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Fu Yuanhui\’s \”Giant Baby\” and Wu Xin cry bitterly: The most important things in raising a daughter are these three points

As soon as the variety show \”My Girl\” was aired, it was on several hot searches. \”The prehistoric girl\” Fu Yuanhui was taken care of by her father from the first moment she got up. In the morning, her father cooked for her, helped her put on her coat, sent her to the swimming pool to train, and waited in the cold wind until her training was over. When filming the video, her father kept giving instructions. Fu Yuanhui became anxious and shouted to her father: \”Come on, you will record it, you will record it!\” When she got home in the evening, her father gave her massages and moxibustion, 24 hours a day. Hours revolve around her. Wherever Fu Yuanhui trains, her father rents a house next to her and takes care of her at any time. Seeing this, some netizens laughed, isn\’t this me? But many netizens also criticized it, saying this is too giant, right? Not filial at all. It is not only Fu Yuanhui who has caused controversy, but also Wu Xin, the host of \”Happy Camp\”. During the show, Wu Xin cried bitterly while chatting with her friends: \”I don\’t know how my career has ended up like this. I\’m most afraid of being said that I haven\’t made any progress in so many years.\” Her friend advised her, you are already on the best stage. Okay, it\’s already great. But Wu Xin said that one New Year\’s Eve party, due to length issues, her program among the ten hosts was canceled. She decided that she was the worst. But my father told everyone that before embarking on the road of hosting, Wu Xin had excellent academic performance and was very confident. It was only later that she slowly lost confidence. Both fathers feel very sorry for their daughters. How can they bear to make her unhappy with their little cotton-padded jacket? Writer Feng said in \”Letter to My Daughter\”: Making soup is more important than writing poetry, one\’s craftsmanship is more important than men, hair, chest, waist and butt are more important than face, and being a bastard with a strong heart is more important than anything else. The most important thing in raising a daughter is to teach her to be mentally strong. Learning to take care of yourself is the first step to be strong. Faced with her father\’s meticulous care, Fu Yuanhui said, the lives of my peers are completely different from mine. They are exposed to things that I have never been exposed to. I am very concerned about having a life of my own. Still looking forward to it. During the show, her father asked Fu Yuanhui: \”Do you need me to accompany you to train?\” Fu Yuanhui said without hesitation: \”No.\” It can be seen that she needs her own space more and more, and does not need the seamless insertion of her parents. . But Fu Yuanhui\’s father said that if she was allowed to live alone, she would definitely come back to me if something happened. In other words, she still doesn\’t know how to take care of herself and can\’t live independently. In the program \”Youth Talk\”, there is a girl whose mother asked her to do housework since she was a child. She asked why, and her mother said: \”Girls have to do housework, otherwise do you expect your husband to do it for you in the future?\” The girl was not convinced, and she called out to her mother: \”Why can\’t my husband do it for me?\” Host Chen Ming said: I am not opposed to doing housework from elementary school. Not only girls should learn it, but boys should also learn it. This is to maintain your independence and freedom in your future life, not to please others. No one should do such a thing to you. We want girls to learn to do housework so that no matter where they go in the future, they can keep themselves fed and clothed, live in a clean and tidy house, and be able to be independent and self-reliant. A Harvard study found that children who love doing houseworkThe unemployment rate after adulthood is 1:15, the crime rate is 1:10, and the divorce rate and the prevalence of mental illness are also significantly different between children who do not like to do housework. Montelissot education believes that daily life exercises can develop children\’s brains and lay a certain social understanding for them. As a basic cognition, daily life exercises cultivate children\’s basic ability to judge the environment. In \”Mom is Superman 3\”, Alyssa Chia\’s daughter Bubba knew how to help her mother with housework when she was only three years old. Bibba walked back and forth in the room with a mop that was taller than a person, mopped the floor, and even took the initiative to help her mother wash the vegetables. Netizens praised her for being a warm-hearted and sensible girl. Former U.S. President Obama said in an interview that even though his daughters lived in the White House, he still asked them to do housework and take care of their own affairs. Only by learning to organize your room can you learn to organize your mind and heart. Learn to cook, and the steaming meals will give you more strength to move forward. Girls can go further if they can take care of themselves independently. Facing setbacks independently is the only way to be strong. Wu Xin said in the \”Very Quiet Distance\” program that she has been a child of other people since she was a child, and her academic performance is very good. Wu Xin\’s parents have protected her very well since she was a child. It can be said that she has always had smooth sailing. But after coming to \”Happy Camp\”, she has been questioned because of her not-so-outgoing personality and positioning. Some netizens even left her a message: If you can’t do it well, don’t occupy this position! These were all huge blows to Wu Xin that she had never experienced before. She lost confidence for a time and has not recovered until now. Many parents already know that they need to raise their daughter richly and take good care of her so that she can feel loved and not suffer. But the little cotton-padded jacket will one day enter the society, and the real world will inevitably encounter dissatisfaction. If she has not faced setbacks independently and received training since she was a child, a small setback may make her unable to get up when she grows up. When my cousin was in kindergarten, her deskmate kept snatching her toys, so my uncle asked the school to find a deskmate for my cousin. In elementary school, my cousin got into trouble with her classmates, and her uncle stepped in and asked the teacher not to arrange for them to be on duty together. Now, my cousin is in the best junior high school, and the school requires accommodation. However, my cousin doesn’t get along with her roommates, and she makes noises every day and doesn’t want to go to school. The uncle went to find the teacher again, but naturally he wouldn\’t take care of his cousin\’s emotions in a school that everyone else wanted to go to. When we let our children experience setbacks, we do not mean to create a lot of artificial suffering for them to test them, but we do not mean to deprive them of the process of experiencing and finding solutions to problems themselves. Parents cannot protect their children in a greenhouse for a lifetime. Children can only gradually become stronger by learning to face setbacks on their own. Sun Ruixue, a parenting expert, wrote in the book \”Love and Freedom\”: The development of will is a slow process and is established in children\’s spontaneous activities. The will can only develop through the child\’s own strength. Being mentally strong is not a verb, being mentally strong is a process. Children rely on their own strength to experience things. Only when they encounter problems when they grow up will they develop the will to overcome difficulties. Children will encounter setbacks when they grow up. This is because theyIn the process of slowly becoming stronger, don\’t deprive them of the opportunity to become stronger inside. Learn to let yourself go in order to become stronger. Wu Xin was still upset about the fact that her program was cut off at the New Year’s Eve party, but Li Weijia revealed that in fact, it was really because the duration was not enough, and it was not only Wu Xin’s program that was cut off, but also his . Wu Xin admitted that this incident caused her to reconsider her entire career. She has basically been on a semi-stop work this year. Her friends advised her not to blame herself too much and to let herself go. In contrast, as an athlete, Fu Yuanhui successfully advanced to the semifinals of the 100-meter backstroke at the Rio Olympics. During the interview, the reporter asked, are you full of hope for tomorrow\’s final? Fu Yuanhui said: \”No! I am already very satisfied!\” That year, Fu Yuanhui was training in Australia with injuries. In her words, the devil knows what I went through. Although her current results are not the best, she accepts them happily. Fu Yuanhui was able to achieve better and better results later, which was not unrelated to her good attitude. We have too much education that tells children to win, but does not tell them how to let themselves go after losing. In the first season of \”Where Are We Going, Dad\”, there was a segment where five groups of guests competed to catch piglets. Jimmy Lin and his son Kimi\’s piglets couldn\’t be driven away no matter how hard they were. Seeing that all the other children\’s piglets had reached the finish line, Kimi cried and shouted: \”I\’m going to lose!\” Finally, Kimi threw the rope to the ground anxiously. , cried loudly: \”They all won!\” Dad Lin Zhiying later said: \”I feel that I can no longer instill this concept in him. I can\’t tell him that you must win. I want to tell him that you must work hard. \”Telling children to work hard means telling them that the future is in your hands, but as long as you try your best, no matter what the result is, you can accept it. British psychologist Winnicott pointed out that every child has an extremely energetic \”fire of life\” that drives them to survive and continue to develop. Children with strong hearts in the future must be able to let go of themselves in time and keep the \”fire of life\” strong. You can\’t be bad, and you can\’t be too good. Whether it\’s Fu Yuanhui or Wu Xin, in the eyes of ordinary people, they are both successful enough. But they all still restrain themselves and cannot be happy because of some imperfections in life. For example, Wu Xin would cry bitterly or even stop working because of the embarrassment of not having a career breakthrough and being unmarried at an older age. In fact, being strong inside is not the same as being strong externally or financially, but sometimes, like a bastard, after fighting all kinds of dissatisfaction, no matter you win or lose, you can still laugh heartlessly and face it happily. Life. Li Yan, the daughter of Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, was invited to appear on the cover of a fashion magazine at the end of the year. This 12-year-old girl, who was born with a cleft lip and is still visible even after surgery, behaves confidently and with aura. Previously, she had openly broadcast live broadcasts to share her makeup skills with netizens, and even walked in shows for children\’s clothing brands to put herself in the spotlight. Obviously, with the love and correct guidance of her family, she has not encountered ridicule, but she has always been full of confidence. Faye Wong said in the song she wrote for Dou Jingtong: You can\’t be bad, you don\’t have to be bad. And most girls will be more like Li Yan:You can\’t be a jerk, but you must be strong enough to be a jerk. Some people say: It is more difficult to raise a daughter. They are afraid that she will have a hard life and that she will be bullied. But as long as you give her love, teach her to take care of herself, teach her to face setbacks, and teach her to learn to be relieved, she will grow from a soft ball into a person with a strong heart and live a steamy life.

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