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Didn’t we just applaud when the national flag was raised when we won the championship?

Recently, I was very excited about the Rio Olympics. Xiaomei and I were watching the events on TV at home. I would applaud enthusiastically when the athletes appeared in every game. Xiaomiao asked me: \”Didn\’t we just applaud when the national flag was raised when we won the championship?\” I told Xiaomiao: \”Every athlete who can participate in the Olympics has behind them the huge sacrifices made by their parents. Athletes have practiced diligently for many years, and have been taught, helped and supported by coaches and teammates. Therefore, when athletes appear on the field, we should all give them warm and heartfelt applause to express our deep respect for them. Respect. This respect has nothing to do with whether they can get medals. What we pay tribute to is their years of dedication and persistence, our tribute to their all-out efforts on the field, and our tribute to their showing the beauty of sports in front of us. You Remember to watch games like this in the future!\” Well, that sounds a little too sensational, but it\’s true! Xiaomiao nodded and said: \”I see you will also applaud happily when you see those athletes winning medals.\” I said: \”This is a different kind of applause. They won medals, we should be happy and happy for them.\” Their years of hard work have now paid off.\” Xiaomiao said, \”Don\’t all the hard work pay off?\” I said, \”Do you still remember the impatiens you planted in March? I remember you planted eight impatiens. Fairy flower seeds were watered and cared for in the same way, and then only three sprouted normally, grew up, bloomed and bore fruit. Do you think all the efforts will be rewarded? No, lucky people will be rewarded after their efforts. The same is true for competitive sports. , and even more cruel. For athletes, if they don’t get a medal in the Olympics, it basically means that their career has come to an end.” Xiaomiao asked worriedly: “Then if they don’t get a medal, how old will they be? She is old again. What will she do after she retires (I told her before what retirement is)? Can she do other things?\” It is really difficult to answer this question, but with Xiaomiao\’s kind of breaking the casserole and asking the end Personality, it’s impossible not to answer. So I told her that Chinese athletes are all professional, and many of them have been trained since childhood. Even normal childhood has been taken away from training. In their lives, there is only training day after day, and there is no training. In other words, there are really not many other survival skills. Therefore, once their career comes to an end, it will be difficult for them to take a good path in life. After hearing this, Xiao Miao felt sad and said, \”It\’s better for ordinary people like us! Although we have to do homework and take exams, it\’s not as hard as athletes.\” After a while, she said again: \” Mom, tell me, are there people who work very hard in their studies, but still get nothing and their academic performance is not very good?\” I said, \”There must be. Just like athletes, everyone has different talents. Yes, some people are suitable for swimming, some are suitable for weightlifting, and some are suitable for playing badminton. We cannot impose the same requirements on everyone. The same is true in learning. We have to admit that some people do have strong learning ability, and some people have weak learning ability. You see, There are nearly fifty students in your class, and the same teacher teaches you.If we do the same homework, are our grades still very different? This is not only a question of whether students work hard, but also a question of differences in learning ability. However, with the current education situation, there is no way to take into account the learning ability of every student. We can only move forward together. If someone has poor learning ability and cannot keep up, he will slowly fall behind. Xiaomiao asked: \”What if you study hard but still get bad grades?\” \”I patted her on the shoulder and said, \”There\’s nothing we can do about it. As long as she tries her best, teachers and parents should be happy for her and applaud her. Maybe he is not suitable for studying, but maybe he has special talents in other areas. This is really not certain. There used to be a classmate in our class who was really bad at reading, but he was very good at writing prose and poetry. He didn\’t get into college (the university hadn\’t expanded its enrollment at that time, so it was really not easy to get into college), but he kept writing and writing. I heard that he is now the editor-in-chief of a big local magazine in our country, and he is very good! There is also a classmate who has poor academic performance. Every teacher looks at him with regret, but he works very hard. He is the first to go to the classroom and the last to leave the classroom every day. When he was in the second semester of his sophomore year in high school , I really couldn’t continue studying, so I went home to do business with my family. I heard that he was really good at doing business, and he was living very well now. \”Xiao Miao said that she had read similar stories that happened abroad in books. In short, they all found a suitable path to go on, and then they took the right path and lived a happy life. After a while, Xiaomiao asked again: \”Mom, were you and dad happy when I got first place in the exam? \”Of course I am happy,\” I said. This happiness has two aspects: First, it means that she has a correct attitude in the exam, is serious and meticulous, and does not lose any points that should not be lost; second, her efforts have been rewarded, and she is very lucky. She asked again: \” In this final exam, I did not get the first overall score. I see that you and Dad are not unhappy either. Dad also said that I performed well. \”I told her that we had comprehensively reviewed her performance throughout the semester and felt that she had improved, was more careful, and more conscious than the previous semester, so we did not attach so much importance to her final exam scores. Moreover, we also believed that, When she enters fourth grade, she will be more proactive in learning (this sentence is completely to induce and encourage), her playfulness will be reduced (continue to induce and encourage), and her performance in study will be better. She She nodded with a smile and went to the side to draw her latest obsession, \”Cat Warrior\”. Fortunately, most of us are ordinary people. Every day we live is not a competition schedule in the Olympics, and our children are not nervous athletes in the Olympics. .So, just try your best every day and make yourself feel at ease. Don’t worry about gains and losses, wins and losses. There is still a long way to go. It doesn’t matter whether you run a little faster today or a little slower tomorrow. As parents, we , I will always applaud my children’s efforts! Not all efforts will be rewarded, and hard work will not necessarily lead to success, because success requires not only talent and hard work, but also a bit of luck. We cannot determine our own talent, nor We cannot control luck, all we can do isJust try your best. Regarding successful education, how does your family develop it? You might as well chat with your children during the Olympics!

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