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Educating children with love is a practice, and it is the most important thing in your life.

Austrian psychologist Adler once said: \”Fortunate people are healed by their childhood throughout their lives, and unfortunate people are healed by their childhood throughout their lives.\” Some people who do not have a smooth life when they grow up will complain about the consequences of their unbearable childhood. It hurts, but some people use their painful childhood as a catalyst in life to inspire themselves to move forward bravely. The same is true for the writer José Mauro de Vasconcelos. The memory of his childhood has lingered in his mind for 42 years and he has never been able to forget it. So when he was 48 years old, he spent 12 days Completed this classic – \”My Dear Sweet Orange Tree\” in one go. This book tells a touching story of love and warmth. The five-year-old boy Zeze is a smart child. Although he is a little devil and naughty in the eyes of his family, he is a little angel in the eyes of others, gentle and kind. After he met a talking orange tree and a person who gave him love and warmth, he saw the hope of life. After losing them, the boy\’s illusions were shattered and he grew up overnight. The author José Mauro de Vasconcelos is a legendary Brazilian writer. Just like the five-year-old boy Zéze in his novel, he learned to read and read on his own. He engaged in various professions and He wrote his rich life experiences into his works. Next, let us follow the author\’s footsteps and enter the world of the five-year-old boy Zeze. Little Zeze wants to grow up quickly. Zeze is a five-year-old boy. He has three sisters, an older brother and younger brothers. At home, if he is naughty, he will be scolded by his family. They will call him a puppy, a devil, and a brown cat. Because his father was unemployed, the family fell into the quagmire of poverty. This Christmas was the most unhappy night for the family. Dinner was only fried bread and red wine, and none of them got a gift. In order not to let his brother down, Ze Ze changed the handle of his beloved wooden horse toy and gave it to him as a Christmas gift. The father went out after eating a few bites of fried bread, while the mother quietly returned to the room. The third sister covered the eyes that had just cried while comforting the two brothers to sleep. Zeze suddenly felt that they were no longer children, but had become sad adults, slowly chewing their sadness like Christmas dinner. Before going to bed, Zeze still refused to give up and put his sneakers outside the door, hoping that a miracle would happen. When he woke up the next morning, he was disappointed to see that his shoes were empty. He couldn\’t help shouting, \”It sucks to have a poor dad.\” He regretted it as soon as he said it. His father was standing in front of them, looking at them, his eyes widened, and Zeze could read the great grief in his eyes, the grief that made him want to cry without tears. In order to make up for his mistake, Zeze carried a shoe shine box on his back and left home alone. After he finally collected the money, he went to the store and chose a pack of good cigarettes for his father. When he saw his father, he handed the cigarettes to him and apologized to him. The father was not angry about what happened in the morning. He opened his arms and held Zeze in his arms. Poverty, like a greedy snake, swallows up the warmth of daily families and the childlike innocence of children. Five-year-old Zeze discovered poverty and pain for the first time, which made himDesperately hoping to grow up quickly. Love and warmth are the best education. After Christmas, they moved. Although their new home seemed cramped and small for their big family, Zeze was still very excited. Because he found a talking orange tree in his yard. He named the orange tree Minkino and decided to tell it everything he saw and happened. Once, he told the sweet orange tree that he was going to have an adventure and was going to play pickpocketing in a Portuguese car. The Portuguese car was very beautiful, and no child dared to play pickpocketing on it, but he felt that he had made a bet in front of the orange tree, and he had to take action, otherwise he would be laughed at by the orange tree. However, there was a flaw in his plan. He forgot to wait for the Portuguese to start the car before getting in. Because of the pain and humiliation, many people were watching and laughing at him maliciously. Zeze felt angry and said that when he grew up, he would kill him. The Portuguese laughed, and the onlookers cheered, and finally, he slapped Zeze on the butt as a lesson. They don\’t know each other without fighting. After a dispute between Zeze and the Portuguese, they gradually became familiar with each other. Once, Zeze injured his foot because of a prank. He reluctantly went to school in order not to be discovered by his family. He met a Portuguese man. After learning about the situation, the Portuguese worried that he had contracted tetanus and drove him to treatment. He also took him to drink cold drinks afterwards. , eat snacks and buy him candy with photos of celebrities. After this incident, Zeze felt that the Portuguese had become his favorite person in the world. He calls the Portuguese Lao Portugal because it sounds more friendly. Since having Lao Pu, Zeze has been happy every day. Whenever they have free time, they go for a ride in the car. One day, Zeze was next to Lao Pu, resting his head on his arm and saying that he never wanted to leave him again. Lao Pu asked why, and Ze Ze replied: \”Because you are the best person in the world, and no one can bully me around you. I feel like there is a \’sun of happiness\’ in my heart.\” Lao Pu\’s appearance made Zeze became less naughty, and he also gradually got rid of his habit of swearing. Because I met a warm person and wanted to become a better person. Hopes were disillusioned, and Lao Pu, who grew up overnight, gave Zeze endless love and warmth. He originally thought that the happy and joyful days would continue like this, but Zeze still couldn\’t escape the fate of being beaten at home. One day, Zeze was learning to make paper balls with his brother Totoka. In order to make his first paper ball independently, he sold his beloved marbles and celebrity photos and bought silk paper with two coins. It was getting dark and he hadn\’t finished yet. The second sister asked him to eat, but he didn\’t do it, which made the second sister furious. The second sister walked straight to the table, tore his unfinished paper ball into pieces, grabbed his legs and arms, and threw him into the middle of the room. The third sister came over after hearing the news, stroked his head, and said sadly that one day, she would take him far away from home together. They cried softly together as they talked. For the next two days, he could only stay at home. His family did not allow him to go to school for fear that their atrocities would be known to others. He misses Lao Pu. If Lao Pu knew that he livedNo, I will definitely come to him. He missed Lao Pu\’s gentle and deep voice and his bronze face. He wanted to recover quickly so that he could go to Lao Pu. But this idea was postponed when he was beaten again by his father, who made him despair of life. One night, Zeze wanted to comfort his father who was depressed because he had not found a job, so he sang a newly learned song to him. When he was young, he only knew that the melody of the song was pleasant, but he did not know that the vulgar lyrics annoyed his father. His father thought he was deliberately mocking himself with this song, so he slapped him indiscriminately. Zeze\’s face was beaten so hard that he could hardly move. In pain, he lost interest in everything. He sat quietly under the orange tree and didn\’t want to do anything, or even talk to the orange tree. Soon after, his brother Totoka told him that his orange tree would be cut down to widen the road. Misfortunes never come singly, Lao Pu also died in a car accident. The deeply hit Zeze developed a high fever and fell into a coma. Many people came to see him, hoping he would get better soon. However, he didn\’t want to live anymore, because he felt that even if he recovered from his illness, he would still be a bad boy, and nothing would motivate him to be a good boy. A few days later, good news came from home. His father was appointed as the manager of a factory. He told Zeze that all the suffering was over. Zeze was indifferent. He felt that the man in front of him was not his father. His father had been killed in a car accident. Now, his favorite sweet orange tree has been cut down, the person he loves most is no longer there, and the happy sun in his heart has disappeared. The content of \”My Dear Sweet Orange Tree\” ends here. Some people say: \”Every child is an angel scattered in the world.\” But not every little angel is so lucky to be loved by his parents. When a child is just born, parents hold it in their hands for fear of dropping it and hold it in their mouths for fear of melting. They love it very much. But as children grow up, they become naughty and mischievous. Many parents beat and scold their children, ignoring their children\’s lively and active nature. In fact, every child is an independent individual with his own thoughts and temper. If beating and scolding are used as a method of education, it will only teach more rebellious and violent children. The premise of education should be love, as the famous educator Suhomlinsky said: \”Without love, there is no education.\” I hope every child can be treated gently.

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