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Guo Degang’s view on parenting: If you scold your child enough, no one will scold him again after he goes out.

In a talk show, Guo Degang recalled his tutor. Guo Degang\’s father is a policeman and his mother is a teacher. His tutoring has been very strict since he was a child. To this day, Guo Degang never dares to cross his legs in front of his father and always addresses him as \”you\”. Guo Degang also continued the consistent family tradition in the education of his son Guo Qilin. He said he was particularly harsh on his children. When Guo Qilin was a child, many of his disciples came to live in his home. Outsiders must eat all the delicious food first. After all the outsiders had finished eating, they told Guo Qilin, \”Eat it.\” Now that Guo Qilin has grown up, he has to ask at home: \”Can I eat this?\” Guo Degang said that there are no parents in the world who do not love their children, but if you are doting on them as a father, not all those people outside are his biological fathers. If you scold him enough, no one will scold him again after he goes out. Do you think it\’s better for you to scold him or for outsiders to scold him? This may not be easy to understand at first glance: Why do parents scold their children enough at home, but then no one scolds them again outside? After thinking about it carefully, I realized that \”enough scolding\” means to set rules and educate children from an early age. If they are well educated, they will not make mistakes again when they go outside, and of course they will not be scolded again. Children are pampered by their parents at home, but in society, others are not your parents and will no longer pamper you. Instead of pampering and pampering at home and then suffering outside, it is better to educate them well at home. The best way for parents to love their children is not to prevent them from being beaten or scolded, but to teach them to learn how to behave so that they will never be beaten or scolded in society. The \”scold\” Guo Degang refers to is the strict management and punishment of children who make mistakes. Although the words are a bit rough, the truth is not rough and it is worth learning by every parent. Some parents are always too arrogant towards their children and have no bottom line of tolerance. At home, children are superior to others, little emperors that no one can offend. They eat the best food first, use the best things first, and even have to keep them to themselves. Whatever needs the children have, no matter how difficult it is for the parents, they will find ways to meet them, and they will try not to pluck the moon from the stars. Children\’s diet and daily life are helped by adults, and they can\’t do anything themselves and don\’t want to do anything. Even when the children eat and do their homework, they have to be coaxed and begged. Even if the child makes a mistake, just say \”He is still young and not sensible yet\” and it will be fine. Over time, such children will develop a self-centered character. Not only will it be difficult for them to get along with others in society, but they will also be unable to tolerate any grievances and setbacks. They may not seem to suffer as children, but as adults they are likely to make up for it. In fact, the same is true for our school education. In recent years, we have always emphasized appreciation education and nature education, while neglecting rule education and punishment education. The story of the so-called \”Three Pieces of Candy\” is of course good to read as an educational anecdote and as an example of education, but it must not be regarded as a guideline or a template for education. Because such practices violate the most basic educational principles and social rules. The reason why this society can function normally is because there is one simplest rule: if you do well, you will be rewarded, and if you do wrong, you will be punished. Children should learn and abide by such rules whether at home or at school. How to deal with a student hitting someone? There should be school rules and disciplines, how to deal with it?He should deal with it as he sees fit, rather than disregarding school rules and disciplines and blindly thinking of ways to influence him. To paraphrase Guo Degang, if students are punished enough in school, they will not be punished in society in the future. If you are lawless in school, you may suffer big losses in the future. I especially appreciate a sentence: \”There must be an element of pain in education.\” The role of education is to teach children not only cultural knowledge but also social rules. A child\’s growth must be restricted, and he must do things that conform to the norms of this society but are unwilling to do. This is the same all over the world. The role of families and schools is not only to protect children, but also to allow them to grow into people who comply with social rules. Parents can pamper you, teachers can pamper you, but in society, no one will pamper you. Rather than letting your children suffer in society in the future, it is better to be strict with them from now on. Scolding them now is just so that they will no longer be scolded in the future; punishing them now is just so that they will no longer be punished in the future. Guo Degang said it well, \”If you manage him well, you will know the benefits when he grows up.\” Children may not understand it when they are young, but they will understand it when they grow up. It is true that families and schools attach great importance to children\’s rule education and are strict with them, which is actually responsible for their future.

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