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Family education determines a child’s life experience


Oct 1, 2023

The ancients said: It is the fault of the father to raise but not teach. In traditional Chinese concepts, the first person responsible for the healthy growth of a child is the father. But in today\’s society, 80% of the responsibility is taken by the mother. Whether it is bathing, playing, or cram school, if the child has a slight bump, he will be labeled as irresponsible. In fact, a father’s company is essential in a child’s life! There was once a saying that was widely circulated in the circle of friends: Lu Huiping’s Good Parents Decide Their Children’s Life Video Download + PDF E-book “God gives you an absent father, and then it will breed an anxious mother, and eventually it will breed an out-of-control child. Children.\” For children, the best education is not how much wealth and resources the family has, but first having a father who can accompany them. A 2003 Harvard University study found that girls who lack father\’s love are more likely to fail in math, and boys who lack father\’s love are more likely to develop emotional disorders. Researchers from the University of Newcastle in the UK conducted an 11-year follow-up survey on 17,000 British babies. The results showed that children who often spend time with their fathers are smarter, more energetic, and more sociable than children who rarely spend time with their fathers. . Children learn from their father what a man is, what a father is, what a husband is… Men’s unique gender characteristics, voice, appearance, strength, behavioral habits, ways of doing things, etc., from which children learn what independence and bravery are. There are some things in growing up that a mother can never teach, only a father can do it. Therefore, father\’s love can be absent occasionally, but it should not be absent all the time. An interesting father gives his children a happy childhood. During the Republic of China, the erudite and talented Mr. Feng Zikai was a leader in the comics industry and a father who could play with his children. He once said: \”My heart is occupied by four things, the gods and stars in the sky, art and children in the world.\” He could always capture the childlike side of children playing in their daily lives, and then recorded them in comics: The joy of flying kites, the joy of playing on the seesaw, the innocence of wanting to pick the moon… He likes to tell stories and play games with the children. Once, the children wanted to experience the fun of picking fruits, but the cherry tree at home had no fruit. In order to surprise the children, Feng Zikai ran to the market and bought some cherries and hung them on the branches. After school, he happily accompanied the children to enjoy the joy of picking fruits. In terms of educating children, he advocated \”to educate a child, as long as you teach him to always be a child, he will never lose his child\’s heart.\” Children like Feng Zikai because he is willing to squat down and see the world from the same perspective as a child , winning the key to the child\’s heart. In fact, Feng Zikai\’s life was not peaceful, and he suffered from war and displacement. But like a naughty boy, he loved his children deeply with a sincere heart and spent his ingenuity and energy to accompany them, so that they could have a carefree and happy childhood in a troubled world. Under Feng Zikai\’s attentive company, the children are all excellent and have made extraordinary achievements in various fields such as literature and music. Children are lucky to have such an interesting father. A strong and courageous father is the foundation for the child\’s life. The mother\’s feminine tenderness, carefulness, and patience influence the care of the child, which is indispensable. However, there is a lack of maleSex education often causes children to show characteristics such as sentimentality, cowardice, timidity, isolation, and low self-esteem. My father\’s participation in education made up for these shortcomings. Fathers tend to influence their children with their inherent male characteristics, such as independence, self-confidence, endurance, exploratory spirit and hands-on ability, so that children can imitate and learn without knowing it. Psychologist Gerdi said: \”Father is a unique existence and has a special power to cultivate children.\” The movie \”Life is Beautiful\” tells such a story: Guido, who is of Jewish descent, and his son Joshua, They were taken into a concentration camp together. In the dark concentration camp, they faced death, struggle and humiliation every day. Despite suffering physical and mental torture, Guido tried his best to use funny language and exaggerated performances to lie to his son that they were participating in an interesting game competition. Those who abide by the rules of the game will get a tank when they go home. The naive Joshua believed his father\’s words true. The father and son endured hunger, fear, loneliness and all harsh environments, and successfully escaped one catastrophe after another. At the end of the film, although Guido failed to escape his bad luck, his son really saw the light of day. On his way home, he majestically boarded a giant tank. Of course, Joshua was unfortunate. He was trapped in a devil\’s cave at a young age, but he was also lucky. In such a harsh environment, because of his father\’s company, he had the strength and courage to overcome the danger and gain a new life. . The company of a father is a pearl that guides the direction of a child\’s life. With the light above his head, the road of life will not be difficult. The father\’s vision and pattern are the vane of the child\’s life. The famous British psychologist Alf said: The father\’s influence on the child is huge, and it will penetrate into the child\’s blood and embed in the child\’s soul bit by bit. When CCTV celebrity Sa Beining talked about his achievements, he once said: \”Although the road in life is long, there are only a few key steps. If it were not for my father\’s timely guidance and companionship, my development would not be so smooth.\” In the year when he was promoted from primary school to junior high school, Sa Beining failed to get into a key middle school because of a 0.5 point difference, so he failed to recover. His father was worried that he would be \”imprisoned\” by his grades, so he took him on a trip without saying a word to accompany him to learn about the world outside of knowledge. He encouraged him: \”You just didn\’t perform well, but there are still opportunities. As a man, we can\’t let him do it because of something.\” If you encounter setbacks, you will retreat!\” Inspired by her father, Sa Beining picked herself up again and was admitted to a key high school with excellent results. Since then, Sa Beining not only has a positive attitude, but also has the courage to start over from the beginning when facing failure. This is the power that a father brings to his children. The famous British writer Herbert once said: \”A good father is better than 100 teachers.\” A good father is a mentor for his children to succeed in life. When children need it, we can guide them in the right direction in life, shape their positive outlook and perseverance, and help them go higher and further on the tortuous road of life. The lack of father\’s love in childhood is an irreparable pain in life. \”Lack of father\’s love syndrome\” is due to the lack of father\’s love, that is, because the parents are divorced, the father is not at home for many years, or although he is at home but rarely pays attention to the child, resulting in him lacking father\’s love. a separation brought about by loveSexual anxiety. In fact, as soon as the baby is born, he longs for his father\’s love. After the second week of life, most babies pay attention to their father\’s voice and even imitate their father\’s simple movements such as raising hands and reaching out. Most children have a special liking for special games played with their father, such as throwing up, hugging hard, running fast, etc., and they can also experience their father\’s unique masculinity. This kind of separation anxiety has various manifestations, ranging from emotional symptoms such as timidity and anxiety to severe symptoms such as autonomic nervous system dysfunction and physiological symptoms such as heart palpitations, dizziness, and even fainting. There was once a documentary that revealed the hidden pain behind \”problem children\”. The boy has lacked the company of his father since he was a child. Even if his father is at home, he will only yell and yell. He has been at odds with his father since he was a child. He was so angry that his father ignored him and no one taught him right and wrong, right and wrong. When I was 14 years old, I got into a fight with my classmates and accidentally stabbed someone else. There are also some children who, after the age of 6, are rude, talk back, don’t like to make friends, hit others… or even rebellious, disobedient to discipline, and tired of studying… The police at the juvenile detention center said that this situation is called typical fatherly love. deletion disorder. Children who lack father\’s love are emotionally unstable, impulsive, mentally fragile, and prone to making passionate mistakes. The famous animation master Hayao Miyazaki missed his son\’s childhood because he was busy with work, which caused the father and son to \”turn against each other.\” During the years when his father disappeared, Goro relied on the animations created by his father to fill the void in his heart. From the animated series \”Future Boy Conan\” directed by Hayao Miyazaki for the first time to his debut movie \”Lupine III: The Castle of Cagliostro\”, Goro is familiar with every work of his father. When the whole world was praising Hayao Miyazaki, only his son was calling him \”dad\” behind his back. When his son grew up, he always attacked his father: \”He made my mother work harder than ordinary women. He was a zero-score father and was useless at home.\” Hayao Miyazaki said: No matter how many animations I drew, I warmed the childhoods of many people. I can\’t change my son\’s childhood back. In fact, the vast majority of Chinese people believe that the father\’s family responsibility is to earn money to support the family. For this reason, the father can often go out to socialize, discuss business, go on business trips, accompany clients… The father\’s role is more social and commercial, and the father should assume Their tutoring and companionship responsibilities have been downplayed. In recent years, there have been very few fathers who truly get along with their children like friends and who understand and approve of their children from the bottom of their hearts. On the other hand, \”power thinking\” and \”violent tendencies\” in father\’s education still often occur, and the traditional concept of \”men take charge of the outside and women take charge of the house\” is deeply rooted. Some fathers are unwilling to intervene in the management and education of their children, thinking that it is a \”trivial matter.\” . According to a survey by the Beijing Women\’s Federation, mothers accounted for 70.2% of the families responsible for children\’s education, while fathers accounted for only 20%. Foreign studies have found that the younger a child who lacks father\’s love is, the greater the risk of developing the syndrome, and the impact on boys is more serious. Statistics show that boys who grow up in families lacking fatherly love are 1 to 3 times more likely to suffer from the syndrome than girls. Statistics made by Douglas, a marriage expert, also show that compared with children who suffered from \”lack of father\’s love syndrome\” when they were young, compared with those who enjoyed sufficient father\’s love, theyTheir high school dropout rate and adult crime rate are both twice as high; if they are girls, their chances of becoming a single mother when they grow up are three times higher! As mentioned in the book \”If Father\’s Love Is Absent\”, a father\’s influence on a child will be integrated into his blood and follow him throughout his life. Finally, I would like to share a short story about a father taking care of his children that I saw while participating in the activity. I remember that I was attending an event and I was very impressed by the way a father educated his children. It was an observation class, observing the characteristics of different insects, and finding their corresponding living habits and survival methods in books. Many parents present left their children to watch and play by themselves, and answered their children\’s occasional questions very perfunctorily. But this father always accompanied his child seriously, searching and discussing. Browse through popular science books to find the corresponding popular science content about insects on each page. He was also very patient in answering all kinds of weird questions raised by the children. During the exam interactive session, they answered all the host\’s questions correctly, won the grand prize of this event, and took away a very beautiful insect model. When receiving the award, the children had a bright smile on their faces. Therefore, father is a very important presence for children. The child\’s life direction needs the father\’s help to make the correct \”navigation\” and use rational fatherly love to help the child, so that the child can grow up healthily.

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