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Develop good habits before the age of 12, and your children will take the Qingbei exam in the future


Oct 1, 2023

\”Hope your son will become a dragon and your daughter will become a phoenix\” is the wish of every parent. In reality, many parents do not understand education and adopt wrong methods in education, resulting in children with many problems and poor learning. There is a mother whose approach is worth learning from. She often said to her children: Baby, do you know? Develop these three good habits before the age of 12, and you will be able to get into Tsinghua and Peking University in the future. The child listened and asked: What are the three good habits? The mother looked at the child and said: First of all, mother wants to tell you why you should develop these three good habits? Because before the age of 12, there are not many knowledge points to learn. The key at this stage is to cultivate study habits. Once you develop your habits, you don’t need to worry when you go to junior high school or high school. This is why some children look smart and have good grades, but their grades suddenly drop when they reach junior high school or high school. This is because they did not develop good study habits before the age of 12. So, what are the three good habits? 1. Read more. When you get home after school, there is basically no homework due to the double deduction policy. This period is a period for developing good reading habits. We must seize this opportunity to improve our reading skills. Because in the senior grades, the difficulty of Chinese reading comprehension and mathematics application questions rises linearly. If your reading ability is not good, you may not be able to understand the questions. 2. Controlling time The concept of time is really important for children in primary school. You must learn to manage time, arrange time reasonably, and learn to study during the prime time of study. Your study will get twice the result with half the effort. If you want to play more, then You need to improve your efficiency when studying homework. 3. Develop concentration. This is also the most important habit and the key to distance yourself from other students. When studying and doing homework, you should not do some irrelevant actions. For example, you should not wander away or look around during class. You should listen carefully to the teacher\’s lectures. When doing homework, you cannot play with rulers, rubbers, toys, etc. This is to cultivate your serious and focused habits. A complete set of early childhood English teaching Jam Jam English Jam English Baidu Netdisk [Video + Audio + Intensive Reading + Lesson Plan] Each of these three habits is a \”killer\” of learning, and every move is fatal. Without a lot of reading, children can\’t even understand the questions, and can\’t even finish the test papers in the high school and college entrance examinations; they don\’t know how to manage time, arrange their time reasonably, and play with words first. When they should study, they always want to play. How can they study well? And being unable to concentrate while studying is the \”natural enemy\” of learning. It can be said that children with poor grades are all caused by this. For this reason, parents must make great efforts to cultivate these three good habits before the age of 12, and each one is indispensable. First, how to develop reading habits? Yu Minhong, the head of New Oriental, said: \”The habits developed at the age of 3 continue throughout childhood. From the age of 2 or 3, take your children to read for 20 minutes every day. By the time they are in elementary school, they will have formed good reading habits and they will not be able to study in this life. If it is too bad, the future will naturally not be too bad.\” It can be seen that the reading habit should be cultivated as early as possible. When the child cannot read, the parents read to the child; when the child learns to read in school, they take the child to the bookstore to choose books, and the parents read with the child together when they return home.Read and talk about interesting people and things in the book. Just read and chat like this, and before you know it, your child will fall in love with reading. Second, how to control time? Teach your children to know time from an early age. When the child goes to school, such as second or third grade, the child has learned to tell time. Parents should teach the child what time it is, or half an hour, an hour… when the child can understand it. At this time, we can teach our children how to manage their own time for homework. How to do it? That is, after returning home from school, discuss with your children how many homeworks were left in the school today, what content each homework contains, which subject should be done first, which subject should be done last, and how long it will take. It can be written down. Leave the rest of the time to the children, let them check the time, and actually do their homework. After finishing the homework, parents can check with their children to see how much time was spent in total. If the child completes the homework on time, parents should provide appropriate incentives. If it is not completed on time, parents should not be anxious, let alone yell at their children, and slowly remind their children to manage time effectively. Third, how to cultivate concentration? Indeed, cultivating children\’s concentration before the age of 12 is the most important thing and also the most difficult thing. Here is a small tip. As long as you insist on doing it for ten minutes every day, you can develop a good habit of focusing and studying seriously in a month. This little trick is to spend ten minutes a day doing Schulte grid training. The parent says a number, and the child quickly finds the position of the corresponding number in the grid and reads it out loud at the same time. When you are searching and reading at the same time, your visual concentration is highly concentrated. If you can persist in doing it for a month, you will find that not only the efficiency of writing homework is getting higher and higher, but also listening to lectures is not as bad as the beginning of school. However, it should be noted that when doing Schulte grid training, you must proceed from easy to difficult and proceed step by step. If you insist on it for ten minutes a day, you can easily improve your child\’s focus, concentration, logical thinking ability and memory, and improve your child\’s writing ability. Problems such as procrastinating on homework, being distracted in class, and lack of concentration. In short, parents should cultivate these three good habits before their children are 12 years old. Otherwise, the learning process will be a lot of trouble, which will make people miserable.

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