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Five things you should never say to your children no matter how angry you are


Oct 1, 2023

Parents who have boys at home often say that their sons are too difficult to manage. More and more families not only attach great importance to their children\’s learning, but also to the cultivation of their children\’s character. Parents who have sons at home, please note that no matter how angry or joking you are, don’t say certain things to your sons, otherwise it will be very detrimental to the child’s character growth. From now on, all the money in the family belongs to you, not your sister or sister. Aunt Wang has three children. Her two daughters got married and had children one after another, and their careers are stable. Only the youngest son did not let her worry. My son was pampered at home since he was a child. He did not study hard and dropped out of school early. Now my son is nearly thirty years old, his job keeps changing, and he has no girlfriend. Aunt Wang and her husband are getting older and their income is limited. My son doesn\’t make much money, but he spends money lavishly. His mother advised him to save some money to buy a house and get married in the future. He always retorts to his mother, \”Don\’t you always say that all the money in the family belongs to me?\” How much did it cost our family to go to school for my two sisters? When I get married and buy a house, they should get the money. In some areas of our country, especially in some families in rural areas, it is true that only sons are eligible to inherit property. The daughter who is married off is the water that is thrown out. Daughters have no right to inherit the property of their mother\’s family. This is an old and pedantic concept that is not only unfair to the daughter, but also unhelpful to the son. Parents who have sons at home, please note that sooner or later, the money in the family belongs to you, and your sister has no share. Never say this to your son. Parents always tell their sons that the money, house, and car in the family will belong to you alone from now on. It is easy for the son to have the idea that he can control the family property at will. The child\’s sense of superiority will make him spend money lavishly and feel that it is a given. Children will feel that it is only natural for their parents to earn money and spend it on themselves. Raising Boys Collector\’s Edition PDF download [On the bestseller list for 15 consecutive years] This sense of dependence will make children unwilling to make progress in study and work, and become \”a cliché\”. If you are a boy, you are not allowed to cry. Only girls will cry. All parents hope that their sons can become brave and strong men. Therefore, in many families with sons, parents do not allow boys to cry. Whenever a son cries, he will be scolded by his parents. You are not allowed to cry, only girls cry. Crying children are a problem that every parent encounters. Many parents with sons believe that crying is a sign of squeamishness and pretentiousness. Parents always don\’t allow their sons to cry, which is a particularly bad way of education. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, or even us adults, behind the tears are emotional fluctuations and catharsis. A child\’s crying not only does not make the child vulnerable, but is also beneficial to the child\’s mental health. Children always keep their grievances in their hearts, which will suppress their emotions. Many negative emotions are suppressed in the child\’s heart, which may cause defects in the child\’s character. Therefore, when the son cries, the parents just stay with the child quietly. After the child cries, the worries are gone and he becomes a lively, confident and cheerful child again. You must win the fight outside or I will beat you. Xiao Ming was often bullied by his classmates at school. When he was injured by his classmates, he told his parents, I accidentally fell down. The teacher had a heart-to-heart talk with him, he said, because his parents would beat him if they knew he lost a fight. Therefore, I dare not tell them even if I get beaten. As children grow up, it is inevitable that they will have conflicts with others, especially boys. Some parents become particularly angry when their children fight with others, especially when their children are beaten by others. The parents felt that it was a sign of weakness for their son to be beaten by someone else. Parents often tell their sons, if you fight outside, you must win, or I will beat you. This will only make your children afraid to open up to you again. If you don\’t obey, I won\’t let you go. Boys are always very naughty. Some parents, when their sons are difficult to manage, will say, \”If you don\’t obey me, I won\’t want you anymore.\” In this case, the parents may not seem to be sincere, but the harm to the children is very great. When children are young, their parents are the foundation for their survival. Therefore, it is a very serious matter for the child that your parents do not want you. Parents often scare their sons by telling them that if they don\’t obey, they won\’t want you anymore. Strong stimulation can make children nervous and easily cause them to develop a timid and cowardly character. Parents always scare their children, which will cause difficulties in interpersonal communication when the children grow up, which is very detrimental to the development of the children. If you want to die, stay away from it. Sometimes naughty children can really drive people crazy, and some parents can\’t help but say harsh words to their children. For example, \”If you want to die, die as far away as possible.\” When parents curse their children, sometimes the children will take it seriously, which can easily lead to irreparable consequences. In addition, although children are small, they also have self-esteem. Unbridled abuse by parents will reduce the child\’s self-esteem level to the lowest level. Such children tend to lack self-confidence and develop a please-pleaser personality. Children are the hope of a family. Parents must be cautious in every word and deed when accompanying their children to grow up.

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