in disaster relief. After the heavy rain, looking at the people on the street busy with disaster relief, he also asked to go to disaster relief. For more than a week, he has been volunteering continuously, usually serving nearly 10 hours a day. He helped move rice, noodles, and mineral water at the rescue site of Yuanzhu Middle School, and also helped residents shovel mud in the hardest-hit areas. When asked whether the child\’s body could tolerate the food, she said that he usually participated in some physical exercises and was in good health. It is understood that Hu Zhibo\’s parents have both been laid off. The family\’s income depends entirely on his father working outside, while his mother mainly takes care of him at home. Zhibo’s mother said proudly: “My son usually helps me with housework at home and sometimes cooks. He knows that I have tenosynovitis, so he basically takes over the house sweeping job. He also helps his second uncle sweep the yard. He is very sensible. \”After my son read the news, he didn\’t say anything. He silently returned the phone to me, opened the door, and ran away into the rolling heat. They are both children, so why are their performances so different? In addition to being related to the environment,For example, \”Children of poor people become masters early\” and \”Since ancient times, great talents have suffered many hardships, while naughty men have never been great men.\” This is also related to the education of parents. Now that living conditions have improved, many parents are reluctant to let their children endure hardships and would rather put them in their mouths, carry them in their pockets, and hold them in the palm of their hands. Afraid of overheating them in summer and freezing them in winter, they take good care of them, just like nurturing flowers in a greenhouse. As a result, there are many incompetent little bullies who are spoiled, overbearing, selfish, unable to endure hardship, and know nothing… Many people have forgotten the old saying: Strictness is love, looseness is harm. Children who grow up under the doting of their parents cannot withstand the wind and rain. Once the living environment changes, the first to be eliminated are such weak ones. Strictly discipline your children since childhood and let them work more, endure more hardships, and experience more. Only then can you truly care about them and truly love them. Children are extremely malleable, and the younger the child, the better the effect. Whenever children show signs of laziness and want to be lazy and slippery, parents should encourage them in time, give them a push, and let them face difficulties, overcome them, and defeat themselves. One day, children will understand their parents\’ good intentions and benefit from them. At that time, the child will smile and thank you instead of crying and blaming you.

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