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Children who often watch four CCTV programs must get high marks in Chinese


Nov 1, 2023

Chinese is a cumulative subject, and the test results are accumulated day by day and bit by bit. In the era of big Chinese, Chinese is not limited to textbooks. Parents should help broaden their horizons, learn Chinese in multiple aspects, accumulate materials, and improve Chinese abilities. Today I recommend four columns of CCTV to parents. Parents must let their children watch them regularly, so that they can improve their children\’s writing skills and Chinese language scores. 1. \”The Reader\” \”The Reader\” is produced by the famous CCTV program host Dong Qing for the first time. With the slogan \”reading to move people\’s hearts\”, each issue invites a well-known star with rich experience or an ordinary person who meets by chance. Amateurs share their experiences and stories through reading. While watching, the children were not only moved and infected by the story, but every opening scene by Dong Qing was the beginning of a perfect composition. Children can improve their composition skills very well by writing down these beginnings. How did she describe the gift? Yin Jianli changed the life of children: how to take good reading lessons full set mp3. Looking up at the stars, the earth is the gift of the universe to mankind; looking down, every flower and leaf is the gift of nature to the world; children are the gift to parents; friends are the gift of companionship. ; Memories are the gift of time. What a beautiful language! Children read too many books and accumulate a lot of beautiful sentences, which they will naturally use when writing essays. 2. \”Classics Forever\” and \”Classics Chanting\” are large-scale Chinese cultural programs jointly produced and launched by CCTV Integrated Channel and CCTV Creative Media, with Sa Beining as the host. Classic poems are re-sung using the singing method of pop songs, leading the audience to appreciate the beauty of poems through the interpretations of a group of singer-songwriters. It aims to inspire people to learn poetry and \”promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China\’s excellent traditional culture.\” Children who often read this column can not only accumulate beautiful words and sentences, but also consolidate ancient poems. Especially children whose writing lacks intention must read it and listen to how Sa Beining turns a simple thing into a profound idea. For example, Sa Beining\’s opening remarks in the second issue: Since ancient times, when heroes were young, they \”awakened the bright moon in a day and illuminated my arms full of ice and snow\”; Although \”time is not reserved for youth\”, no matter how far we travel, we are still young when we come back. The more children read this kind of language, the more composition materials will gradually become available and they will become more comfortable to use. 3. In the column \”Hello, Life\”, every insight into life is worthy of children\’s taste. Just like Nigmat said, the sun shines into the bottom of the sea, sprinkles on the road, falls in the fields, and finally appears in you mouth, we are all in the scenery. He is engraved in your palm, scratched into your back, and poured into your cup. It\’s written on my face, with you here, everything I encounter is scenery. The lines in the show are worth remembering, and they are all material for compositions. Talking about dilemmas: When faced with difficulties, we each have our own choices. \”Walking to the water-poor place, sitting and watching the clouds rise\” is the choice, \”lying on firewood and tasting courage, three thousand Vietnamese armor can swallow Wu\” is the choice. Of course, you can also choose to put on the gloves and fight hard. Talking about life: What is life? This is a huge question with many answers. But no matter what life puts us through, IWe still have to be grateful for the journey given by life, which gives us love to pursue, dreams to make, and tears to shed. Talking about the motherland: Whether it is the smoke from the kitchen, the small villages, the fertile mountains and the fertile fields, or the big rivers, the place where I stand is my warm country. 4. If National Treasures Could Talk, this documentary has a total of 100 episodes, each episode is only 5 minutes long. The language is simple and vivid, but the knowledge points are dense. It uses fragmented time to tell the past and present lives of each national treasure. For example, after the introduction of a Qingzhou Buddha statue, the ending of the film says that we cannot choose to be born and can only come into the world crying, but we can smile and move towards eternity. You don’t need to take your children to the museum, you can travel in the history of the documentary, and it can also enhance your children’s literary knowledge and improve their Chinese literacy. This is much better than watching some cartoons and variety shows. Take action now!

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