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Frequent sexual assault: How children protect themselves from harm is crucial

Recently, an accusatory article caused a stir on the Internet. The girl who posted the article described herself in an article titled \”Zhang Wen, Please Stop Your Harm\”, saying that she was raped by Zhang Wen, a senior media person, and was threatened many times afterwards. The girl detailed that she was added to WeChat by Zhang Wen in a friend group, got drunk at a dinner party, was taken to a tea room by Zhang Wen, and was raped. This isn\’t the end yet. In order to continue to maintain this relationship that was not a relationship, Zhang Wen repeatedly threatened the girl and slandered the girl\’s friends and mentor. The girl couldn\’t bear the pain and made the matter public. Seeing this, every mother will probably take a breath: There is such a scumbag! This makes every one of us who are women and have daughters shudder. Sex education for girls is far more than just sexual enlightenment. How terrible is sexual assault? How helpless do you feel after being sexually assaulted? It\’s hard for most people to imagine, but from the endings of many insulted girls, we may be able to get some clues. Recently, details of the suicide note of South Korean female star Jang Ja-yeon, who has been deceased for 9 years, were released. In her suicide note, Jang Ja Yeon called herself \”a weak new actress who really wants to escape from the painful life she is living now.\” Over the past four years, she was forced to provide drinking and sleeping services many times. What is outrageous is that there was another time when she slept with four men! Even on the anniversary of their parents’ death, they were summoned to drink and sleep with them! If he disobeys even slightly, he will be violently beaten by his manager. Zhang Ziyan has a boyfriend whom she falls in love with at first sight. She wanted to end this scene many times, but she couldn\’t get rid of it. Zhang Ziyan, who had been humiliated and tortured for a long time, was mentally disturbed and depressed and world-weary. Finally, he committed suicide at home in 2009 at the age of 26. How much did Zhang Ziyan hate being sexually assaulted, forced to sleep with her, and violently beaten? She wrote in her suicide note: In fact, they are all evil demons. I have made a list. Even if they become ghosts after death, they must take revenge to the end! How painful is it to be sexually bullied? It hurts so much that I no longer even have the desire to live! How much hate do you have? If you are bullied in this life, you will not be able to rest in peace even if you become a ghost, and you will have to take revenge to the end! Hell is empty and the devil is in the world. Coincidentally, Li, a 19-year-old senior high school girl in Qingyang, Gansu, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after being molested by her class teacher. For more than a year, she suffered from pain and depression that kept her awake at night, her grades plummeted, and she was disliked by her teachers and classmates. question. The hurt and despair prevented her from seeing the beauty of life. After two suicide attempts, in June 2018, Li jumped from the 8th floor and ended her flower-like life… An ordinary girl came quietly , and left decisively. I can’t even imagine how mentally torturing sexual harassment is. The devil is never far away, he is always lurking among us. These girls who have been ignorant of being sexually assaulted since childhood all have similar psychological disorders when they grow up: weird personalities, depression, unable to accept themselves, hating themselves, insecure, unable to love… molested, sexually assaulted , sexual bullying, like a huge evil net, covering the heart of every kind girl. They either choose to end their precious lives hastily, or they wander outside of normal life, licking their hearts alone in the nightmare of unreality. Sexual enlightenment is no longer enough to protect girls. The devil daddy said: SexWhen it comes to assault or rape, many people focus on the key words \”sex\” and \”rape\”, but the real situation is not the same. The key words and focus are \”invasion\” and \”force\” – that is, violent coercion. In the face of violent coercion and humiliation, what we should teach our children is no longer about sexual enlightenment, but about ending the evil thoughts in the hearts of \”devils\”. The sense of boundaries is the best barrier to stop evil thoughts. The famous writer Han Han once said in an interview: I think if a woman agrees to eat and watch movies alone with a man, she agrees to sleep with this man. This is what Han Han said when talking about his daughter in an interview. From not accepting delicious food from strangers casually when they were young, to not being greedy for petty gains when they grow up, every parent must teach their daughters to remember this. This is not only about the independence of girls, but also about the chance of children being sexually assaulted. In 2013, a 30-year-old man named Nui in northeastern Thailand lured a 6-year-old girl, Nong Kaung, with the temptation of buying candy, raped her, and brutally murdered her. Candies are sweet, but people\’s hearts are dark and dirty. If we say that young children are deceived and harmed due to their inexperience, then it is hard to say that many young women are deceived and harassed and raped due to their \”greed for gain\” mentality in associating with men. It is important for every girl to remember that \”there is no free lunch\”. Girls who can abide by this principle can often better open up their boundaries with others. The sense of boundaries is the best barrier to stop evil thoughts. Educate your children and don’t blindly believe in authority. From the Taiwanese young writer Lin Yihan who was unbearable and committed suicide by seducing and raping his tutor in the tutoring class all the time, to Yang Shifu, a 56-year-old rural teacher in Tongbai Township, Nanyang, Henan, who sexually assaulted 16 primary school students all the time, and to the recent real-name reporting of tutors by female students in many universities. Sexually assaulting oneself… The phenomenon of bullying the weak with the authority of teachers is hidden in every corner, regardless of urban or rural areas, regardless of class. Those girls who have been victimized always have such regretful voices echoing in their hearts, blaming themselves: I thought… I was afraid… I was worried… Blind obedience to authority made these girls hesitate and dare not say no when they were harmed. Then the bad guys think that they are half-hearted, and they intensify their evil bullying. In an interview in \”A Date with Luyu\”, psychological counselor Yu Wei said: The violation of one person\’s body by another person is actually the most serious violation. It can cause eternal trauma and pain. Children are young and do not understand the importance of these principles. Parents should set an example and not violate their children\’s bodies, including \”beating\” them. They should also let their children understand this truth early on: no matter who it is, it is okay to be physically violated! Physical assault is a big no-no if it happens to you! When children firmly establish these big taboos in their hearts, they will have the confidence to be brave when they are bullied because they cannot distinguish right from wrong. Beware of the “devils” around you. In 2017, a 16-month-old baby girl was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance whose parents were doing business together at the vegetable market! The child\’s diaper was covered in blood. It can be seen that the devil has no morals and bottom line. Among the crimes of child sexual abuse, acquaintances account for the vast majority! Among the publicly reported cases of child sexual abuse in 2015, 240 were committed by acquaintances, accounting for 70%..59%. I remember that when I was young, my mother never let me spend the night alone at a relative\’s house. She taught me to be dignified and fully clothed in front of any male relatives or elders. Now that I think about it, my mother has really good intentions. Children are young and have a narrow range of activities. The areas they can reach are mostly the places where acquaintances move. Everyone has a dark side that is hard to touch, even your best friend. Parents who develop a sense of prevention are a strong guarantee that girls will not be bullied. Be kind to children who speak out after being violated, unable to distinguish right from wrong, and unable to save themselves. After being sexually assaulted, most girls dare not speak out. Many people remain silent out of shame, fear, or self-blame. This will only make the bad guys worse, and in serious cases, it can even lead to death. Encouraging girls to boldly tell their parents when they are bullied, tell anyone who can help them, and stand firmly on their side is the best comfort and rescue for them. A girl who was recently raped by a well-known media person, Zhang Wen, said frankly: I was ready to burn the boat and accept everyone\’s ridicule and abuse. If I really can\’t handle it, I will go to hide abroad for a while. Unexpectedly, netizens sympathized with me, which comforted me. What hurts girls who are sexually bullied most is not the violence at the time of the incident, but the rumors and pressure afterwards. Parents and relatives have correct views and can treat them with the mentality of \”they are the victims\”, which is undoubtedly their best weapon for self-healing. These girls are angels sent by God, but they are met by demons on earth. Sexual enlightenment is not impossible, but it is far from enough for children to cope with this complex human nature. As children grow older and their tolerance increases, lessons on preventing the threat of violence must be given to them as early as possible. When I know that a sperm has more than hundreds of millions of companions, running with all its strength towards his beloved egg and combining to form a new life, I know how precious this unique life is! What a pity it would be if such a precious life could easily fall into the hands of evil, or live in darkness without happiness and peace for the rest of its life? ! Cherish girls and cherish life, starting with self-defense and teaching them to prevent violence.

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