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Do you know the three things in education that are more important than grades?

Parents are their children\’s first teachers and the founders of their children\’s education. Parents\’ attitude towards education determines the future height of their children. The height of parents\’ cognition directly determines the child\’s cognition, and almost determines and affects the second half of his life. The education that parents give their children does not necessarily mean providing them with excellent educational resources so that they can achieve excellent results. Preschool children\’s education theory of multiple intelligences, early education story picture book, 6 volumes pdf, is more about letting children have a sound personality, a gentle character, correct cognition and a warm heart. On the road of life, you can do it again if you make some mistakes, but you can\’t do it with your children\’s education. Parents must teach their children these three things in education that are more important than grades! Rules Many education experts say: Parents should give their children love and freedom, space and rights; the best way for parents to educate their children is to make friends with them. This statement seems to convey the democratic and enlightened ideas of parents. But in fact, it has misled many parents, causing many parents to blindly indulge in the process of educating their children, taking their children\’s ignorance as their nature, and taking their children\’s lack of rules as their children\’s liveliness. Children are the ones who know how to act based on their parents’ glances. The more tolerant their parents are, the less clear their children are about right and wrong. The more indulgent their parents are, the more wanton their children will be. True freedom is based on rules. In front of their children, parents must first be dignified and then open-minded; first be disciplined and then be democratic. Far-sighted parents understand that when educating their children, good teachers come first, and helpful friends second. \”The Catcher in the Rye\” said: \”Child, life is indeed a ball game in which everyone plays according to the rules.\” As parents, the most important fire we should light is to ingrain education in our children when they are young. Inwardly, help children establish a sense of rules from an early age. Let your children know what they should do, what they should not do, and what consequences they will bear if they do something wrong. Recommended classic book: The main content of the education of love pdf + audio. Only in this way can children be in awe, be upright, have a purpose for their words, and have a purpose for their actions. It is nature and instinct to be grateful to parents for loving their children. Many parents have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to their children since their children were born. They even lost their own lives for their children and spent their entire lives living for their children. Parents teach their children to study hard, to be proactive, to get along well with friends, and to be polite to others. But the most important education is precisely the earliest and most basic education – gratitude education, which is often ignored by many families. In the eyes of children, the food should be warm and delicious, the bedding should be comfortable and clean, and the schoolbag should be fully equipped with everything needed for the next day… Once something is not to your liking, it will be felt that the parents have not done it. When you get it right, you lose your temper with your parents. In fact, this kind of disregard for parents\’ efforts is eating up the children\’s gratitude little by little. Shakespeare wrote in the play \”King Lear\”: \”The ingratitude of children is like putting food into his mouth with one hand, and he opens his mouth and bites off your hand.\” Love. Don’t just protect your child, love your child, but also teach himHe will be grateful! And parents will definitely find that a child who is physically and mentally healthy, affectionate, and grateful will bring the greatest happiness to the family. Dr. Robert, an independent American educator, proposed that modern children have ten major goals in education, the most important of which is independence. But today\’s parents don\’t let their children go to the toilet and eat by themselves in kindergarten, and don\’t let their children make their own beds or wash their socks in elementary school. They are still reluctant to let their children make a living for themselves as adults. A 48-year-old returnee master\’s degree student in Shanghai did not go out to work after graduation. Instead, he stayed at home every day, sleeping during the day and playing games at night, relying on his 82-year-old mother with uremia to support him. When his mother tried to force him to go out to work through legal means, he complained that it was all her fault. I ruined your future, and I am guilty… The old mother\’s confession is both pitiful and pathetic. As parents, we always want to give our children all the love, but love that is too domineering and controlling will only become an obstacle to our children in the end. We cannot accompany our children for a lifetime, nor can we protect them for a lifetime. The best love parents have for their children is to patiently teach them when they can protect them, so that they can gradually master the ability to survive independently. Discipline your children well when they are young, slowly withdraw from your children\’s lives when they grow up, and let your children fly independently into their own lives. All love in the world is for the purpose of gathering, only the love of parents for their children is for the purpose of separation. While giving love to your children, please remember to let go appropriately. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Piglet and Elephant Picture Book Elephant and Piggie, 25 volumes in total PDF + reading package + video + audio The earlier children become independent, the better they can withstand the ups and downs of life. \”Loving children is something that any old hen will do. The key is how to educate.\” Real education is not harsh or forced. It is one tree shaking another tree, one cloud pushing another cloud, and one soul awakening another. soul. On the road of children\’s growth, parents have a lot to do, but the most important thing is to give their children the courage to move forward, nourish their children\’s future life, and become their children\’s eternal backing. Becoming a good parent is easy or difficult, but the most fundamental thing is to start from your children and yourself!

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