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Destroying a child\’s favorite things may bring huge psychological shadow to them


Oct 1, 2023

In a family in Guangdong, a pair of little brothers kept the hairy crabs bought by their family as pets. As a result, their father, without notifying the children, steamed the hairy crabs and served them to the table for them to taste. My brother was wiping tears when he discovered that the dish in front of him was once his \”pet\”. When the younger brother heard his father say, \”My brother\’s is also cooked,\” he immediately broke down and cried. And what about their parents? Not only did he turn a deaf ear to the brothers\’ cries, but he also recorded their heartbroken and collapsed scenes while laughing. The child was watching the crab and crying, unable to bear to touch the crab. The parent skillfully peeled off the crab legs and put them to the child\’s mouth, deliberately tempting him by saying, \”Eat it or not, you won\’t eat it, I will.\” When the child heard this, he stopped crying and took the crab leg meat and put it in his mouth. The parents asked them relentlessly, \”What does crab taste like?\” The moment when the child cried and said \”smells\” was later added with a relaxing soundtrack and funny expressions, and was packaged into a \”cute baby funny video\” Hot search. However, the comment area of ​​this video was \”overturned\”. Netizens all criticized this behavior and asked: \”Is it funny?\” \”Pets? Isn\’t it just food?\” On the Internet, such short videos are not uncommon. . These videos also have a common feature: recording the child\’s collapse and pain, and contrasting it with the parent\’s teasing and ridicule. A 7-year-old boy\’s rabbit was killed by his father. He was at a loss as he carried the disemboweled rabbit and wandered on the road crying bitterly. But the parents were still making sarcastic comments, \”Isn\’t it just a rabbit?\” A little boy broke his foot, and his father killed the duck he had raised by himself, saying that he wanted to \”supplement nutrition.\” The little boy sat on the bench and howled, watching helplessly as his ducks were being plucked, but his family didn\’t care and said, \”I\’ll buy two more for you to feed\”! A little girl found out that her \”pet fish\” had become her \”dinner\”. She couldn\’t accept it for a while and could only touch the fish\’s head and cry. But her mother just kept urging her to eat, and even looked forward to the so-called \”really delicious\” scene. Depriving children of pets without their permission, even forcing children to eat their own pets, and using this to entertain children after dinner… This is not funny, this is not funny at all! [Both Seasons] Doctor of Psychology Zhang Yijun\’s Children\’s Emotional Intelligence Course mp3, teaches you how to raise children with high emotional intelligence. Some people may say: \”Aren\’t crabs/ducks/rabbits just for growing food? If you eat them, you will eat them. Are you so serious? ?” In the adult world, they are the reserve for a delicious meal. But in the eyes of children, they may be carriers of love and hope, and friends who get along day and night and accompany each other. When adults slaughter children\’s pets at will in the name of love, it will cause great harm to their growing hearts. \”Eat! This is your kindness and simplicity\” childIt is always easy for children to establish \”friendships\” with small animals. They are willing to share their favorite snacks with it, tell them their happiness and sadness, and pour out their kindness and enthusiasm. Parents let their children eat their pets and ask them to comment on the taste. There is nothing better than crushing their beloved things and forcing them into the person\’s mouth, gradually erasing the guilt and guilt in his heart. What\’s more, after some parents commit these behaviors, they not only do not comfort or reflect on their children, but also despise their children\’s tears, laugh at their children\’s kindness and simplicity, and leave a deep shadow on their children\’s childhood. From ancient times to the present, \”benevolence\” has always been a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Confucius believed that a person who can love everything is benevolent. \”Everything\” here refers not only to human beings, but to all life in the world. Children and small animals become friends and take good care of them. They accompany each other, which not only adds a happy background to their childhood life, but also cultivates children\’s benevolence, enables children to treat all things equally, and establishes the values ​​of benevolence and love. Parents\’ wrong behavior not only kills their children\’s pets, but also gradually kills their children\’s precious heart of kindness, which is not conducive to their healthy mental growth. Children are a piece of clean white paper, and parents are the primary painters of this white paper. Parents\’ behavior is related to the healthy growth of their children. Therefore, it is especially important for parents to be cautious in their words and deeds as their children grow up. We should be aware that destroying children\’s beloved things to promote their \”growth\” may bring huge psychological shadow to the child and cause distortion of the child\’s mind; in the name of love, there is no real respect for the child\’s feelings. and thoughts will become a \”curse\” in the parent-child relationship. Although the children who have learned the lesson of \”respecting life\” are young, they still have rich feelings. What parents have to do is to guide them to learn from their pets how to love, respect life, and be responsible. Fortunately, there are many warm-hearted parents in life! The little rabbit at home died due to lack of food. In order not to make his daughter sad, the father specially prepared a \”coffin\” for the little rabbit and played the suona to see him off. The turtle raised by a little boy fell ill and died. His parents went with him to bury it and say their final goodbyes. In order to help his children better accept the news of his puppy\’s death, a father even made a heartwarming \”farewell video\” in the puppy\’s voice. Respect their children\’s pets and use their actions to instill the concept of valuing life in their children. I have to say that the behavior of these parents is really amazing! Children\’s love and affection are precious. Don\’t be the one to pick up a \”butcher\’s knife\”. Remember, as you sow the seeds, so will you reap the flowers.

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