• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Children’s scientific knowledge table on the best sleep time goes viral! Never let your children go to bed late

Data from the \”White Paper on the Sleep Status of Chinese Adolescents and Children\” shows that more than 60% of children sleep less than 8 hours a day. Generally speaking, the reasons for children\’s lack of sleep can be divided into two types – some children have a heavy academic burden; they have more and more homework, coupled with their own habit of procrastination, they often have to write homework until late at night. Some children find it difficult to resist the temptation of electronic products; they clamor to watch TV or play mobile games before going to bed, and cannot stop playing, so they have not developed good sleeping habits. Not sleeping at night, unable to get up in the morning, feeling sleepy all day long, unable to concentrate in class, poor sleep quality and lack of sleep have the greatest impact on academic performance. If you don\’t sleep well at night, have no energy in class, and study hard, your efficiency is very low. Numerous studies show that children who go to bed later or get less sleep do worse. Children who went to bed between 10 and 11 p.m. had the best grades, while those who slept at the latest had the worst grades. Taking a proper nap at noon can help children study energetically in the afternoon. In addition, if you get enough sleep, it can promote the secretion of growth hormone by the child\’s pituitary gland, providing more nutrients for the bones and helping to increase height. Many parents and children may think that \”a little sleep is not a big deal\”. This kind of fluke mentality is not good. Within a week, the child\’s body will be unable to bear it! Some time ago, a piece of sleep schedule recommended by a pediatrician went viral among countless parents. This table gives scientific advice on bedtime and wake-up time for children of different ages. Does your child\’s sleep time meet the standard? Some parents will ask, what should I do if my child just doesn’t fall asleep at night? Brother Xue suggested that you can let your child read some books that he doesn’t like. The child will naturally fall asleep if his head looks big and foggy. This method seems very unorthodox, but it is really useful. Or if the child is energetic and can\’t sleep at night, you can also let the child go downstairs to jump rope for 10 minutes. Once he is tired, he will naturally want to sleep. You can also do activities at home, such as doing housework and tidying up the room. When your children are tired, they will naturally sleep soundly. Another simple method is to let children write down all their messy thoughts, which can eventually bring about sleepiness. In addition, do not let children eat snacks before going to bed. Some caffeinated drinks and milk tea can make children restless and make it difficult to fall asleep. If gas-producing foods such as corn and peas are not digested in the stomach before going to bed, the child will feel bloated, which will affect the quality of sleep. If salty snacks such as shrimp crackers are too salty, children will easily feel thirsty at night and be woken up by thirst, thus affecting their sleep quality. Don\’t play with your mobile phone before going to bed. Many children like to play a few games before going to bed. Parents think that they can play after finishing their homework, and it doesn\’t matter if they play for a while. Children are still very concerned about gains and losses. If they lose in a game, they will feel uncomfortable and cannot sleep all night. If they win, they will be more excited and want to play. They will also think about it when they go to class the next day. Playing with a mobile phone with a too bright screen in the dark can cause vision loss; more importantly, the light emitted by electronic devices can affect the secretion of sleep hormones. So, when the child is sleepingDon’t let him play with his mobile phone before!

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