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Early detection can change a child’s life


Oct 1, 2023

This year, my birthday was going to be better than any before, with cake, ice cream, gifts, and family. I know very clearly that they will not leave my life completely, but they will just give me enough room to grow, let me grow my wings, and prepare for the challenges I will face in the future. Over the next few years, I made the kinds of mistakes that all adolescent kids make. I would often forget to do my homework and occasionally stay up late at night. But my mother never blamed me for them. If my grades were to slip, she calmly pointed out, as long as my grades continued to slip, my chances of getting into the college I wanted to attend would become slimmer. The lower my grades, the lower my chances of getting into college. If I continue to stay up late at night, she will talk to me about sleeping late when I feel particularly tired the next day. I have to say that my mother really understands me and can always hit the spot. After a wild party with friends, she just asked me to picture what those friends would be doing in 10 years and would I want to share the future with them? There was no doubt that I didn\’t want to do that. Of course, if I feel overwhelmed and ask for help, she will work with me to find a solution. She always gives me the best advice to fix the bugs in my life. I never resented her like other adolescent children. This kind of relationship made us closer. Years later, on my daughter’s 14th birthday, I took her to my room. We had a similar conversation. We also remained close throughout her adolescence. And at the same age, my son and his father had a similar conversation. My kids make the same mistakes they did as they matured and grew up, but many of them they got through without a hitch because they thought about it and then came over to talk it over with us. This conversation is very simple, but what is more critical is the subsequent behavior and attitude of the parents. Once parents absorb the wisdom contained in it, they will find that adolescence is not necessarily a storm, but may also be the most exciting adventure in the parent-child relationship. The age of 14 is a dangerous and rebellious period, and it is also the best period of shaping. Writer Liu Qing said: Although the road of life is long, there are often only a few critical steps, especially when people are young. Education expert Ran Naiyan believes that for children, the age around 14 years old is such a critical period, and parents must grasp this critical period for their children. Children around 14 years old are \”semi-mature\”. They are independent and mature, but they are limited in experience and age and cannot be independent, which creates the most difficult period for family education. At this stage, parents must work hard to properly solve the problem and allow their children to develop smoothly. So, how can parents better deal with their children\’s rebellion and mistakes during adolescence? Yin Jianli\’s full set of how to take good reading classes that changed children\’s lives mp3 1. Unconditionally accept and love children. Many times children do not deliberately contradict their parents, but due to family education or physiological reasons during the growth period and the influence of the environment. Therefore, after parents understand these causes, the first thing they need to do is to accept and understand their children, and stop blaming their children.We also need to know that the rebellious period is only a short period in a person\’s growth process. It will pass soon, so parents can unconditionally accept and love their children and help them get through this period as soon as possible. Your children will be able to grow up in the future. I will love you more and respect you more. 2. Parents should understand themselves and change themselves. I hope parents can pay attention to this point, because many parents do not understand themselves during their growth process, and are even immature. They cannot be rational and objective when encountering things. To solve the problem, some parents are even extremely emotional themselves. They get angry before their children lose their temper. The irrational emotional state of parents is often the trigger for children to become rebellious in the process of educating their children. Because the prerequisite for educating children is to have a peaceful mind, we hope that parents can change themselves and take control of themselves. emotional state so that your education is effective. 3. Companionship is the best love. Children in this period also have a psychological characteristic, which is that they are often in a chaotic and contradictory state of mind. Although they feel that they have grown up, they want to deal with problems like an adult. and solve problems, but because they lack relevant experience, many times they fail. This kind of failure, combined with the typical chaotic and ambivalent psychology, makes the child\’s psychological state very painful at this time. If parents can accompany their children with unconditional acceptance and love at this moment, the children will feel the warmth of the family, and this warmth will make them Children\’s rebellion has been reduced a lot, parents can give it a try. 4. Parents should leave some time for themselves to raise their children. This does not mean that parents have to give up their personal needs and communication between husband and wife. Use this free time to communicate more between husband and wife. The harmonious relationship between husband and wife is crucial to the stability of the family. In many families, it is precisely because of the discord between husband and wife that they quarrel all day long or even get divorced, which causes great harm to the children. The image and status of the parents are greatly reduced in the children\’s minds. This should be avoided. In addition, parents need this free time to do something they like, stay away from tedious housework and work, adjust their mood, and relax their nervous nerves. Have a sense of humor and don\’t regret your mistakes. Believe that you are a good parent. Only by being good at work and rest can you be better at raising children!

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