• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Having a son has driven my mother crazy!

How wild is your baby boy? In 2016, I gave birth to my second child, a boy, and my first child was a girl. As a result, I received many compliments from my relatives and friends: Congratulations, it all makes up the word ‘good’. Wow, I have a son and a daughter, so perfect! I can\’t tell that you are so good at giving birth… I smiled softly and said, \”Everywhere, men and women are the same!\” On the surface, he is very humble, but his other self is overjoyed. No praise is more real than these kind words, which seem to carry the highest award in my life – the Lifetime Achievement Award. As it turns out, I got carried away prematurely. Dabao\’s daughter is well-behaved, sensible, cute and cute, but Xiaobao\’s son has a naughty character and is a brat. Even though he is only one and a half years old, he is already very capable of lifting roof tiles from a house and making earth-shaking changes! 2 It is said that girls are born delicious, but actually you will understand it once you give birth to a boy. Not only are they delicious, they also have huge appetites and will eat anything. I found that as long as my son has something, he will eat it with his mouth open. Candies, snacks and the like are no big deal. As long as they are placed in front of him, he will definitely plunder them like a whirlwind. I remember when he was almost one year old, one morning, my daughter and I were eating breakfast, and my son was sitting on the floor playing alone. As I was eating, I turned around unconsciously and saw my son\’s mouth smashing and squirming. I dropped the bowl and chopsticks and walked up to him out of curiosity to take a look. At this moment, I slapped my forehead hard and felt like crying. There is a yellow daddy at the corner of the son\’s mouth, and he is still holding the daddy with both hands, opening and closing it. The extremely sticky daddy creates a strong sense of rhythm under his grasp! When he saw me, he smiled innocently, showing his little yellow teeth stained with cake. I collapsed instantly, frowned, twirled his clothes with my orchid fingers in disgust, and dragged him into the bathroom… Another time, I changed his diaper and asked him to lie flat on the sofa. I just peeled it off I was about to put the diaper under his pants, and suddenly I felt a warm liquid spraying on my face, so my face was suddenly washed by his urine. How many children eat their own poop as a child? How many parents have had their children\’s urine wash their faces? The process of raising a baby is difficult, but sometimes it is full of joy. When you have a son, you can\’t sit still for a while. Because they will always get into your neck accidentally. When watching TV, my son never sits properly. He either sticks his butt out and leans on the coffee table; or he lies on the ground and swings his two little feet back and forth; Dancing and dancing, I would always follow it up with my hands in fear. One time, I was cooking in the kitchen when I suddenly heard my son’s excited shouts coming from the living room. When I turned around, I saw that my son actually stepped on the chair, climbed onto the table, jumped up and down, and waved at me arrogantly. Get started. I saw the four table corners trembling with his beating, as if the table would fall apart in the next second. I was so anxious that I threw away the spatula and rushed towards him, and quickly picked him up. Then there was a burst of spittle and curses, but he didn\’t take it seriously, and even looked confused. And when you go out to walk your baby, you will definitely be enviousI admire those cute little princesses. Cleanly and quietly. But if you look at our child, he doesn\’t like to walk on flat and clean roads, but prefers to step on potholed mire and roll around in the mire. He often gets a headache from washing his clothes. Most of the green plants grown at home were uprooted by my son; the dishes and cups in the kitchen were often smashed by him; the oil pot would be knocked to the ground by him and rolled around on the ground like a wheel. …The tidy room was instantly turned into a mess by him: the toys and books packed in the cabinet were still thrown all over the floor by him, and the clean and shiny floor tiles were covered with his little footprints and litter. Peel confetti. The trash can is also his toy. He often pushes it around the room and never tires of it. After countless trials, I finally understood that boys are naturally bold, adventurous, seek excitement, and do challenging things. Therefore, they don’t like to take the usual path or play by the rules. The boy always has a powerful destructive ability, he is a complete \”king of destruction\”, he can always mess up your life and scatter chicken feathers all over the floor, but it makes you hate him. Thinking this way, my mother\’s heart is at peace for the time being. It is said that a child who cries gets milk, and my son has demonstrated this to his fullest potential. At a young age, he knew how to play tricks. Whenever something didn\’t go his way, he would lie down on the ground casually, roll around on the ground, and act as much as he wanted, accompanied by his own ups and downs of crying. Sometimes, I couldn\’t control my emotions and gave him two slaps on the butt. But sometimes, force can\’t solve all problems, so I had to surrender to him. When he got what he wanted, he burst out laughing and proudly showed off his loot. As long as a family member goes out, if he is not taken out, he will burst into tears and cry until he is hoarse and miserable. It wasn\’t until you held his little hand and stepped into the elevator that he, who had been crying heartbroken just now, instantly became cute. You can give him an Oscar for Best Actor! Psychologists will tell you that when a child has a strong need in his heart that is not met, he will express this need in language, body movements, or emotions. Crying is a way of sending signals, and there seems to be nothing wrong with this statement. However, is there something wrong with crying to express a need? Children may already have mastered this weapon. He will feel that crying is more direct and can attract the attention of his family. Every time he cries, he can get what he wants. Maybe it\’s because I\’m too lazy. When faced with my son\’s unreasonable behavior, I don\’t bother to explain right and wrong to him. I just give him what he wants, so I condone his bad temper and create bad elements in his character. Thinking about it this way, I should patiently guide him and let him express his needs in words, instead of letting him use his anxious emotions to get what he wants. In summary, if there are any similarities between the above plots, it means that we feel the same way. Are you still troubled by the boy\’s naughty behavior? In fact, we should think from an optimistic perspective, he will make your house a mess.And when he comes up with weird ideas, he will tear the toys apart, which shows that he has a big brain! The naughtier the child, the smarter he may be! Let him be as naughty as he wants without disturbing others or himself. Friends said that you can tell who has a son or a daughter at a glance. Because the mothers of boys have been trained to be masculine and have a loud voice. Raising a baby is not easy, and raising a boy is even more difficult. The road ahead is destined to be long and long. You need to use more patience to water this small sapling, so that it can grow into a towering tree that stands tall and tall!

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