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Children don\’t like reading? Parents should seize this last sensitive period for reading!

Why should I insist on cultivating my children’s reading habit? I am a pure science student who only scored 6 points (out of 40 points) in the college entrance examination essay. In more than ten years of work, I have found that reading speed and writing ability have a great impact on work. Therefore, I am a \”tiger mother\” when it comes to urging my children to read. Reading is a child\’s skill, just like growing up. Once you miss the golden period, after the age of 18, you will not be able to grow taller no matter how much you make up for it. Therefore, the basic skill of reading must be cultivated and mastered from an early age. In the first grade, Chinese language started smoothly. When I first entered the first grade, I didn’t know any words except my own name and the character “小”, and I couldn’t pinyin. At that time, the school issued a book called \”Primary School Extracurricular Reading\” and required children to read one article every day. Changchang looked at the pinyin and read it loudly. I only read a few pages of this book until the end of the midterm exam. One night, I took this book, partially covered the Chinese characters, and tried to read the pinyin without looking at the characters. As a result, I couldn\’t read it at all. This is true for adults, let alone children. I made a decisive decision not to read this book. Therefore, throughout the first grade, Changchang did not read any books. By the end of first grade, Changchang had learned more than a thousand Chinese characters, and I felt it was time for Changchang to start reading. So, I found the simplest \”Enlightenment Mandarin Reader\” and said to Changchang: \”Let\’s start reading. Just read one lesson a day.\” Each lesson of \”Enlightenment Mandarin Reader\” only has one sentence, and Changchang finished it quickly. Two volumes. Then, she finished reading two volumes of \”Primary School Extracurricular Reading\” in first grade in a very short time, which gave her a great sense of accomplishment. After that, I asked her to read the Golden Grain Bridge Book. The content of this book is also very simple. Most of the Chinese characters have been learned in the first grade. In this way, Changchang started his reading journey. Insisting on parent-child reading for half an hour every day. Starting from the summer vacation of the first grade, I took half an hour to read with my children every day, and never stopped. Normally, we read each other\’s books and then communicate with each other. She usually reads simple books by herself, such as books written by Huang Beijia and Cao Wenxuan. These books are very close to her life and easy to understand. For books that are not easy for her to understand, such as science and technology books, I usually take her to read them. We read silently every time and almost never read aloud. Changchang likes to read books with me. She said, you can read your own book, as long as you sit next to me. We value companionship and never check our phones in front of her. Once, while I was studying with her, I temporarily used my mobile phone to handle the company\’s emails. She later told me that this feeling was very bad, \”Mom, you can\’t just accompany me.\” Now, if I have something urgent to deal with, I will tell her first and ask for her understanding. Change the method every three months to keep motivating your children to read. Method 1: Clear out the bookcases and place them specifically for the books you have read. Let’s clear out a row of spaces in the bookcases and tell Changchang that only the books you have read will be placed here. Take a look. How many grids can you fill? Changchang was very excited after listening to it, but because she read very slowly as a child, it took a long time to put in a book, which quickly made her lose interest. After persisting for more than two years, she now has three grids filled. Method 2: Five-Pointed Star Reward Plan is smooth. When I was in second grade, I had no motivation to study.. At this time, I thought of a trick commonly used by school teachers – reward good habit cards. If you save a certain amount, you can exchange it for what you want. So, we negotiated: if you read a page of the book every day, you will be rewarded with a star. If you save a certain number of stars, you can realize a wish. For example, one of the wishes is a \”little shield\” that can be used to stop mom from getting angry. . Changchang\’s favorite wish in exchange for stars is to sleep in the same room with her mother at night. Changchang’s reading record and five-pointed star method for rewards. Method 3: Make a small reading medal. Changchang said that she especially likes the small rewards that I made by myself. So, I made some small reading medals and secretly posted them on the books she read. When she saw it the next morning, she was so excited. Method 4 of the small reading medal made by Changchang’s mother: Count the number of words read. Starting from the third grade, we made a word count of the books we read, and then set a goal: to read more in each semester than in the previous semester. As a result, Changchang’s reading volume doubled every semester. According to national regulations, 1.45 million words at the primary school level is considered to meet the standard. Because the United States requires primary school students to read 9 million words, I only want to earn US dollars when I grow up, and I am also working towards this goal. Method 5: Reading Magic. Changchang\’s Chinese teacher taught them a magic that is said to increase their reading speed. That is, before each reading, they should close their eyes to quiet their brains and then start reading. Changchang firmly believes in this and seems to feel the \”fast reading speed\” every time. Of course, these small strategies have a time limit every time. Changchang starts out with great interest every time, but after a while it becomes boring. I can only try to find ways to do it. Basically, I have to change to a new way of playing every two or three months to keep my children interested in reading. The constant sense of accomplishment allows my children and I to persevere. The school Changchang attends attaches great importance to reading. Teachers will recommend reading books during winter and summer vacations, and they will often chat with their children about what books they have read recently. Changchang said that if you don’t read, you won’t understand everyone’s chat and won’t be able to get in the conversation. Changchang adapted a sentence himself: \”If you don\’t study for a day, you will know it; if you don\’t study for a week, the teacher will know it; if you don\’t study for a semester, the whole class will know it.\” I didn\’t enroll Changchang in any extracurricular classes, so I spent most of my spare time Use it for reading. For books that she doesn\’t like to read, I won\’t force her to read them. I usually just let her start the book and then read picture books for two days to relax. Of course, reading every day cannot be interrupted. What gives her the most sense of accomplishment about Changchang\’s bookshelf is counting her reading volume. She read 560,000 words last semester, which surprised her. This semester is not over yet, and she has already read 600,000 words, saying that even she can’t believe it. The two of us would also play reading competitions to see who could read faster. Now, she reads half as fast as I do, but she says she will catch up with me in fifth grade and pass me in sixth grade. Another important reason that keeps Changchang reading is that Changchang’s compositions almost always receive full marks, which gives her a special sense of accomplishment. The teacher’s comment was: “Because I have a good foundation in reading, Chang Chang can now write wonderfully.” Did you know? When I saw this comment, I wasAlmost crying. The teacher\’s evaluation gave me and Changchang a lot of motivation. This is how I choose books for my children. Most of the books Changchang has read are recommended by the school. As long as Changchang likes to read, I will find all the books in the same series by the author and show them to her. There was also a small section that I recommended, but she didn’t seem too interested. For example, \”The Story of Zoya and Shula\”, I loved watching it when I was a child, but she didn\’t like it. As her knowledge broadened, she gradually formed her own reading taste and built her own reading map. For example, last week, she asked to read \”The Birds\” because she saw the protagonist in \”I Want to Be a Good Boy\” reading this book. Children like to read content that is closely related to their lives. But I think reading is the same as eating. You have to eat everything to stay healthy. In this way, we set a new rule: read two books that we like and read one that we don’t like very much. After trying it, she also discovered that when choosing a book, you can’t just look at the title. Only by reading all kinds of books can you make your own judgment and not follow what others say. Share Changchang\’s book list for grades 1-2: \”The Magic School Bus\”, \”Enlightened Mandarin Textbook\”, etc. Grades 2-3: Golden Grain Bridge Books: \”The Bookworm and His Book\”, \”The Legend of the Horse Rooster\”, \”I Keep Dad in a Fish Tank\”, \”The Spring of the Hoopoe\”, \”The Cuckoo\’s Wish\”, \”The Eye Tree\” Good Night My Star\”, \”The Thinking Book\”, \”The Elephant Wearing a Red Armband\”, \”Wandering Around\”, \”Vanilla Is Not a Stupid Child\”, etc. Grades 3-4: \”Little Doudou by the Window\”, \”Stupid Wolf\’s School Life\”, \”Stupid Wolf and His Parents\”, \”Stupid Wolf\’s Secret\”, \”Charlotte\’s Web\”, \”The Swan Playing the Trumpet\”, \”Composition\” \”The Strange Case\”, \”Heidi\” and so on. If it is a little boy, after reaching the third grade, you can let him read animal novels by Shen Shixi, which is also very good. There are also Verne\’s trilogy \”Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea\”, \”Captain Grant\’s Daughter\” and \”The Mysterious Island\”. After fifth grade, children\’s reading speed increases and they can read many classics. Remember not to read the \”condensed version\” or \”abbreviated version\”. Be sure to read the original book, which children can understand.

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