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Children, studying hard is not the only choice, but it is the best choice

Picture: In the spring of the cattle herding class, I went to the barber shop in my hometown to get a haircut today. The person who washed my hair was a little girl about sixteen or seventeen years old. She must have been recently hired. She still has a childish look, simple clothes, and unskilled movements. None of the other barbers were chatty either. I was curious about why she didn\’t go to school, so I couldn\’t help but chat with her. \”How old are you?\” \”Sixteen.\” \”You\’re not going to school anymore?\” \”Well, you\’re not going to school.\” \”Why?\” \”I\’m not good at studying, and I\’m still so tired from school that I don\’t want to go to school.\” \”I\’m not afraid. Will you regret it in the future?\” \”No regrets, there is nothing to regret, it\’s better to make money and spend it yourself.\” She was a little impatient, so I stopped the conversation at the right time. Learning is naturally a hard thing, especially for children with poor academic performance. They cannot feel the fun of learning and cannot be immersed in learning like children with excellent academic performance. Many children develop varying degrees of boredom during the learning process, but some children persevere and some give up. When they feel tired and painful from studying, if their parents cannot dissuade them in time, they may completely fall off the track of learning. But the moment of relaxation is replaced by endless toil for the rest of life. Studying may not be the only way out in life, but if you don\’t study hard if you don\’t have anything, then you definitely don\’t have a good way out. Thinking of another child. At an intersection near the unit, there is a pancake stall set up all year round. The stall owner is a couple in their forties. The stall owner\’s son also came to help at the pancake stall. The little boy was only fifteen or sixteen years old. He thought he was just here to help during the summer vacation and would go back to school when school started. But even now, the child is still busy in front of the stall. I inquired intentionally, and the stall owner told me: \”The child doesn\’t like to study. He just graduated from junior high school and will not go to high school. If he doesn\’t go to school, it\’s better not to go to school. It\’s a waste of time in school.\” Money and time, it’s better to go out and make money early.” “Can you keep up with the changes of the times if you don’t go to school?” “Going to school may not necessarily lead to a good job. Look at how many college students are unemployed.” Yes, no one can guarantee that going to school We must be able to help our children join the upper class and achieve achievements that are difficult for others to match. We must also admit that barbers and pancake stall owners are creating wealth with their hands, and those who support themselves through labor are worthy of respect. But I hope that my children really like this job, rather than simply seeing it as a means of making a living. As if he was afraid that I would look down on him, the pancake stall owner continued: \”Don\’t underestimate us who make pancakes. We make more money than you at work.\” I wanted to say something else, but the stall owner turned around to greet other people, so I had to leave. It is important to have a skill to support yourself, but don’t forget that the world is developing. Your generation can spend a lifetime guarding a pancake stand without any education. If your children also guard a pancake stand without any improvement, no one will There is no guarantee that he can support himself and his family with this craft. There is a proverb in our country that goes well: if you are rich without learning, you will never grow rich; if you are poor without learning, you will never be exhausted. Rich people may become poor if they don\’t study hard, and poor people may avoid studying hard, and poverty will always be there with no end in sight. We can\’t be with Fu ErTo compare with other generations, we can only find the path that suits us best through learning, and do our best to bring our life to a higher level. Some parents themselves do not have enough understanding of the importance of learning, especially some rural parents. They intentionally or unintentionally instill this view into their children in their words, making them think that they can support themselves even if they do not study hard. When children lack motivation to learn and feel tired of learning, they do not correct them in time, and even go astray, pushing the children into the social river early. They think that this will help their children learn to make money as soon as possible, but they do not know that giving up food due to choking is a very irresponsible behavior for their children\’s future. On the contrary, many parents often involuntarily follow their children out of fear of cruel competition in the real society and anxiety about their children\’s future, fearing that their children will be worse than others in learning. This is infinite in their imagination. enlarge. But the result of this is often that children develop the misconception that they learn for their parents, which makes them less motivated to learn. What is school for? A passage from Long Yingtai should be the best answer to why going to school is the best choice. She said to her son: Son, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your grades with others, but because , I hope you will have the right to choose in the future, choose work that is meaningful and has time, rather than being forced to make a living. When your work has meaning in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment. When your job gives you time and does not deprive you of your life, you have dignity. A sense of accomplishment and dignity, giving you happiness. If you choose to escape when you should study hard and work hard, and choose to have fun when you should acquire knowledge and improve your abilities, your future life will be full of setbacks and hardships. There was a man in the village who chose the same profession as his father after graduating from college: a farmer. But as they both farm, he and his father are fundamentally different. His father followed the crowd, growing corn when others were growing corn, and growing wheat when others were growing wheat. The harvest was always in a state of being starved to death and unable to sustain the harvest. After studying the market, he found that no matter what kind of planting and breeding, it has become saturated, and it is now very difficult for a rural person with no experience and not much start-up capital to enter. So he began to look for new business opportunities. When the second-child policy came down, he came up with the idea of ​​selling maternity products. Regardless of his parents\’ objections, he rented a few acres of land at the entrance of the village, planted trees, and raised chickens and geese under the trees. He opened an online store specializing in selling old hens and goose eggs suitable for pregnant women. Now the breeding farm is doing well. Moreover, he also used his e-commerce knowledge to help other people in the village open online stores and become rich. His parents who were against him at first and his neighbors who laughed at him all looked at him with admiration. Going to school is not only about learning the knowledge in books, but also about broadening your horizons, strengthening your knowledge, and enhancing your ability to learn new things and your vision for discovering new business opportunities. So what kind of job you choose and the career you strive for your whole life should be done after graduating from college, after careful consideration, and after experiencing the prosperity of the world, rather than treating it as an escape in your ignorant years. One who studies hardshortcut. The role and influence of reading cannot be immediate; it is a long-term accumulation process. If you want to be treated well by this society, you must study hard at the age when you should work hard, so that the raft of life can sail to the other side of your dreams.

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