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Children in junior high school said that the earlier they do these 6 things in elementary school, the better their grades will be.


Oct 1, 2023

Elementary school is the stage that lays the foundation for children\’s future study and life. Unlike junior high school and high school, which are under huge academic pressure, primary school should not focus more on children\’s academic performance, but on the cultivation of children\’s study habits and interests. Elementary school is the crossroads of children\’s learning career. Children go in different directions at this stage, which determines the gap between them and their peers in the future. What things are done right and done well in elementary school that will make parents and children very relaxed after reaching junior high school? Children in junior high school said that these six things must be done as early as possible in primary school, so that their grades will not decline in junior high school and high school, and parents and children will be relaxed. 1. To develop good habits. The beginning of school is about to usher in a new stage of learning. Compared with primary schools, middle schools have more subjects to study, more complex contents, and higher difficulty. To successfully complete learning tasks, good study habits must be developed. Students must first develop the habit of previewing before class, see what content will be covered in a class, list what they do not understand in advance, and listen to the class with questions in a targeted manner, which can improve classroom efficiency. This is much better than simply enrolling your child in a training class. You must know that the development of a habit really determines the child\’s final score. 2. Pay attention to reading. Learning ability comes from early reading. As the saying goes, reading thousands of books means traveling thousands of miles. One cannot stop reading. The curriculum in primary school is relatively easy, with little homework after class, and school ends relatively early, so there is plenty of time. During elementary school, you must read as much as possible, read as much as possible, and develop a habit. When you reach junior high school, you will find that you have no time to study at all. You have classes during the day and homework at night, and there are many extracurricular classes, so you should study as early as possible. Regular reading can also improve children\’s cultural attainments and help improve writing skills. 3. Self-study ability. Junior high school is completely different from primary school. There are more courses and more teachers, unlike primary school where there are teachers watching over you. At this time, the ability to learn independently is particularly important. Therefore, parents must pay attention to their children’s self-learning ability. Learning is a process that requires previewing, listening to lectures, taking notes, reviewing, doing homework, and analyzing test papers. Whether children have the ability to independently preview, listen to lectures, and take notes… these are all very important. If they are not developed in primary school, they will not be able to keep up in junior high school. 4. Do a good job in time planning. Time planning is not only in study, but also in other aspects. Children who have a sense of time since childhood can do everything in an orderly manner, do things more efficiently, and will not waste time. Let your children understand the benefits of planning time. The pressure of blood pressure in junior high school and high school is heavier than that in primary school. Many things will be too late if they are not well arranged. Developing a good habit of planning time in advance can improve future learning efficiency. 5. To practice calligraphy well, Youma has mentioned in many articles that whether you are a junior high school student or a junior high school student, whether it is summer vacation or winter vacation, you must make full use of your time to practice. Someone joked: A good calligraphy hand is ruined by a computer. But today, when middle school students are generally poor at writing, beautiful handwriting can leave a deep impression on marking teachers. Moreover, practicing calligraphy itself is a leisure and entertainment activity. Copying copybooks and copying ancient poems by hand is always better than having children.It makes parents feel comfortable if their children hold their mobile phones tightly. 6. Establish a wrong question book and correct the wrong questions in a timely manner. It often happens that children make wrong questions. Starting by correcting the mistakes is also a good way to tutor children. Give the child a special notebook. Every time the child makes a mistake in an assignment or test, ask the child to copy down the question in the special notebook and then do it again in the correct way. Then analyze the cause of the error, whether it is because you don\’t know the question, or you are careless; whether you don\’t master this part of the content, or you don\’t analyze it correctly. Use a red pen to highlight errors. After a period of time, sort out the wrong questions with your children, summarize the types of errors, and see which parts have the most errors and which causes of errors are the most common. In this way, you will have a clear understanding of the child\’s learning status, and you can provide targeted guidance to the child.

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