• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Do you have an obsession with your children?

I saw this screenshot of the program in my circle of friends. It was a Korean educator interacting with mothers. I don’t know how you felt when you saw these screenshots. Anyway, I saved it immediately. Although this educator It\’s too sharp, but it can also remind me to avoid some problems. Now everyone can say that I just want my children to be healthy and safe, but letting their children go to a prestigious university should be a more concentrated wish in the heart of a parent. A good wish is nothing, but if it becomes an obsession due to the pressure of life or the motivation of comparison, and you feel that the child must complete it, then it will go astray. To be honest, I am a mother who has no idea about Liuliu. Whatever I want to do in this life, I always want to work hard to achieve it. My child, it would be great if my future life can be as free as mine. But recently, I also have some pressure from relatives. Liuliu\’s sister in the United States is the Doudou whom I have always liked, as she has done long-distance running and piano at an almost professional level, and her academic performance is still very good. On Halloween, our choice in the American Times, the two schools that applied in the early admission batch, Caltech and MIT, have already given her admission notices. Therefore, these days I hear a lot of encouragement that Liuliu should be as good as Sister Doudou. It seems that if Liuliu cannot get into Harvard, which is also in the first echelon, he is not good and his life is like a failure. There are many outstanding children around Liuliu, just like there are many friends around me whose abilities and IQs absolutely crush mine. Since I accept my own mediocrity and don’t compare myself with others, I will accept that Liuliu may also be ordinary. Life. Whether it is a complex about prestigious schools or a yearning for some careers, that is something that should be realized by oneself. As a mother, I will try my best to provide my children with basic conditions and opportunities to choose, but in the end what kind of life will I choose? , it’s up to her to decide on her own. Therefore, after thinking everything through, all external pressures will not affect our expectations for our children\’s future. Everyone has different values, is good at different things, and naturally chooses a different life. We should not impose pressure on our children. If she is willing to work hard to get into a prestigious university, that is her business. If she is willing to be the kid sitting on the roadside applauding, it is also her choice. I hope that we parents can overcome some of our obsessions with our children, leave our dreams to our children, and encourage each other.

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