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For ordinary people, children are a mother’s greatest wealth


Oct 1, 2023

Although people are becoming less and less willing to have children now, for ordinary people (note, see clearly, I am talking about ordinary people), the greatest wealth in the future is actually children. We have entered an aging population. I read a report two days ago that we will usher in the largest retirement wave in history. The post-60s generation continues to enter retirement life, with an average of 20 million people retiring every year. What are some methods for successful tutoring? Raising children into wealth PDF + 12 lecture videos to reveal the secrets for you. Correspondingly, our population birth rate continues to decrease. There will be 10.62 million newborns in 2021, and the newborn population rate is the lowest in history. In other words, in the future, the elderly will account for an increasing proportion of society, while the number of young people will decrease. It is estimated that in 2057, the number of elderly people over 65 years old will reach 425 million, accounting for 32%-37% of the total population. Almost 3 or 4 out of 10 people will be elderly. Can you imagine this terrible scene? So what impact does this have on those of us born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s now? It\’s very simple. You probably can\’t expect to live a decent life with your pension. At most, it can only solve the problem of food and clothing. Because pensions are paid by young people of the same generation to provide for the elderly of the same generation. Although many people now have large pensions, it is because there are still many young people in our country. They pay more pensions and fewer people receive them. So now The elderly can live a very nourishing life. But in the future, there will be fewer young people, and they will basically be old people. In other words, there will be more people receiving pensions and fewer people paying pensions. So, how much pension can you receive? So for ordinary people, the future pension will only keep you hungry, eat and drink well, and take time to travel, so don\’t think about it. So for ordinary people, if they can’t count on pensions, what else can they count on? Looking to invest? Ordinary people\’s investment is to cut leeks for others. Isn\’t making money in the stock market just to make ordinary people\’s money? Therefore, for most ordinary people, it is definitely useless to expect to invest. Looking for a house? That\’s even more nonsense. With the current trend, the population is getting smaller and smaller. Who will buy a house in the future? Except for those first- and second-tier cities, the trend of housing prices in small cities can only be downward. Expect a deposit? Even more useless, the little income you earn from your deposits will definitely not keep up with the income from inflation. In the 1990s, I could buy a sack of watermelon for 10 yuan, but now I can buy one for 10 yuan, which is pretty good. So if you save money, the more you save, the more you will lose in the future. What\’s more, as an ordinary person, how much money can you save to support yourself in retirement? So for ordinary people, these current methods of making money basically determine that you will live a miserable life when you are old. You may end up like Japan now, where you have to work when you are 60-70 years old to support yourself. After thinking about it, the only reliable thing is to raise children. Children are the greatest wealth of parents in the future. Why do you say that? The reason is simple. There will be a shortage of human resources in the future as there will be fewer young people. In fact, needless to say about the future, right now, the problem of human resource shortage is becoming more and more prominent. Therefore, youth is capital, and youth is wealth. In the future, they can work casually and support themselves well. Some people mayIt is pure nonsense to say that in the future, when the level of mechanization is high, humans will have no advantages. The degree of mechanization is high, but it is more suitable for use in factories and is not suitable for a large number of service industries. The service industry basically provides personalized services. How can mechanization replace it? To put it in the worst terms, in the future so many elderly people will have to be supported and cared for, right? Do you rely on machines to serve you? No matter how bad your children are, no matter how bad they are, or if they have never been to school, they will still be needed for these jobs of caring for the elderly, because there will be a serious shortage of this kind of human resources in the future. In the future, it will be easy for children to find a job to support themselves, and it will be even easier for them to support their parents. After all, for the elderly, food and drink themselves do not cost much money, and they can use a small part of their salary to support their parents. Just like you now, if you earn 5,000 a month, you can support your parents with 1,000. If there are two children, and each person pays 500, then the child\’s burden will basically not be burdened. And eating and drinking is actually a trivial matter, but I am afraid that everyone will get sick in the future, because once they get sick, they will need someone to take care of them. If you have a child and the child can be taken care of, then you only have to pay for the medical expenses. But if there are no children, or the children cannot take care of them, then they can only hire someone. Just as the cost of hiring people is high now, there will be fewer people in the future, and the cost of hiring people will only be higher. So as an ordinary person, how much money do you have to hire people? So for ordinary people like you and me, our greatest wealth in the future is our children, which is far more valuable than buying a house or saving money now.

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