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From having excellent grades in the first grade to being rejected by everyone in the fourth grade, what has this child experienced?

Xiaomiao put down her schoolbag and told me: \”During the science test today, Duoduo secretly flipped through the science books to find answers. She was reported by her classmates and exposed. She was taken to the office by the teacher and criticized before returning to her seat. I burst into tears afterwards, and the classmates were so happy! They were all smiling.\” I was surprised, because this short sentence explained two problems: Duoduo had a problem with her learning attitude, and Duoduo had a bad relationship with her classmates. . I am very familiar with Duoduo, a good student. When Xiao Miao first entered elementary school, I remembered Duoduo\’s name less than a week after school started, because in the praise messages sent by the teacher, her name ranked first every day: her handwriting was neat, her homework was completed on time, and she was active in class. She raised her hand to speak, united her classmates, and was willing to help others… She was soon elected as the class president. As a proactive parent, I usually pay more attention to several outstanding children in Xiaomiao\’s class, including Duoduo. In addition, Xiaomiao likes to chat about what happened in the class when she got home. I gradually discovered the changes in Duoduo from Xiaomiao\’s words and the content of her chatting with her classmates. In the first grade, Duoduo performed very well, got excellent grades, and got along well with her classmates. Teachers in various subjects, especially the head teacher, especially appreciated her. In the second grade, she ran for class president, but Duoduo lost the election and her grades also dropped. Sometimes I asked about Duoduo\’s test scores, and Xiaomiao said: \”There\’s nothing to ask, Mom. Her grades are not good at all now. You can delete her from the list of good students in your mind.\” In the third grade, Duoduo\’s grades caught up in a short period of time. At first, I felt strange about how she could improve so quickly. Once I met some parents at the school gate, and Duoduo\’s mother was also there. She was telling several parents about the benefits of Duoduo taking training classes outside. She said happily: \”Look at our family Duoduo. When she was in the second grade, she was just playful and didn\’t listen carefully in class. Her grades were very poor! There was no other way. I discussed with her father and decided to enroll in a training class. , it must be good to have a teacher to take care of her after school. She went to that English training class, and every class required memorizing words and texts, so she paid close attention to it. The math training class was for Mathematical Olympiad, and the class lasted for three hours, so she exercised Great! I signed up for a composition training class in Chinese. The effect was quite obvious. The teacher of the training class pushed me, and my grades in all subjects this semester have improved, so we parents don’t have to worry about it.\” Several parents nearby nodded after hearing this. In the following days, Xiaomiao often mentioned Duoduo, but in the image of being a bad student. For example: Duoduo often disobeyed lectures in class, reading extracurricular books or playing with plasticine, and was criticized by the teacher. I have been caught several times; Duoduo refused to hand in her English homework and was asked to go to the office for an interview by the teacher; Duoduo did not go home after school and stayed in the classroom, affecting the students who were on sanitation duty to clean; Duoduo talked to her classmates in class They gossiped and ate secretly; Duoduo did not do well in the exam and said contemptuously to the classmate who came first in the exam: \”I know all those questions, I just made a mistake accidentally\”; Duoduo yelled loudly when answering questions in English class. Yelling, everyone is disgusted; Duoduo always asks others to borrow various stationery, hiding her own and not using it. Others ask her to borrow things, but they can\’t borrow anything; Duoduo has no friends in the class because she likes to cry a lot. ,oneShe would burst into tears whenever something happened, and she was very squeamish… Once, I asked: \”How are Duoduo\’s grades now?\” Xiaomiao said, \”Mom, what\’s the use of having good grades? Her mother only cares about her exams. No matter how she gets along with her classmates, she loves to bully people the most, and she always tells the class teacher. Everyone is annoying her to death. I dare say that not a single student in the class likes her.\” One weekend, Xiao Many classmates in Meow\’s class had made appointments to play together. I asked why Duoduo wasn\’t made an appointment. Everyone lived very close to each other, so it was convenient for them to play together. Xiaomiao said: \”We all don\’t like her, so we all decided not to date her.\” A classmate\’s mother said: \”You can\’t date her even if you want to. Duoduo\’s weekend time is fully arranged by her parents. There are various training classes. It’s even busier than usual class time.” I said, “Isn’t that very hard?” The mother of that classmate said, “Her parents want her to get into a prestigious school in the future, so they have to start forcing her now. Study. She does have a hard time. When she gets home from school, she has to go to various training classes.\” I was silent. It turns out that Duoduo has changed a lot from the first grade to the current fourth grade. What made her change? I think it\’s the way her parents raised her. When I first entered the first grade, the courses were simple and the exam content was simple, so it was easier to get high scores. In the second grade, the difficulty begins to increase and the score gap begins to widen. At this time, if you do not develop good study habits as soon as possible, your grades will fall behind. In third grade, the difficulty increases further. Many parents of students began to pay attention to their children\’s learning at this time, because if they did not pay attention, the test scores would have started to look ugly. Duoduo\’s parents also became anxious at this time, but they did not start with the child\’s study habits. Instead, they sent Duoduo directly to the training class and entrusted her to the teacher of the training class, and arranged the training subjects and training There is simply too much time. Duoduo\’s spare time was completely occupied by training classes and homework. It was effective in a short period of time, and her grades did catch up. However, Duoduo still has not developed good and correct study habits. She has found a good excuse for not listening carefully in class, that is, the content taught by the school teacher is too simple and not as much as what she learned in the training class. , she didn’t need to listen carefully. Moreover, because there are too many courses in the training class, she has no free time to read extracurricular books or play. What should she do? Then move reading and playing outside the classroom to the classroom. This kind of bad study habit does not seem to be a big problem at present and will not particularly affect test scores. However, in the long run, especially in junior high school and high school, Duoduo will definitely suffer a bitter fruit. In addition, Duoduo\’s parents only focused on Duoduo\’s grades and ignored Duoduo\’s psychological growth. At this age, in addition to cultivating children\’s good study habits, the most important thing is actually the development of the child\’s character. Whether the child can learn to get along with others happily, and whether the child can learn to face study and life optimistically and positively, all depend on this. important stage. It is a pity that Duoduo\’s parents were not aware of this problem and did not correct Duoduo\’s mistakes in time. This made Duoduo make more mistakes and eventually became a person that all classmates hated and were unwilling to associate with. No one knows their children better than parents,As a parent, you have a huge responsibility. We might as well read more books on education, learn more about other people’s advanced educational methods and educational concepts, and develop a set of educational methods suitable for our children based on their own children’s strengths and weaknesses. This education is not only academic, but also psychological. Up. Really, don\’t rush to put your children in training classes, unless you want to be an irresponsible parent.

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