• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

During the critical period of baby growth, the height is less than 5cm per year? Go see a doctor quickly

Question 1: The baby is two years old. His height when wearing shoes is only 84cm, which is a lot shorter than other children of the same age. He always feels that he has not grown much between one and two years old. There is nothing wrong with him when he goes to the hospital to check for trace elements. He also keeps supplementing with vitamin AD. , why not grow longer? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: The height of two-year-olds is generally 85cm, and the net height of two-year-olds and two-months-olds is generally at least 86-87cm. It is recommended that you take your children to the growth clinic. Generally, if the height growth is less than 5cm per year, it means growth retardation, and growth hormone secretion needs to be considered. Insufficiency, or thyroid dysfunction and other problems. Question 2: My baby is just 100 days old. He has been coughing and stuffy since yesterday. He has no fever even after taking the test just now. Does he need to take any medicine? Also, it’s cold now and we don’t have heating here. Can we turn on the air conditioner in the baby’s room? Will it be bad for the baby\’s health? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: You can take Monkey Earring Anti-inflammatory Granules and An’erning Granules, and apply warm towels on your nose. If a family member has a cold, it is recommended to wear a mask 24 hours a day, otherwise the child will be infected repeatedly. You can turn on the air conditioner, but the air conditioner cannot be blown towards the children. Pay attention to ventilation and humidity. Question 3: It’s been 28 days since my second cesarean section, and I still have bloody lochia. The amount is neither too much nor too little, just like the amount on the third and fourth days of normal menstruation. The left side of the incision still hurts a little when pressed, but the right side doesn\’t hurt, and the middle is wooden. Do you think my situation is normal? I suddenly had stomach pain last week and was hospitalized again. After the doctor\’s examination, he said it was caused by intestinal adhesions after the operation. I was always worried about having another operation. Will I have another operation? Dr. Zhang Qiaoli answered: It is normal for the incision to be painful and numb, but it is abnormal for there to be so much lochia now. Go to the hospital for a color ultrasound, it may be due to poor uterine involution. There will be no more surgery, just taking medicine. You can move more to increase intestinal peristalsis and prevent adhesions.

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