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Fire left 40 children missing: It’s these “little things” that threaten children’s lives

A few days ago, a heartbreaking thing happened in a shopping mall in Russia. On the 25th local time, a fire broke out in a shopping mall in Russia. A spokesman for the local fire department said that the fire killed at least 37 people and about 69 people are missing, including 40 children. Reports show that the fire started in the children\’s play area on the top floor, and then quickly spread to the children\’s skating rink, swimming pool and cinema nearby on the same floor. What is even more worrying is that many children have no adults around them when they are in danger. Among them, there was a teacher who took 8 students to watch a movie. The children were in the movie theater while the teacher was wandering around the shopping mall. When the fire broke out, a 12-year-old girl named Bochengina answered her aunt\’s phone call: \”Please tell your family that I love them, and tell your mother that I love her.\” The whereabouts of these children are still unknown. A 13-year-old girl left a message on a social networking site: \”We are on fire, and we may have to say goodbye to everyone forever.\” It is unimaginable how helpless these children who do not have the knowledge and ability to save themselves must be when the fire breaks out. They were like lost lambs, panicked and unable to survive. That kind of despair permeated the air, making people feel their hearts tightening. Here, I can only have a compassionate heart, wish the children all the best, and pray that they can go home safely in the end. The safety of your children is no small matter. In recent years, news has frequently appeared in the news about children suffering unintentional disasters due to their parents’ carelessness. Let\’s take a look at these shocking cases, hoping to serve as a warning to others. A few days before the outdoor safety search, an 8-year-old girl had an accident while playing with a Tai Chi massage machine in a community in Wuhan. As a result, the child died due to heart and lung crush injuries and respiratory and circulatory failure. Traffic Safety Search On the afternoon of March 14, in Baise City, Guangxi, when a mother was crossing the road with her two children, she just lowered her head and played with her mobile phone, allowing the two children to run back and forth in the middle of the road. As a result, one of the children was arrested. He was hit by a moving car, but fortunately he was not seriously injured. Travel Safety Search Travel long distances, especially parents traveling with children. They have to take care of their children and their luggage, and sometimes it is inevitable that they will lose sight of one. But no matter what, losing luggage and money are trivial matters. Don’t lose your children just because you are in a hurry. Not long ago, on train D6526, the conductor discovered three children crying in a carriage during his inspection. After inquiry, it was learned that the mother of these three children left them in the car when she got off the bus at Fuzhou Station. Elevator Safety Search Nowadays, elevators have become a means of transportation for us to go up and down stairs. However, while it brings us convenience, it also has some safety risks, especially for children. In March 2017, in Hong\’an County, Hubei Province, when a woman was pushing a baby on an escalator, the baby stroller suddenly overturned. The child also fell out with the car, and the mother was also dragged backwards by the inertia. On November 11, 2016, in a shopping mall in Shanghai, a grandmother took a 4-month-old baby boy on an escalator. The baby boy\’s mother followed with another girl. Unexpectedly, as soon as she got on the escalator, the grandmother\’s body tilted out of control, and the baby boy fell from the third floor. After being sent to the hospital, rescue efforts failed and died. Expert advice: forFor children\’s personal safety, it is best for adults to hold children aged 0-3 when going up and down the elevator; do not let children walk into the elevator by themselves to avoid elevator malfunctions and accidents. Try not to let children take toys in the elevator to avoid accidents when things fall and are picked up. Don\’t let your children laugh and play in the elevator or press the elevator buttons randomly. When taking children to shopping malls, you should also pay attention to safety when riding escalators: Do not let children climb escalators to avoid accidents; do not let children ride escalators in strollers or shopping carts, because the wheels of strollers are not magnetic and will not only It is easy to slide down and the wheels are easily caught by the escalator pedals, which poses a great safety hazard. Private Car Safety Search When taking children in a private car, be sure to let the children sit in safety seats. It was reported that in a traffic accident, due to the sudden braking, the huge momentum caused the baby in the mother\’s arms to fly forward and hit the car glass. The child died unfortunately. In addition, when traveling with children, never leave the child alone in the car when getting off the car to prevent the child from suffocating due to high temperature or lack of oxygen. A few days ago, a Shanghai parent accidentally locked his one-year-old baby in the car. When firefighters arrived, the child was already sweating profusely due to the sudden rise in temperature in the car. Fortunately, the child was saved in time. Every time I see news reports like this, my mother’s heart is shattered to pieces. The bloody lessons have sounded the alarm to us over and over again: once danger occurs, a living life will be lost. Searches for extreme and adventurous sports In the past few days, a video of \”a foreign father holding his 2-year-old daughter bungee jumping at a high altitude\” has gone viral on the Internet, causing heated discussions among netizens. On March 18, a man in Malaysia bungee jumped from a height of 60 meters with his 2-year-old daughter in his hands, swinging back and forth dozens of people above the canyon without even wearing a safety helmet for the child. This picture really makes people sweat. The lawyer said that the father \”clearly violated the child\’s safety requirements.\” From the perspective of individual psychological development, it is obviously inappropriate for children over 2 years old to accept such a high-risk challenge. It will affect the child\’s psychological development. , intelligence development, nervous system development and balance ability bring unpredictable potential harm. Children are still young, and extreme and risky sports such as high-altitude bungee jumping are likely to cause physical harm to the child. It is best not to try it with your child. Many times, we always feel that danger is far away from us. However, it is precisely because of our luck that \”danger\” can take advantage of it. As the first guardian of your children, you need to take the responsibility of taking care of your children and always tighten the string of safety. When raising children, we can start from the following points to take safety precautions as much as possible. Don’t be addicted to mobile phones in the information age. Mobile phones are not only a marriage killer, but sometimes also a murder weapon for children. I took my children to the amusement park, and I once encountered such a sad and scary thing. When my son was playing ocean ball, I went out and made a phone call. When I came back, I found that the little guy was missing. At that time, my head buzzed loudly. I didn’t have time to think about it. I looked around and shouted for my son at the top of my lungs.nickname. Hearing my shout, my son slowly poked his little head out from among a bunch of colorful balls and said, \”Mom, I\’m playing hide-and-seek with you. Why have you been gone for so long?\” When I saw my son, For a moment, my tears fell down all at once. In addition, the community and roads are prone to traffic accidents. Due to the height restrictions of children, there are many blind spots. For the sake of children\’s personal safety, be sure not to watch your children while playing with your mobile phone. Don\’t let your children out of your sight. Taking care of your children is something that looks easy but is difficult to do. Especially for children under 7 years old, they don’t know what the dangers are yet, and their parents’ warnings often fall on deaf ears. However, children during this period are often very naughty and will escape our sight if we are not careful. Never overestimate an adult\’s ability to track people. Even surveillance has blind spots, let alone people. Therefore, we must not be careless and neglect our children, especially parents who are \”low-minded\” and should take some precautions. In addition, don’t think that it is safe when you arrive at the playground. Many games require parents to watch. For example, when playing ocean ball, swimming and other entertainment projects, parents must not let their children out of our sight to avoid accidents such as getting lost, trampled, suffocated or drowned. Never leave a child alone at home. Never underestimate the destructive power of a child. Children are born to be active, and they are at an age where they are curious about everything. It is difficult for us to keep our eyes open at home 24 hours a day to avoid accidents with our children. On March 13, a 5-year-old girl from Zhejiang got into the gap between the ladder between the lower and lower bunks of a children\’s bed out of curiosity, and her head got stuck. Finally, he was able to escape with the help of firefighters. In recent years, the news has frequently exposed cases of children falling from buildings. Most of the reasons are caused by parents leaving their children at home alone. Teaching people how to fish is worse than teaching them how to fish, and the same goes for raising children. After all, our care for our children is temporary, and taking all precautions is not as good as keeping the safety awareness in their hearts. In normal times, we must consciously popularize some safety knowledge and self-rescue common sense to our children. This is not only responsible for our children, but also for others. I once read this passage on the Internet: When babies are born with blue marks on their buttocks, that’s because every child was once a little angel beside God. They have beautiful tails, and the other end of the tail is held in God’s hand. . In order to find his parents, the little angel suffered a lot, even having his tail cut off and scarred, just to become your child in this life. My child, thank you for overcoming all odds to come to me and choose me to be your mother. In the days to come, I will be attentive enough to protect you and accompany you to grow up safely and happily, so as to prevent you from being surprised, from suffering, from wandering around, and from having no branches to rely on. Try hard so that you don’t regret choosing me to be your mother.

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