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Do you really understand the essence of family education?

I am also engaged in general education work. Our school was the first to offer two core general education courses. I was responsible for teaching the Western Civilization course. However, I have not done much research on the theory of general education. This article is mainly based on the past few years. Participating in this work and contacting my students, out of understanding them and out of some of the problems faced by the course itself, I would like to share some of my insights. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Piglet and Elephant picture book Elephant and Piggie, 25 volumes in total PDF + reading package + video + audio ▌The soul of general education: cultivating modern civilized citizens. In the practice of working in general education, I deeply feel that General education is not only a matter of form, the key is what do we teach? What is our training goal in general education? What are our values, our values? This is probably the most important. The concept of general education, whether it is in English or Chinese, will cause misunderstandings simply because general education has only one word for literacy, which can easily be understood as knowledge. Some people abroad do understand general education as general education, or all-round education, or not just single-subject education, allowing students to understand all aspects and fields of the human knowledge system. This is a one-sided understanding and has been the thinking of talent education for decades. Why engage in general education? Such education, such as the establishment of a group of specialized colleges like Xueyuan Road, is not conducive to cultivating talents. Only by truly carrying out general education can we truly produce talents and produce Nobel laureates. General education is a high-level humanistic education. Its purpose is to cultivate people with modern civilized education and responsible citizens. Therefore, it shoulders the mission of spreading the basic values ​​of modern civilization, which is the soul of general education. Therefore, we need to regard the general education curriculum system as the main channel for disseminating the values ​​of modern civilization. ▌Revival is not the revival of tradition, but successful modernization. We know that the mission of education is to enable the new generation to complete the socialization process and become the inheritors of civilization. All education is like this. We need to know what kind of society we are building and preparing to build, and what is the development trend of modern civilization? This demonstrates what values ​​we need to impart to our students. In traditional society, Confucianism dominates education. The values ​​it conveys are consistent with the technological level, social structure, lifestyle, power structure, and people\’s spiritual temperament of that era. It is also successful. But all this has changed in modern society. To cultivate modern civilized people and modern citizens, we need to spread the values ​​of modern civilization to them. So should our current education be based on such a need, or should it be based on the traditional legacy of Confucianism, or even the revolutionary legacy of that era decades ago? So in my opinion, the latter two are incompatible with the needs of building modern civilization and citizen construction as a whole, and some of their contents are even contrary to them. The renaissance of Chinese civilization is not a revival of tradition, but a successful modernization. In the final analysis, the Confucian tradition is a kind of education for the subjects. In the field of cultivating teachers\’ ethics, Confucian civilization has its value.Thousands of years of teaching experience, including its classics, still have their value. It is better for us to cultivate gentlemen and cultivate upright officials like Hai Rui than widespread corruption or even ruffianism. In this case, cultivating gentlemen is obviously valuable. Of course, he is higher than a gangster, but he is not suitable in the field of public morality. We must cultivate citizens. The safety education content of the first lesson of the school year, Lebi Youyou\’s complete collection of popular science knowledge, all 52 episodes ▌As long as you choose modern life, you will enter the value system of modern civilization. For society, the basic value of modern civilization is the result of communication, not internal Born out of our traditional civilization, it originated mainly from Western civilization, is rooted in the requirements of human nature, and is supported by modern life. As long as people choose modern life, they can only accept the value system of modern civilization. So in an environment of free competition among various ideologies, the strong foundation for the spread of modern civilization is the modernization of people and society, and this process is irreversible. In fact, the progress and development of our contemporary Chinese people have become part of our beliefs. If someone refuses progress and development, we will have to live the life of our predecessors two hundred years ago. China has made great achievements in the construction of modern civilization. The basic values ​​of modern civilization have taken root in the soil of Chinese civilization. Its growth is irreversible. Even those who maintain traditional values ​​can only use the values ​​of modern civilization to explain traditions and inventions. Tradition. Therefore, spreading the value of modern civilization is an endogenous requirement of Chinese civilization and a need for the development of Chinese civilization. In addition, when a society\’s ideology and value system is supported by power and forms a unilateral indoctrination of students and the public, and its content is contrary to the universal values ​​of modern civilization, instilling the values ​​of modern civilization is of special importance. . ▌General education needs to remove obstacles, unblock, break through narrow perceptions, and understand objective reality. In contemporary China, the most urgent task of general education is to solve the problems caused by the unhealthy national psychology and personality defects caused by current education. Spreading the values ​​of modern civilization is more about removing obstacles, unmasking, and correcting. The values ​​of modern civilization arise from modern life and are rooted in human nature. However, our education has distorted the requirements of modern life, suppressed and corroded it. People’s needs and create some false needs, blinding people’s eyes, suffocating people’s thinking, and formatting people’s minds. This is an important problem that our general education needs to solve to remove obstacles, unblock, and correct Work is about establishing the concept of respecting personal value, dignity and rights. This requires promoting the values ​​of peace and benevolence, eliminating the influence of extreme nationalism, adapting to the two major trends of social individualization, personal growth and globalization, and breaking the shortcomings of narrow national identity. In addition, grandiose expressions of discourse deny and grind away individual value, individual rights and dignity, which all need to be transformed. It is necessary to restore the true history, understand the objective reality, and correct the prejudices of the Chinese people. Distorted reality supports false values ​​and misleads people. ▌The value of modern civilization is not forced indoctrination, but the cultivation of critical spirit and logical thinking. The dissemination of the value of modern civilization is not forced indoctrination, nor does it rely on education to educate the people. Modern civilizationCommunication value relies on its own value to win in free competition. General education enables students to obtain diverse and balanced information by opening channels for the free flow of information. By cultivating students\’ critical spirit, they learn to think logically, in free discussions and exchanges, and in the comparison of various ideologies and values. Have optional capabilities. Therefore, I only study ancient Chinese classics, but I should read these classics as \”classics\” rather than as \”classics\”. Teachers cultivate students\’ questioning and critical spirit, and guide students to learn to identify and understand facts. Teachers cannot impose their own values ​​​​on students. They must respect students\’ choices and treat students as adults. The essence of education is not to make us profound, but to restore our innocence. Many educational dilemmas are not due to lack of knowledge, and ignorance is not just due to lack of culture. The root cause is that the transfer of knowledge in education overwhelms the \”humanistic spirit\” – that is, the transmission of the classics of human civilization – for everyone involved , what is instilled is still narrow professional knowledge. The boundaries of cognition are the boundaries of life. But in today\’s shallow era, society lacks ways to broaden its cognitive boundaries, and people who are blinded by material pursuits do not realize its importance. They live in a designed cage and teach the next generation to love this cage, thus forming a vicious cycle. Recommended classic books: The main content of the Education of Love pdf + audio. As Amartya Sen once said: To test a person\’s judgment, the main thing is to test the diversity of his information sources. There are countless poor people who have been living in a single message for a long time, and it is a completely distorted and inverted message. This is the biggest reason why people are ignorant and confident.

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