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Good words, sentences and paragraphs describing wind, clouds, thunder, rain and rainbow, excellent composition materials

For children to write good compositions, the key lies in their daily accumulation. Today, Mr. Knowledge recommends this article with good words, sentences, and paragraphs describing wind, clouds, thunder, rain, and rainbow. I suggest teachers and parents read it to their children and let them use it in their composition writing! Good words for wind: blowing, gentle, slow, slightly, gently, bursting, whistling, roaring, roaring, howling, biting, breeze, strong wind, hurricane, morning breeze, cold wind, evening breeze, cool breeze, rustling night breeze , gentle breeze and drizzle, spring breeze blowing, gentle breeze, wind and rain, wind and rain, autumn wind is bleak, strong wind is raging, spring breeze brings warmth, gentle breeze, cool breeze, slanting drizzle, breeze whispers, calm sea, good sentence breeze breeze comes It came gently, brushing against all things, like a refreshing sweet spring flowing into people\’s hearts. When the breeze blows, the scenery is vague, fluttering and dreamlike, while the willow branches sway with the wind, making people feel the trembling joy of new life. The breeze blew through the window bars, gently flapping the wind chimes, and played a beautiful melody. The cool breeze blows away people\’s tiredness from the day. The cold wind shook the woods, howling and roaring, blowing away the whole snowdrift like crazy, and swept it into the air. It was quiet in the dead of night, and the cool wind came in one after another through the gaps in the doors and windows. In the evening, the sharp cold wind chased the sun, blowing mockingly, making a whistle of \”woo…woo…\”. The strong wind is like a big hand, lifting up gray sand and fine rocks, hitting people so hard that they can\’t open their eyes, and pushing them to the point of falling. The strong wind frightened the little willow tree and bent it, blew the paper on the road flying all over the sky, blew the flowers all over the place, and made them unable to stand up straight. The strong wind tightly picked up piles of huge waves and threw them viciously onto the cliff, breaking these large piles of jade into dust and debris. The spring breeze walks with her light steps, facing the bright sunshine, and scatters many embroidery needle-like grasses on the roadside and in the fields, dyeing the boundless wilderness green. The spring wind is green. It blows green the sleeping grass, the trembling willow branches, and every corner of nature. The warm spring breeze blew leisurely, like a gentle hand stroking my hair and face. In autumn, a cool breeze blows, blowing on people\’s bodies. The autumn wind is like a sharp sickle, blowing through the tops of the willow trees, and the half-green and half-yellow leaves swish down. The autumn wind is like a majestic paintbrush that paints the leaves with various colors of light red, bright yellow, deep purple, and emerald green, painting a colorful landscape painting. For a good period of time [I am the wind], in the bright spring, I slowly stretched my body and flicked the white catkins with my hands, letting them fly all over the sky; in the hot summer, I played in the woods, letting the shiny green leaves \”rustle\” to the ground. Laughing, leaning forward and backward with laughter, the mottled tree shadows swayed slightly with us; during the harvest season, I shuttled between the huge fruits, bringing the sweetness of the harvest to the hearts of the old farmers; in the cold winter, the earth Wrapped in silver, there was silence. The crystal clear snowflakes stuck to my cold skin, dancing with my rotation, swaying out a pure and beautiful winter snow scene… [Howling north wind] \”Woo… Woo…\”, the north wind howled. The momentum was like thousands of troops galloping and roaring in the air, as ifIt seems that the sound of the waves in the forest rises and falls from time to time, and it sounds like an angry lion or tiger roaring, which is terrifying. Or rather, it looks like a shrew acting mischievously, or a naughty rich man who, because something doesn\’t go his way, loses his temper and beats everything around him at will. Good words for clouds: white clouds, colorful clouds, light clouds, floating clouds, wandering clouds, dark clouds, auspicious clouds, sea of ​​clouds, clouds, cloud threads, clouds, cloud layers, cloud rolls, ever-changing, erratic, clouds opening and mist, ever-changing, clouds, mountains and seas of clouds, soft and gentle. Flood, cloudless, sky high and light clouds, dense clouds, dense clouds, rolling dark clouds, sea of ​​clouds wonders, shrouded in mist, thick clouds covering the sun, white clouds floating Good sentences and paragraphs White clouds In the morning, the sun just showed its smiling face, and the naughty white clouds Sneaked out. Look, the white clouds look like a group of docile little goats, with round bellies and furry bodies, taking a leisurely walk. I really want to fly to the sky and touch them! Groups of white clouds are floating and rising, like a group of naughty dolls playing. A wisp of white cloud, like a veil, was slowly blown by the morning breeze, floating from the top of the forest, stopping on our heads, lingering low, as if it couldn\’t bear to leave. The white clouds floated slowly. They looked like flocks of white sheep for a while, and turned into wisps of smoke for a while. Looking at the dark clouds in the sky, it seemed as if God accidentally knocked over the ink bottle, and the thick dark clouds quickly covered half of the sky. Thick dark clouds quietly gathered over the campus, rolling and expanding, and slowly pressing down. A dark cloud came over the southwest horizon, and the sun hid in the clouds, giving the dark clouds a dazzling golden edge. In the evening, dark clouds rolled in the sky, like a huge iron pot turned upside down, so dark that it made people breathless. Look at the clouds in different shapes, the clouds in the sky are so magical! Some are like small fish playing in the water, some are like little rabbits jumping to pick mushrooms, and some are like thin and long snakes, crawling slowly in the air. Many ever-changing clouds appeared in the sky, sometimes like feathers, floating gently in the sky; sometimes like a flock of sheep, moving slowly; sometimes like the sea, rolling up turbulent waves! The gray, white, yellow orange, black and red clouds on the horizon are intertwined together, really like a colorful watercolor painting. Clouds are colorful fairies, ever-changing magicians, and naughty elves. Look, this cloud looks like a lantern, and that one looks like a white lotus. After looking at it for a long time, you will vaguely feel that a Kazakh shepherd girl wearing a black waistcoat studded with silver coins walked out of that cloud! Look, some of the unpredictable clouds look like a turtle about to go into the sea, some like a camel carrying things, some like a cute little doll, and some like an elephant shaking its head and waving its ears. , and some look like peacocks with their wings spread. Clouds in all shapes and sizes Summer noon is hot. The sky is blue and filled with white clouds. Some of these white clouds are connected together, like silver waves rolling in the ocean; some are overlapping in layers, like mountains in the distance; some have different shapes, like seastone flowers blooming on island reefs. Fairy Clouds The silver-blue sky exudes tranquility, with traces of faint clouds flowing, like a fairy\’s transparent gauze skirt, like combed feathers, like distant mountains, like silvery clouds under the plains.bright stream. They walked slowly, as if they were watching some beautiful scenery. The soft sounds carried by the breeze make you wonder: are they whispering excitedly? Good words about thunder: spring thunder, formation thunder, thunder, heavy thunder, rapid thunder, muffled thunder, violent thunder, electric light, explosive thunder, electric sword, rolling thunder, thunder, electric snake, thunder, thunder, thunder, electric fire, thunderbolt, wind thunder, giant thunder thunder Roaring sound, thunder and lightning, thundering, thundering, lightning flashing, electric flint, spring thunder rolling, summer thunder showers, lightning and thunder, thunder bursts, lightning like flaming snakes, thunder and lightning, spring thunder urges plowing, Thunder on the ground, shaking the earth, piercing the sky, thundering from the blue, tearing up the clouds, lightning flashing, thunder rumbling, thunder is like a passionate tenor, sometimes high-pitched, sometimes deep, resounding through the clouds, echoing in the sky for a long time. After a while, Eunuch Lei took his own \”war drum\” and beat it desperately in the sky. The lightning girl shook her dazzling flashlight and danced passionately. After a while, thunder and lightning struck the earth like a huge sword, and then it started to rain heavily. Branch-like lightning pierced the entire night sky, followed by an earth-shattering thunder, which seemed to shatter the entire universe. Lightning followed one after another, like red snakes with fire all over their bodies, flying across the sky. Suddenly the sky was covered with dark clouds, strong winds blew, and the leaves were blowing wildly. Bright lightning flashed one after another, and thunder rumbled non-stop. At this time, a faint thunder came, breaking the tranquility of the night. With a gust of wind, the thunder became more intensive, like war drums urging the formation, and like thousands of horses galloping. At this time, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled; from time to time God poured down earth-shattering torrential rains with thunderous force – this rain also beat down hard, making the ground and window sills in the patio crackle. After a while, the wind rolled in and the dark clouds rolled in, completely covering the sun. The sky is getting darker and darker. In an instant, lightning flashed like a golden whip, one here and one there, which was really scary. Suddenly, thunder sounded like an explosion, \”rumble, rumble\”. [Thunder and lightning] At night, there was thunder and lightning, strong winds and rain poured down, and streaks of lightning flashed like silver snakes in the dark clouds. I was a little scared, so I went to bed early, but strong winds blew and slapped the windows, making a crackling sound. The patter of rain and the flashing electric torch made it difficult to sleep. Good words for rain: spring rain, drizzle, drizzle, overcast rain, shower, torrential rain, shower, autumn rain, light rain, acid rain, drenching rain, happy rain, misty rain, icy rain, tick, drip, raindrop, raindrop, rain flower, rain curtain , rain dew, rain curtain, rain force, raindrops, rain meaning, raindrops, rain pillars, beating, pouring, pattering, fine, moist, falling, splashing, heavy rain dripping, heavy rain, torrential rain, heavy rain, heavy rain, drizzle, dense clouds No rain, drizzle, drizzle, drizzle, pouring rain, overwhelming, pouring rain, autumn rain chills the heart, continuous autumn rain, pattering autumn rain, autumn rain Xiaoxiao, the slightest spring rain, five winds and ten rains, pattering, thin as ox hair, drizzle, drizzle, continuous drizzle, drizzle, drizzle like silk, drizzle like smoke, drizzle pattering, summer rain bursts, auspicious wind and rain, continuous rain, dense clouds, rain gathering, rain curtain, rain curtain hanging, rain curtain cloud building, scattered rain, moist rain and dew , rain haze and wind barrier, rain and wind meal, rustling rain, rain like a rapid arrow, rain and snow falling, wind and rain, sudden storm, heavy shower, cold wind and drizzle, violent storm, scattered light rain, sound of rain and gentle spring rain Like oil, clouds turn over hands and rain covers hands, long drought brings sweet rain, good rain knows the season, mountain rain is about to come, wind fills the building, good sentence, good paragraph, autumn rain is cold, because it falls from the ninth level of the sky so high, so high, too high Too high. \”It\’s cold at high places\”, so how can it not be cold? Autumn rain is bitter. It falls from such a high sky and penetrates into the deep and cold ground. How can it not be bitter and astringent? Autumn rain is tears, tears from the sky, cold to the bone, so everything that is exposed to autumn rain is ready to hibernate, right? Only pines and cypresses don\’t do it, because the roots of pines and cypresses are so tight and deep that even the autumn rain cannot reach them. They are so deep that the pines and cypresses have a heart like an ancient Spartan warrior, which can no longer tolerate tenderness and cannot feel the coldness of autumn rain. , the bitterness of autumn rain, the pain of autumn rain… The wind was blowing, and the rain was falling. Looking closely, there is not even a soul on the street, and the white flowers are all covered with water, which is like a flowing river, with countless water splashes vying to bloom on it; from a distance, the buildings and trees are blurry. The light rain was as thin as a needle tip, as light as cow hair, like smoke and mist, falling silently, dripping on my face and body. The buds on the branches slightly poked out their cute little heads, looking at me quietly and smiling. Light rain falls on them playfully. Ha, what a beaded gauze dress! The wind doll is also so naughty, constantly blowing raindrops and running around, falling on trees, falling on grass, and falling on my face. Big raindrops fell on the ground, splashing water, and the water splashes were like small fountains. When the water splash fell on the ground, it turned into small bubbles. The small bubbles looked like small transparent hats. It’s really interesting to watch carefully the process of the raindrops turning into little hats! Spring rain is different from the downpour of summer rain; it is different from the dullness of autumn rain, and it is also different from the coldness of winter rain. Spring rain is like silk, like mist, like smoke, like tide. Through the spring rain, everything in the world is like a freehand painting, faint, misty, and looming. The summer rain is fast and violent, and the sky clears after the rain. It is like a magic hand, gently touching my heartstrings, filling my mind with wonderful notes. The raindrops are one by one, one by one, shining brightly in the morning sunshine. The mango trees were smiling in the rain. After the rain washed them, they looked extra green and beautiful. A big drop of water fell on the tip of the grass blade, and with a \”chip\”, it playfully hid in the grass and disappeared. The rain falls quietly. This spring rain drives away the remaining traces of cold winter, making spring more beautiful and making people love spring more. Look! The trees are sprouting green buds, the grass is sprouting from the ground, and even the buildings seem to have straightened their backs. Everything is really renewed! The silky drizzle fell from the sky. The raindrops were so small and the rain curtains were so dense, covering the mountains with white gauze like cicada wings. They all say loveLovers in love love rain, and the drizzle is like a girl\’s slender fingers, playing with the lover\’s heart. Whether it\’s a novel or a movie, the development of a romantic plot always begins with rain. The man and woman in love embrace each other in the night rain, gaze at each other selflessly, let the rain wash and baptize them, and enjoy the two-person world with only the sound of rain. The rain fell from the sky to every corner. The raindrops looked like crystal clear pearls, which was very beautiful. Raindrops fell from the eaves, walls, and leaves, just like broken beads, and finally connected together to form a water column. Winter rain is cold and comfortable. The grass couldn\’t wait to poke its head out of the cold soil, like a child with a red nose from the cold, spreading its palms and kissing the rain, its laughter like silver bells was particularly moving in the empty wilderness. After several days of winter rain, the mountains are full of life and the fields are full of green, making people suspect that spring has arrived. It is the winter rain that awakens people\’s \”sleeping\” hearts. When I was a child, I heard my grandma say that rain is a messenger from heaven. So I looked up at the sky blankly, watching those messengers kissing the earth tenderly. But what makes me sad is that when the rain fell on the ground, there was no trace of the rain again. Grandma told me not to be sad. The rain just turned into water and left with the filth in the world. Although I didn\’t understand my grandma\’s words at the time, I cherish every opportunity to watch the rain from now on. The wind carries the rain stars, as if searching for something on the ground, bumping randomly to the east and west. As soon as the pedestrians found a shelter from the rain, the rain started to fall. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and soon it was like pouring water. Look at the rain in the sky, it really looked like a big waterfall! A gust of wind blows, and the rain, which is as dense as a waterfall, is blown away by the wind like smoke, fog, and dust. Spring is coming, and the spring rain is falling from the sky. It is fresh and pleasant, and extremely lingering. It is big and small, like lively notes, playing one piece of rain music after another, so there is appreciation. The feeling of rain brings back a state of mind in the rain. Watching the rain, listening to the rain, and playing with the rain will each have its own charm. The rain is getting heavier, and a layer of white rain and mist splashes on the roofs and streets, like a misty white gauze. At this time, a gust of wind blew over, and the white gauze floated away, and the raindrops hit the stagnant water on the street, causing water splashes. The rain in spring falls so finely, like cow hair, like silver thread; the rain in spring falls so softly, it floats on people\’s bodies, and people sometimes can\’t feel it. The spring rain is like a magician. When it falls on the grass, the grass turns green; when it falls on the flowers, the flowers bloom; when it falls on the trees, the trees sprout… The spring scenery becomes particularly beautiful in the magic wand of spring rain. . I like spring rain. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the water on the ground formed small streams, running forward with giggles, singing, and dancing. Good words for rainbow: rainbow, long rainbow, rainbow clouds, white rainbow, colorful bridge, hanging, across, arc colorful, colorful, colorful, colorful, gorgeous, beautiful, rainbow in the sky, rainbow after rain, seven-color rainbow, arc A rainbow, a white rainbow penetrates the sun, and a colorful bridge crosses the sky. It is bright, colorful, looming, and radiant. This rainbow is like a fairy\’s ribbon, but also like a colorful bridge welcoming others, as if it can lead people into a mythical world. after the rainA colorful rainbow appeared in the sky, like a ring woven from a bouquet of flowers, embellished on the blue skirt. After the rain, a rainbow appeared in the sky, like a colorful bridge hanging in the sky. After the rain, the sky cleared up, and a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky, like a colorful bridge hanging in the sky. After the rain cleared up, a beautiful rainbow appeared in the eastern sky, like a colorful bridge. A bright rainbow rises from the green fields and reaches the sky, really like a gorgeous sky bridge. A rainbow appeared in the blue sky, with various colors woven together to complement each other, like a golden bridge, lying majestically across the sky. A rainbow appeared on the horizon, like a bridge connecting the sky. After a light rain, a rainbow appeared, like a beautiful colorful bridge. A gorgeous seven-color rainbow flies over the river, and the two colorful bridges on the water and the sky complement each other, really like a gorgeous sky bridge. The rainbow in the sky is like the road of life, which is colorful and beautiful, but also winding. The beautiful rainbow hung over the woods, with countless bright spots under the wine. The beautiful rainbow looks like a colorful bridge in the sky under the sunlight. A beautiful rainbow hangs high in the sky after the rain like a colorful bridge. After the thunderstorm, the rainbow looks like the smiling lips of the sky. The outermost layer of the rainbow is red, and the red gradually turns into orange and yellow… The innermost layer is purple. The seven colors are connected harmoniously, and the shades change appropriately. It is really as colorful as the ribbons thrown by the fairy from the sky. The rainbow spans the sky like a curved colorful bridge. The rainbow is like the arch bridge in my hometown in my memory. The brilliant colors are my unforgettable childhood on the arch bridge. The rainbow is like a ray of clouds hanging on the horizon, extremely graceful. Many sections of the rainbow are so beautiful and moving, spanning from one end of the ground to the other, like a ring woven by flowers, embellished on the sky-blue skirt. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, indigo, purple, how charming. It solidifies all the soft colors in the world in the sky, as if it has brought us into a fairy tale world, brilliant and dazzling. I saw a rainbow jumping out of the deep ravine, drawing an arc in the sky, and then falling into another deep ravine, like a bridge in the blue sky; or like a colorful ribbon on a blue skirt, stunning It is beautiful and has become a beautiful landscape, attracting the attention of tourists. Many people must have seen rainbows, but very few people truly appreciate rainbows. I have loved the rainbow since I was a child, appreciating its colorfulness; I also love its mystery; I also like it more like a colorful bridge hanging on the horizon, as if I can walk on it to walk from one place to another… After a storm, I often… There is a colorful seven-color light in the sky, that is the rainbow. The rainbow only appears after the rain. It is so hard-won. It has to fight the storm to show its charm. The rainbow should be considered the most beautiful in the world. It uses seven colors of all the colors in the world: red with the sun, yellow with gold, blue with the ocean, green with leaves, orange with morning glow, purple with morning glory, and cyan with grass. After the drizzle, the sky cleared up. A rainbow appeared on the mountain, shining brightly and hanging horizontally in the sky. It was so beautiful! Gradually, gradually, the rainbow loomed. Soon, the rainbow disappeared. The rain stopped after a while, just when IWhen I felt pity, I looked up and found a rainbow, a masterpiece of rain and sun. It hangs high in the sky. Seen from a distance, it is as thin as a silk ribbon but does not lose its true character. Its seven colors shine with dazzling light, bright but not dazzling. rainbow! Someone exclaimed, excitedly facing the sky, which was clear and shallow, like pastel, soaked in the blue sky, and large marshmallow-like clouds reflected on the blue background, lightly Fiddle with it gently, causing ripples in your silent soul! Love is like the dazzling rainbow after the rain. Red is fiery love, orange is tender love, blue is pure love, and purple is tough love. The rainbow is colorful, with seven beautiful colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, indigo and purple. It is like a piece of colorful silk, and also like an arc-shaped colorful bridge set up in the clouds by the fairy in the sky to peek into the world. Everyone was so excited that they took out their cameras to capture this beautiful moment, which brought joy to people! At noon after a rain, there were a few wisps of clouds in the crystal blue sky, and the faint sunlight penetrated the clouds and shone softly on the body. A rainbow appeared on the clear and transparent sky. This is the first time I see a rainbow. I seemed to possess it. Looking up at the rainbow may bring you more luck and success. The thunderstorm swept across the fields and disappeared into the distance. The rainbow lazily put on her colorful coat and danced on the green hillside.

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