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Guo Degang’s family motto: Never make close friends with these four types of people

A few years ago, when Guo Degang\’s son was 18, he wrote a letter home to him, telling him the principles of life, art and making friends. Recently, performing artist He Bing read this family motto in a reading program. The whole article is filled with exquisite words and proverbs, which will move the viewers\’ faces. Among them, the family motto about human relationships is even more thought-provoking. Guo Degang said: \”Life is extremely difficult. It\’s hard to reach the sky, and it\’s even harder to ask for help. Coptis chinensis is hard, and having no money is even harder. The world is dangerous, and people\’s hearts are even more dangerous. Spring ice is thin, and human feelings are even thinner.\” People\’s hearts are unpredictable, and people\’s feelings are hard to return. . You must never have close friendship with these four types of people. Repeated people often repeat their words, so beware of deception. A few years ago, I met Xiao Liu at a wedding banquet. Xiao Liu happened to be sitting at the same table with me at that time. During the meal, we chatted for a while and discovered that he was actually a distant relative of mine. After the wedding banquet, we added each other on WeChat. Xiao Liu was working as a Huizhou merchant at the time. After adding him on WeChat, he chatted with me three times a week and continued to introduce his products to me. In order to support the business, I bought one of his products, which was a thermos cup. But I never expected that because my wife accidentally dropped the cup from the table less than half a meter high, the thermos cup broke. When Xiao Liu sold this cup to me before, he said that it has constant temperature and anti-fall characteristics. Even if it falls from a height of two stories, it will be fine, so it is quite expensive. I don’t know whether it is a constant temperature or not, since I haven’t started using it yet, but it is certain that it is not anti-fall. I immediately went to find Xiao Liu and sent him the picture of the broken cup. It took several hours for Xiao Liu to reply to me. He explained to me that maybe the water temperature in the cup was too high and the cup was dropped too hard, so it broke. After listening, I was a little speechless. There was no water in the thermos cup at the time, so it shouldn\’t be considered \”the water temperature was too high.\” I said at that time that this product was flashy. I advise Xiao Liu not to do this for advertising next time, as it will easily lead to complaints. After a while, Xiao Liu told me that in fact, he did not write the slogan, but someone else wrote it, saying it was so easy to sell. He also explained to me the reason why the cup was broken. Maybe it was because the angle at which my wife fell was too special, and others generally couldn\’t break it. This explanation makes it even harder for me to accept. It\’s not a big deal in the first place. If you admit your mistake, apologize, and show your attitude first, everything will be easy to talk about. But Xiao Liu\’s explanation instantly made me never want to deal with him again. The explanations are constantly changing and consumers are deceived, without the word integrity being taken into consideration. Later, when I talked about this matter with my parents, they said that relatives had said before that the quality of Xiaoliu\’s products was not good, but I didn\’t expect that you would be the one to fall for it this time. If a person\’s words are always inconsistent, contradictory, and make you confused, then you have to be careful. A person who speaks erratically is the easiest person to be deceived. An ungrateful person will definitely turn against you if he forgets his gratitude and thinks about small faults. Actor Sun Li once encountered people with such evil qualities as ungratefulness. Sun Li accidentally learned the story of a poor student. After learning about it, she decided to sponsor the poor student to study in Haiqing. This funding lasts for ten years. During this period, Xiang Haiqing failed the college entrance examination once. Sun Li encouraged him to retake the exam and said she would continue to support him. After the second college entrance examination,Xiang Haiqing was admitted to a university in Shanghai, and Sun Li and his daughter even sent him to school in person. When seeing Sun Li and her daughter picking up the train, Xiang Haiqing was so excited that he shed tears of pain. No one would have thought that this seemingly innocent child would actually repay kindness with hatred in the future. After Xiang Haiqing graduated, Sun Li stopped funding him. Xiang Haiqing then posted a 6,000-word memoir slandering Sun Li and her daughter. For a time, Sun Li was pushed to the forefront of public opinion. There are two places in the article that have caused Sun Li to be criticized. The first point is that Sun Li\’s mother does not allow him to join the student union. The reason is that after joining the student union, his monthly phone bill will increase by dozens of yuan. The second point is that Sun Li\’s mother insulted him. Sometimes when he asked Sun Li\’s mother for money, Sun Li\’s mother scolded him for being annoying and said he was not as obedient as a dog. As soon as the incident came out, netizens criticized Sun Li and her daughter, calling them hypocritical. In this regard, Sun Li did not explain much at the time. Despite the pressure of public opinion, she still told the media to be merciful. A few years after the incident, Sun Li told her agent the truth. It turned out that Xiang Haiqing was not only uneducated and incompetent in college, but often failed his exams. He also often used Sun Li\’s sponsorship to show off. During school, I played games like crazy, bought new computers and new mobile phones, and spent money without restraint. When I ran out, I would ask Sun Li for it. Sun Li said that when Xiang Haiqing went to college, the living expenses subsidized were definitely enough for the daily life of an ordinary college student. From the beginning to the end, Xiang Haiqing was actually greedy. Not only did he forget the kindness of the financial support, but he also took advantage of him and turned into a white-eyed wolf. There is a British proverb: Ingratitude is worse than lying, vanity, gossip, drunkenness, or any other evil that exists in the fragile heart. A person who is not grateful must be a dangerous person. Because he will not remember the good things others did to him, but only the bad things others did to him. The most terrifying thing is that even if you keep showing kindness to him, one day he will be slightly dissatisfied and he will bite you back. People who love empty talk talk about righteousness, but they will turn traitor in the face of disaster. An old friend of mine started learning business when he was in college. Two years after graduation, there has been some improvement. Once, his partner\’s payment for goods was in arrears for a long time, and he was faced with a cash flow dilemma. At this moment, his partner ran away with the funds. His partner speaks boldly and often talks about his brother. He had always thought that his partner was a good and loyal brother. How could he have thought that the man who kept claiming that he was his brother would run away faster than anyone else when there was a problem? He also took away the money and cut off all his options. The friend was heavily in debt at the time and borrowed a lot of money from relatives and friends. He said that once you borrow money, you can tell who your true friends are. Some people talk a lot about brotherhood, but as soon as you talk about borrowing money, they disappear without a trace in an instant. Don’t believe those who tell lies when they open their mouths. To truly see a person clearly, you must see what he does, not what he says. It is normal for people who have too many friends to call them brothers when they meet each other, even if they have close friendships. A friend told me that he once met a social butterfly. The two of them met at an industry summary exchange meeting. The two hit it off and talked very harmoniously. After the exchange meeting, the two had a meal together. After the meal, my friend felt that he had found someone he could chat with, and he was very happy. Later, the two met several more timesSecond-rate. This friend discovered that his new close friends had a wide social circle. No matter where you go to eat, you\’ll bump into someone you know. One time, the two of them had dinner together and met a colleague of this friend, so they invited the colleague to have dinner with him. At the dinner table, he found that the topics that his friend talked about with his colleagues and the examples he cited were the same as when he first met him. After the meal, the colleague became familiar with the friend. The colleague liked the friend very much, and the two even agreed to go hiking together next time. This scene is so familiar. What you think is a coincidence may be just a \”routine\” that others use casually in interpersonal communication. The friend said that he was really nice to him at the beginning and would spare no effort to help him if he needed any help. The relationship between the two was once like that of brothers. But later, I had some problems at work, and when I asked him for help, I started to shirk in every possible way, and even deliberately refused to answer the phone. It was much later that my friend understood. Some people seem to have a good relationship with everyone, but in fact they are cold to everyone. In the eyes of this kind of person, there is not much difference between people who treat him well and people who treat him in general. If you treat him well, you may not be treated equally. I\’m nice to you just because I need you. Sometimes you think you are best friends, but to the other person you are just a profitable person. The writer Sanmao has a saying: \”The best among friends is like good tea, light but not astringent, fragrant but not overpowering, floating slowly, like water.\” Making friends is like tasting tea, you need to understand the texture and quality of tea If you drink it without caring about sex, you will not only ruin the tea leaves, but also burn your mouth. As Guo Degang said, the world is dangerous, and people\’s hearts are even more dangerous. When interacting with others, you must keep your eyes open to prevent being deceived. If you know people but not their hearts, beware of harming your own body.

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