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Everyone knows that life is precious, but few people value time

The new semester has begun, and my son has to participate in the training camp of the school basketball team again. He must report on time every morning, noon and evening. Every day, he spends at least three hours in basketball training, and he goes home an hour later than the rest of his class. This means that he does not have time to read in the morning, take a lunch break, or organize homework. After class, in addition to drinking water and going to the toilet, he must take time to make up for his homework. When he gets home from school, he must race against time to complete his homework. In this way, he only has a short period of time to read extracurricular books before going to bed. This kind of life is not just for a day or two, but for a month or two, it will last until he graduates from elementary school. Last week, he came home from school on the first day of training. His legs hurt so much that he was limping and had trouble walking. He said that he moved back slowly. His classmates had finished school long ago and there was no one to accompany him on the way. I asked: \”Do you still want to persist?\” \”Of course you must persist. The teacher said that there will be a basketball game in two months. The sixth grade will be the main force and our fifth grade will be the substitutes. If we perform well, we will have a chance to play. I hope I can play and feel the atmosphere of the game. If I keep working hard and improve quickly, I can become the main player in the sixth grade. Our school has been the champion for many years in a row. I want to be the champion when I graduate. , our honor will still be posted in the school.\” I was very pleased: \”You can think like this, great! But there is one thing you must pay attention to, you must protect yourself and try to avoid injuries. Also, you must be careful every day. After spending so much time practicing, can you keep up with your studies?\” \”Of course I can keep up. I am very serious in class and remember every word the teacher said. I think that learning should be efficient and cherish the time in class. Listen carefully and understand attentively, make good use of every minute, and try to master as much as possible in class, and you can do what you like in other times. I read a lot of extracurricular books, and several times the science teacher asked questions that others could not answer, but I answered them all correctly. \”Yes, cherish your time, use it rationally, and time will give you corresponding feedback. The weather has been very cold recently, so I got into bed early at night, holding my phone and doing nothing. My son saw it and blamed me: \”Mom, why are you still looking at your phone? Don\’t you always say you don\’t have enough time? You can write articles or read books now! If you were more diligent, you might have become a writer earlier. You If you look like this and don\’t cherish time, you won\’t be able to succeed.\” He left me, who looked ashamed, and sang \”I want to fly higher, fly higher,\” and left to read a book. He recently read It is \”Encyclopedia for Primary School Students\”. After he left, I was stunned for five minutes before I came back to my senses. My face was burning and I didn\’t know how to face him the next day. This kid who was supposed to be educated by me actually gave me a hard education. The key is, his education is very right! I often tell him that you only have one life, so you should cherish it, work hard, and don\’t waste time… But what about me? But a large amount of time is wasted on chatting, watching TV series, online shopping, and watching gossip and gossip. Although I seem to work hard. After work, I write an article every two days on average and hundreds of thousands of words a year. However, I still spend a lot of time on useless things.In matters of meaning, not even a trace was left, leaving a large blank space in my life. Such a blank space is terrifying. It makes me feel desolate and empty, and makes me look down on myself. I feel ashamed of myself for being undisciplined and wasting my time. Jefferson once said: He who never wastes time has no time to complain about lack of time. I feel ashamed when I think of the countless times I have hypocritically told people \”I\’m too busy\” and complained that I don\’t have enough time. It turns out that I am too busy to have time to complain. Really busy people don’t even have time to complain. Those who say there is not enough time can think of Mr. Lu Xun’s famous saying: Time is like water in a sponge, as long as you are willing to squeeze it, there is always some. Some people are very good at squeezing time. For example, listen to the radio while eating, listen to English on the bus or subway, read during lunch break, study after get off work, write before going to bed, etc. This kind of behavior may not have any effect in a day or two, but as time goes by, quantitative changes will lead to qualitative changes. While the people around them have been walking in the same place for years, they have long been reborn, leaving their former travelers far away. In this world, there are many dreamers and not many doers. And those who are successful value their time very much and are good at using it. Time is the fairest, the same time, different ways of passing it, the endings are very different. As McKinsey said: Time is the soil of all achievements in the world. Time gives pain to dreamers and happiness to creators. \”When I wash my hands, the days pass by the sink; when I eat, the days pass by the rice bowl; when I am silent, the days pass by my gaze of gaze. I feel that he has gone away hastily, and when I reach out my hands to hold him back, he passes by again. In the dark, as I lie in bed, he strides over my body, and flies away from my feet, in his agile way. When I open my eyes and see the sun again, it has gone again. One day passed. I hid my face and sighed. But the shadow of the new days began to flash through my sigh again.\” In this famous poem \”Hurry\”, Zhu Ziqing has already expressed the helplessness and horror of the hurried passage of time, And isn’t this what many of us live day after day? Every one of us has understood that life is precious almost from the time we are sensible. Coming to this world is pure luck. There is no possibility of a do-over. We must cherish life. The process of life is also the process of passage of time. If you pass one point, your life will be shortened by one point. If you pass one year, your life will be shortened by one year. To cherish time is to cherish life. However, in real life, how many people understand this and truly cherish their time? Liang Shiqiu said: No one does not cherish his life, but few people cherish his time. Let us, from now on, cherish every minute and every second and work hard for our dreams. Over time, year after year, one day, you will live the way you want. In this way, when we look back on the past, we will not regret for wasting our years, nor will we feel ashamed for doing nothing.

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