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During the winter vacation, don’t let your children do these 6 things, they are very harmful!

In a while, the long-awaited winter vacation for the children will come. Although the vacation is not very long, there will be various festivals such as the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival in the middle, which is still full of expectations for the children. But when their children go on holiday, parents are never happy: their children are at home during the holidays, but they have to go to work, who will take care of their children? In fact, parents\’ concerns are very necessary, because children are prone to safety problems when they are at home alone, and they are also prone to develop some bad habits, which makes them unable to enter the learning state after school starts. For this reason, Rui’s mother specially summarized the following 6 things. Never let your children do them during the winter vacation. Some of them are even painful lessons. The matter of playing and playing on the road must be emphasized! During the winter vacation, children will invite their friends to go out to play together. When there are more people, the children will easily get too excited and ignore the time and place. Even on the road, children are likely to play without emotion. In this case It is very dangerous, and many bloody tragedies have occurred. The teacher suggested: During the winter vacation, parents must provide safety education to their children and tell them: Don’t run and fight on the road. Don’t cross the road alone. Don’t play in the community. The road conditions in the community are complex, there are no traffic lights, cars come in and out. , traffic accidents are prone to occur. If you sleep in, you don’t have to go to school during the holidays, and your parents are not at home during the day, so the children will sleep until any time they don’t want to. Winter vacation is not like Saturday and Sunday. It doesn’t matter if you sleep in occasionally. If your child sleeps in for several consecutive days during the vacation, the biological clock will be completely disrupted: he will sleep until noon during the day, even skipping a nap, and will not sleep until noon at night. Stayed up for the rest of the night. As a result, the whole holiday will be like this. If you think this is just disrupting your child\’s sleep routine, you are totally wrong. Children will miss the best meal time because they sleep in, and some even skip breakfast, which directly affects the child\’s physical condition throughout the day; moreover, people\’s mental state is the best in the morning, and is most suitable for studying. But once a child sleeps in and is in poor physical and mental condition, how can he do his homework during the winter vacation and have the energy to read? What\’s worse is that the child spent a holiday re-establishing a wrong biological clock. When school starts after the new year, the child will have to spend a long time adjusting his work and rest routine. Some children are trying hard to catch up with the teacher at the beginning of the new semester, but your child may still be struggling to fight off drowsiness in class. Teacher’s advice: No matter how old the child is, at any time, the teacher does not recommend sleeping in. First of all, going to bed early and getting up early is good for your health; secondly, sleeping in late is a sign of breaking the rules, which can easily cause children to lose their sense of time and form a lazy habit. Although you don’t have to follow your usual schedule during the holidays, it’s best not to relax too much. Getting up 1 hour later every day is enough. It is important to develop a fixed routine during the holidays as well. Being addicted to the Internet has always had a fatal attraction for children. When children stay at home during the holidays, when adults are not at home, they can turn on the computer and play all day without even eating. Let’s leave aside those who say that long-term exposure to computer screens affects children’s vision and intelligence. They say that the content on the Internet is a mixed bag, and children cannotUnder the supervision of adults, it is easy to receive some unhealthy things, which will have a bad impact on children\’s physical and mental health. Teacher\’s suggestion: Instead of waiting to find out that your child is addicted to the Internet, and then following your child and saying, \”Can you stay online for a while?\”, it is better to negotiate with your child in advance about how many times you can play in a day and how long you can play at one time. time. In the negotiation process, the child\’s personal participation will make it easier for him to abide by the agreement. When necessary, parents can use extraordinary means, such as setting a password for the computer that the children don\’t know, and then letting the children play after you come back. Not writing winter vacation homework During the children\’s winter vacation, it is the busiest time for parents at the end of the year. Even if the child did not do his homework today, as long as the child says: \”Don\’t worry, I will do it later, and I will make sure to finish it before school starts.\” Parents have no energy to delve into it. But the reality is often that children cannot write a word during the holidays. They can just \”study\” with their classmates\’ homework when school starts. Or focus on the two days before school starts and finish all the homework in a hurry. Doing this is just to deal with the teacher and will not achieve any learning effect. If children do not do homework or study during the holidays, the knowledge in their heads will easily appear \”fragmented\”. They will forget almost all the old knowledge they learned last semester. When school starts to learn new knowledge, they will easily be unable to keep up with the teacher\’s ideas. As a result, their knowledge in the new semester will be forgotten. The foundation is not laid well, which affects the child\’s study for one semester. Teacher’s suggestion: It is best for parents to leave some learning tasks for their children every day, or help their children make a study schedule to stipulate during which time the children will study and during which time they can play every day. The time arrangement can be flexible, but there must be study arrangements. Especially some children who have participated in interest classes must continue to practice during the holidays. Otherwise, if they wait until school starts to practice again, their \”skills\” will definitely become unfamiliar. Eating too many snacks For children, there is nothing more enjoyable than eating, drinking and playing. When you are at home during the holidays, all kinds of snacks are readily available. In order to keep their children at home, some parents will even go to the supermarket to prepare a bunch of snacks for their children. The child eats some snacks while watching TV and keeps his mouth busy while reading. As a result, at the end of the day, the child is full just by eating snacks and cannot eat anything when it comes to mealtime, which affects normal meals. Moreover, snacks generally contain a large amount of preservatives and additives, which can damage children\’s normal digestion and absorption. Long-term excessive consumption may cause anorexia, partial eclipse, and even malnutrition in children. Teacher suggestion: Parents should not buy too many snacks for their children at one time, and it is best to choose small packaging bags so that the children will eat less each time. Of course, snacks are not completely forbidden to eat. After all, this is a kind of fun for children in their childhood. It is best for parents to discuss with their children in advance and specify a range of snack choices. For example, you cannot eat too much fried, high-sugar, and puffed foods; you can eat fruits, yogurt, nuts and other small snacks. Staying at home Nowadays, not only adults like to stay at home, but there are also more and more children who don’t like to go out. Especially during the winter vacation, when the weather is colder, children prefer to stay indoors, watch TV, eat snacks, eat and sleep all day long, and eat after sleeping. There is not much activity. Not only are they easy to gain weight, their mental state will also be very bad. malaise. returnSome parents, worried that their children are in danger, simply keep their children at home, depriving their children of the opportunity to see the outside world. Teacher’s suggestion: When the weather is too cold, you can choose to stay outside less and go back when you feel cold. Even if the mother wants to go out to buy something, she can take her children for a walk together. If you are worried about the danger of your children playing by themselves, then take them out to play in person, go for a walk in the park, go shopping in the mall, or go shopping in the supermarket together, which can be considered a kind of \”exercise\”.

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