• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

collection! What are the world’s greatest educational principles?

1. Fish tank rules: Tropical goldfish kept in fish tanks are up to three inches long. No matter how long they are kept, the goldfish will never grow. However, if you put this kind of goldfish in a pond, the original three-inch goldfish can grow to one foot in two months. The same is true for children\’s education. Children need free space to grow. The protection of parents is like a fish tank. Children will never grow up into big fish in their parents\’ fish tank. If you want your children to grow up healthy and strong, you must give them space to move freely and not let them be restricted to a small \”fish tank\” provided by their parents. As society progresses and knowledge increases, parents should restrain their own thoughts and impulses and give their children room to grow freely. 2. The Law of Wolf Nature Wolves are the most curious animals in the world. They do not take anything for granted, but tend to study and experience it personally. The wonder and novelty of nature always amaze wolves. Wolves are always interested in the surrounding environment, so they can continue to find food in the environment, understand dangers, and survive effectively. Therefore, in order to cultivate children\’s super learning ability, we must cultivate children\’s curiosity about the world, let them observe life carefully, and use interest as a teacher for their learning. Such children will be bright stars in their future lives, constantly having new ideas and inspiration for work. 3. The south wind effect. The north wind and the south wind made a bet to see who was more powerful. They decided to compete with who could take off a pedestrian\’s coat. No matter how strong the north wind is, pedestrians just wrap their clothes tighter and tighter; while the south wind only blows gently, and people are so hot that they open their coats. The south wind effect tells people that tolerance is a stronger force than punishment. The same is true for educating children. Parents who blindly criticize their children will eventually find that their children are increasingly unable to listen to them. Every child is likely to make mistakes. Parents must tolerate their children\’s shortcomings, deal with various problems that arise in daily life objectively, rationally, and scientifically. While being considerate of their children, they must start with themselves to improve themselves. Only in this way can they be able to Educate your children better. 4. Rosenthal Effect Rosenthal was an American psychologist. In 1966, he conducted an experiment on students\’ performance expectations. After a test in one class, he handed a list of the \”most promising\” to the principal. The principal handed this list to the head teacher of this class. Eight months later, when Rosenthal and his assistant came to the class again, the scores of the students on the list had improved significantly. The secret to improving students\’ grades is simple because teachers pay more attention to them. Every child may become an extraordinary genius, but the realization of this possibility depends on whether parents and teachers can love, expect, and cherish these children like geniuses. The direction of a child\’s growth depends on the expectations of parents and teachers. Simply put, what kind of person you expect your child to be is what kind of person your child may become.

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