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Establish family rules for children, cultivate family traditions, and build a happy family life


Oct 1, 2023

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly pointed out that \”strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition\” and \”improving the school family social education mechanism\”. On the new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country, we must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China report and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on paying attention to family education and family tradition, and constantly adhere to and strengthen the construction of family education and family tradition to promote people’s All-round development, good social atmosphere and the improvement of the civilization level of the whole society. In this process, families, schools, governments, and society all have responsibilities and work closely together while performing their respective duties to jointly promote the healthy and comprehensive growth of young people. Parents, as the first teachers in their children\’s lives, must strictly demand themselves. When it comes to building a family tradition of tutoring, they must \”grasp the children early\” and \”grasp them often and strictly\”. They must pay attention to the methods and art of family education, guide and help them. Children button the first button of their lives. Cultivate one\’s moral character and discipline oneself, establish family rules and cultivate family tradition. The personal moral cultivation of parents is an important foundation and support for strengthening the construction of family education and family tradition. It is a prerequisite for a family to establish good family rules and cultivate a good family tradition. Every parent should be strict with themselves, strengthen self-discipline and self-regulation, and consciously resist bad social trends. They should be virtuous, abide by public ethics, and be strict with private ethics, constantly improve their own moral standards and civilized qualities, and do the best for their children. Set a good example. At the same time, we must be good at drawing wisdom and strength from the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and the good examples around us, establishing good family rules, inheriting good family mottos, cultivating good family education, and cultivating good family traditions. In this regard, the older generation of revolutionaries and a large number of outstanding communists have set good examples for us. After the founding of the People\’s Republic of China, Chairman Mao set himself the principles for interacting with relatives, emphasizing that on the one hand, he should cherish his relatives, remember his past, and help his relatives; on the other hand, he should not seek selfish benefits for relatives, seek benefits for the old, or benefit from the public good for personal gain; Premier Zhou Enlai He established \”ten family rules\” for his relatives. He never sought any personal gain for himself or his relatives and friends. Jiao Yulu, the role model of the county party committee secretary, strictly demanded his children. When he learned that his children were engaged in special \”white plays\”, he strictly ordered them to give away the tickets immediately. Go to the theater; \”Straw Hat Secretary\” Yang Shanzhou has a strict family tradition. He encourages his younger generations to \”create what they want with their own hands.\” These stories of family education and family tradition are awe-inspiring. They are a clear reflection of the excellent traditional culture and excellent social atmosphere of the Chinese nation. They are also important educational resources and wealth for us to strengthen the construction of family education and family tradition today. Scientific parenting book recommendation: Harvard Family Instructions Complete Collection, 2 volumes of ultra-clear pdf, catch the children early and do a good job in values ​​education and guidance. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out: \”Socialist core values ​​are a powerful force that unites people\’s hearts and gathers people\’s strength.\” Every parent has the obligation to carry out in-depth education on socialist core values ​​in the family and strive to integrate these core values ​​into daily life. , Build a good family tutoring and family style. But in family education, we must pay more attention to early and early childhood. From the time when children are young, we must focus on cultivating them to be virtuous and observe public ethics. At the same time, we must also pay attention to cultivating their small and private virtues. For example, we should guide our children not to compare with their peers in material aspects, but to compare \”who is more ambitious, who studies more diligently, who loves labor more, who loves exercise more, and who is more caring\”\”; Also, start from small things and teach your children to develop good behavioral norms. Don\’t be self-centered, but consider the feelings of others. You can become an educated and popular person whether at home or in public. . Small virtues, private virtues, big virtues, and public virtues, none of them can be missing. Strengthen learning and improve family tutoring and family tradition building capabilities. Parents are their children’s first teachers. As a parent, whether it is a leading cadre in a high position, People’s teachers who teach and educate people, or comrades from other walks of life, must take on the responsibility of stewarding, running, and managing the family. General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out: “We should worry more about things at home and pay more attention to them. Listen to the feedback from all parties. If there is a problem, we must dare to catch it and take control of it. No matter how difficult it is, we must toughen up and take care of it. First, we must control it, and second, we must manage it well. \”To build a good family education and family tradition, we must master and use the methods and art of \”controlling\” and \”managing well.\” Parents must pay attention to learning and constantly improve family education capabilities. Every family has problems that need to be faced. Problems and challenges, many parents still do not have the correct concepts and methods of educating children, but as long as the family works together, strengthens learning, and grows together, many family education problems can be solved. Accompany your family and give full play to the unique emotional function of the family. Family It is tied by emotion, and the maintenance of emotion cannot be separated from living together. As Mr. Fei Xiaotong said: \”Similar concepts must have the same experience basis, and emotional compatibility must have a long-term life together.\” \”To build a good family education and family tradition, you must spend more time living with your family and children, build strong family and blood ties, and build a happy family life. Only then can you have a good influence on your family and family tradition in a subtle way. Give full play to the unique characteristics of the family Emotional functions, education in the details of life can often achieve good educational results. Parents can create a good parent-child relationship and family atmosphere, moisturize things and silently guide their children to develop good moral character, and become useful members of society when they grow up. People who have contributed. General Secretary Xi Jinping also pointed out: \”For leading cadres, except for work needs, they should go out less to socialize and go home to eat more. \”General Secretary Xi Jinping himself also sets an example. He said: \”Although I am very busy at work, I can \’steal half a day of leisure\’. As long as I have time, I will be with my family. \”For family members, companionship is the most sincere confession; for children, parents\’ attentive companionship is indispensable precious nutrients and beautiful scenery for their healthy growth.

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