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Children who grow up to be hopeless have these 4 signs since childhood. If they don’t change now, they will suffer big losses in the future.

When I was young, I remember what my parents said the most to us was: \”When you grow up and become successful, we will not have to worry about it!\” Parents all over the world hope that their children can become dragons or phoenixes. However, a considerable number of children fail to realize their parents\’ wishes… Why is this? In fact, parents must pay attention to these four signs as to whether their children will be successful when they grow up. Children are dishonest and often shirk responsibility. As the saying goes: \”Small victories depend on wisdom, big victories depend on virtue.\” For children, honesty is a quality that must be developed when they are young, and it is also one of the criteria for testing whether they will be successful when they grow up. There is such a news: A primary school student accidentally hit a private car while riding a bicycle. Although no one was around to see him, he took some paper and pen, wrote a letter of apology and left it in the car. He not only took the initiative to take responsibility, but also left his contact information and was willing to use his 200 yuan pocket money to compensate the car owner for his losses. After the car owner saw the apology letter, not only did he not lose his temper, but he was full of appreciation and encouragement. He did not blame the child, but felt that at such a young age, he was not only honest but also had the courage to take responsibility, so he decided not to compensate and to be friends with the child. In fact, this was originally a small matter; you know, in real life, there are countless people who run away after making mistakes. The child who left the note and the car owner who chose to be tolerant and forgiving taught us a vivid lesson – only by being honest and responsible can you gain the respect of others. However, if children are dishonest and shirk responsibility, they will hinder their own growth. Some time ago, a parent left a message to me saying: I don’t know when my child developed a very dishonest habit. For example: I came home late from playing, but lied and said I went to study outside. I lied very righteously. , not blushing or fearful at all; after being caught damaging or losing things, stealing food, or bullying other children, they always find various excuses to defend themselves and shirk responsibility; they break a toy but say it belongs to a neighbor. The child has played badly. A child\’s honesty and trustworthiness may seem simple, but in fact it is related to the child\’s life. Gorky once said: \”Honesty is the most beautiful quality in life. As long as you lie once, you need to use a hundred lies to make up for it. This is a big hole that cannot be filled, and the best solution is Don\’t lie at first!\” A child\’s integrity will accompany his growth throughout his life. Therefore, taking integrity education as part of personality education and cultivating children\’s sound personality will be a quality and wealth that children can use throughout their lives, and it is also very important for children. Children are afraid of hardship and do not have perseverance and perseverance. Bitterness and sweetness are always relative. If you have never experienced the bitterness of the world, you will naturally not feel the sweetness of life. In January this year, Yan, a sophomore in high school in Qinyang, Henan, was criticized by his mother and decided to buy a ticket to work in Zhengzhou. Introduced by a taxi driver, he found a job working in a restaurant. The restaurant provides food and accommodation, but because business is so good, he has to serve dishes and wash dishes, working 13 hours a day. After working for two or three days, he regretted it and felt that working was too hard. He took the initiative to contact his mother and said that he wanted to go back and take the final exam. Actually, YanMy classmate is always a top student. He ranked first in the class and fifth in the school last time he took the exam. After having this part-time job experience, he truly felt: \”It\’s better to go to school!\” He decided that studying was the most correct thing to do, and promised his mother that he would rank first in the school in the next exam. It is precisely because of experiencing hardships that Mr. Yan understands the hardships of life and the importance of learning. As a result, he grows rapidly and becomes a new person. In his speech \”If You Don\’t Endure Hardships, Why Do You Want Youth?\”, Jack Ma said this: \”When you don\’t travel, don\’t take risks, don\’t fight for a scholarship, it\’s just a life you haven\’t tried yet; hang on QQ all day long, Checking Weibo, browsing Taobao, playing online games, and doing things that I can do even at the age of 80, why do you want youth?\” Indeed! There are many children nowadays who are particularly afraid of hardship and lack perseverance and perseverance. Whenever they encounter the slightest difficulty, they want to escape. It is difficult for such children to be successful when they grow up. People who are afraid of hardship tend to be lazy in everything they do, are afraid of being tired, and do not work hard or make progress. I remember a piece of news: a mother worked hard to raise her son, and his son found a job soon after graduating from college. However, every time he worked for less than a month, he resigned. He always complained that the work tasks were heavy, he had to get up early in the morning and work overtime at night. He felt that it was too hard and tired and he couldn\’t bear it. For two years, my son has been idle at home with peace of mind, either playing games online or using his mother\’s small salary to spend time in the society. In response to his mother\’s accusation, he plausibly said: \”It\’s too hard outside.\” Such an answer made many parents think deeply. Children who have never suffered hardship since childhood lack understanding and perception of the world, lack the persistence and perseverance to achieve goals, and lack the determination and ability to resist setbacks. There was a question on Zhihu: \”Is it still meaningful to train children to endure hardships nowadays?\” A netizen\’s reply was meaningful. He said: \”To endure hardships, in a certain aspect, is to let them do things they don\’t like, but to do something A relatively great thing, except for the support of interest, is boring or cyclical work; training to endure hardship is more about training a habit of enduring hardship, training a quality of facing difficulties, and training A kind of unremitting energy. This is the most fundamental purpose of enduring hardship.\” While young, children should try not to be afraid of hardship; those who are afraid of temporary hardship often endure hardship for a lifetime. Children who love to take advantage of small things are the beginning of making big mistakes; therefore, parents should urge their children to get rid of the bad habit of taking advantage of small things as soon as possible. Otherwise, when they grow up, such a personality will inevitably bring unnecessary difficulties and even misfortune to them in life and work. Not long ago, news that an 18-year-old female college student in Meishan, Sichuan used express delivery loopholes to commit fraud aroused heated discussion. What happened is this: When Zheng was picking up the express delivery, he discovered that the delivery boy always put the packages in the school guard room, and the guard did not verify and register the people who picked up the express delivery. Therefore, Zheng took advantage of this loophole and after receiving packages many times, claimed compensation from the express delivery company on the grounds that he had not received the packages, making a total fraudulent profit of more than 2,700 yuan. It wasn\’t until the courier boy noticed something unusual and called the police that the scam was revealed, and she broke the law.Sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention. When he heard the police announced that administrative punishment would be taken against him, Zheng cried with regret. She didn\’t expect that the small advantage she was greedy for would pay such a big price. There is no free lunch in the world, and those who love petty gains can only get big losses! Master Hongyi once said: \”I don\’t know what a gentleman is, but he is willing to suffer in everything; I don\’t know what a villain is, but he is willing to take advantage of everything.\” Those children who love to take advantage will lose. , often the overall pattern of life. Before the child found it difficult to control his emotions, he saw a piece of news: A little girl in Guangzhou, despite her mother\’s dissuasion, ran onto the road and was run over by a large truck and died. The mother\’s foot was crushed because she was pulling her, and she faced the risk of amputation. Later, according to the child\’s father\’s recollection: On the weekend, he took his wife and 3-year-old daughter to a relative\’s house in Guangzhou. As a result, while shopping, the child suddenly lost his temper and ran out of the road. He said: \”The child lost his temper and was not allowed to be held on the roadside. When he saw the big truck coming, my wife went to pull the child. When the child saw it, he ran outside as hard as he could and was crushed.\” As for the incident, He said the reason for his temper was nothing more than trivial matters. It\’s not scary if a child loses his temper when he is a child. What\’s scary is that parents don\’t take their children\’s tantrums seriously. Some parents even believe that the more temperamental their children are when they are young, the more successful they will be when they grow up. actually not! Children who lose their temper will not only be useless when they grow up, but will also hurt others and themselves. This 3-year-old girl in Guangzhou is a vivid example. It is really regrettable that just because the child loses his temper and is not allowed to hold him, it leads to such serious consequences. If the child could control his emotions and avoid losing his temper, this tragedy might be avoided. Therefore, parents must guide their children to prevent them from losing their temper, and help their children to restrain their bad behavior of losing their temper. Only in this way can the child have a happy and fulfilling life. Raising excellent children requires the love and skill of parents. Educator Makarenko once said: \”Don\’t think that education is only when you teach and order your children. It occurs in every moment of life, even when you are not present. Every time, it’s all about education!” Parents are a mirror for their children. If they want their children to be successful when they grow up, parents must set an example and be a good role model. Some time ago, a piece of news went viral: \”A naughty 8-year-old kid damaged school property and his mother punished him to pick up trash and earn money to compensate.\” The little boy is 8 years old. He is usually naughty and often damages school property. This time he broke the class sign and the teacher asked for compensation, so his mother decided to let him pick up trash and sell it for money, and she would pay for it herself. A reporter asked him how he felt… The little boy said: \”I spent the whole morning (picking up garbage), and my feet became sore. It is really difficult to make money. I will never destroy public property again.\” The child\’s The mother said her son was too naughty and mischievous. She had scolded him many times before and helped him make up for it many times. However, my son is a typical \”naughty child\” and these methods are useless. So, this time I want him to come out, collect garbage to make money, and compensate him for the damage to the school.The school property allowed him to experience the hardships of making money. This child is so lucky to have such a mother. Family is a child’s first classroom and the starting point for their growth. Parents who truly love their children must model good qualities in their children. I hope every parent can lead by example and raise their children to be promising, responsible people who can take responsibility for their own lives.

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