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He was only 4 years old and was burned to a bloody pulp in kindergarten.

March 23. An ordinary family of three in Jinan suddenly encountered changes. The child Teng Teng in this family was scalded by boiling water in the kindergarten, and the burn area reached 20%. What did Teng Teng look like after being permed? Tengteng\’s father said: As soon as I lifted the sheets, I saw that the skin on my entire back, buttocks, and legs fell off, and they were all injured. Tengteng\’s mother said: The child can hardly be seen anymore. Teng Teng\’s traumatized surface was like a skinned rabbit. Tengteng\’s mother wrote in her diary: Blood transfusions were given to her right hand twice a day, electrolytes were given to her left hand 24 hours a day to maintain life, and a urinary catheter was inserted for 8 days. At first I could only lie down, not daring to move… There was no skin on my back, butt, and thighs… Every time I went to get the boiling water, I would put my fingers in for a moment, just this moment, just this little bit of contact. It hurts like that. What did my child go through at that time? ! When Tengteng\’s mother first received a call from the kindergarten, she thought her child was naughty, so she ran to the kitchen and was burned. However, the truth about Teng Teng being scalded makes people shudder. Tengteng was not accidentally scalded by accidentally running into the boiling water room because of her naughty behavior. Instead, she was dragged into the boiling water room by her class teacher, causing burns. The principal looked at the surveillance camera and said that Teng Teng was not very obedient on the playground. When he returned to the corridor and was about to enter the classroom, the head teacher, Teacher Yu, remembered this and pulled him out of the team and dragged him directly to the boiling water room. . The principal\’s son once went to Teng Teng\’s father to explain that after Teng Teng and his class teacher entered the boiling water room together, someone knocked on the door outside. The class teacher went to open the door, but because the door opened inward, when the class teacher moved back, He knocked Tengteng down into the bucket of boiling water. Although Teng Teng\’s description was unclear, his statement was inconsistent with that of the head teacher. Teng Teng said he was \”sitting on a bucket.\” Mom and Dad suspected that Teng Teng was sitting on the boiling water bucket and the teacher pushed him. But Teng Teng couldn\’t describe how he pushed it. When the parents asked again, \”Who pushed it?\” the child did not dare to speak. Even if the child was accidentally knocked into the boiling water bucket, if the class teacher did not drag the child into the boiling water room, how could this happen? Thinking about how scared the child looked, and how the head teacher surnamed Yu roughly dragged the child into the boiling water room, I really wanted to give her a slap in the face. In fact, before the burn incident, Tengteng had some \”help\” signs, but unfortunately her parents ignored them… According to the memories of Tengteng\’s parents: At the end of last year, Tengteng had three black bruises on her inner thighs, with obvious fingers. Seal, showing a butterfly shape; many times before Tengteng\’s mother put Tengteng to sleep at night, Tengteng would say an incomplete sentence \”teacher hit\”, and then asked \”which teacher hit\”, Tengteng said no more; Tengteng is in the new semester this year. After the beginning, there was a persistent feeling of being tired of studying… The more terrifying truth is yet to come. After Teng Teng’s incident, seven or eight parents contacted Teng Teng’s father and said that their children described being “slapped in the face and twisted in the thigh” by the teacher. One parent even sent Tengteng’s father a video of his child imitating a teacher’s slap in the face at home. Another parent told reporters: In fact, this kindergarten beats and scolds children and puts them in a small room for more than a day or two. After I asked several times, the child carefully said that if he disobeyed or moved around in his seat, the teacher would hit him on the head or face. IAsked if it hurt? He said it hurt. I felt very sad. My child saw something wrong with my face and quickly said, the teacher said this is a game and this is our secret… Tengteng\’s father said, Tengteng didn\’t develop a nap habit at home, so naps became the boss in the kindergarten. Disaster. He remembered that when he picked up his children before the Chinese New Year, Teacher Yu once told him not to send his children here when the holiday was about to come. He suggested that he take his children to the hospital to check for ADHD. The couple actually took Teng Teng to the Children\’s Hospital and saw an ADHD expert clinic. The examination results showed that Teng Teng was normal. Do you see what\’s wrong? At least three questions. Putting 3 or 4-year-old children in a small dark room is an \”isolation punishment\” for prisoners. Anyone who knows a little bit about child psychology knows that this method of punishment cannot be used on children. This preschool education has no professional knowledge at all. Because the 3 or 4-year-old boy refused to take a nap and was rather naughty, he was told that he had ADHD and his parents were asked to take the child for a checkup. Both ignorant and incompetent. The last question is even more abominable – beating the child and telling the child, \”This is a game, this is our secret.\” This is simply a corruption of teacher ethics. But this kind of teacher has a \”teaching qualification certificate.\” And kindergarten is still a first-class kindergarten. What did such a kindergarten with complete qualifications do after this incident happened? After Teng Teng\’s burn incident, the kindergarten explained to parents and students that Teng Teng was burned because he drank water and was unable to come to school. Although Teng Teng\’s parents are in pain now, I have to say that they were too \”big-hearted\” when choosing a kindergarten for their children. When choosing a kindergarten for Teng Teng, their biggest consideration was that it was close to home. In addition, I think this kindergarten is a better brand in Jinan, and I heard that the food in the kindergarten is good. So the three points they considered were: proximity to home, kindergarten qualifications, and food (from what they heard). These three points also need to be considered when choosing a kindergarten, but they should not be the main consideration. What aspects should be looked at to judge the quality of a kindergarten? I recommend that you take a look at the 8 standards of the American Association for the Education of Young Children, hoping to give you a reference. Standard 1: The kindergarten environment is clean and tidy, indoor facilities are in good condition, and ventilation is good. There are a variety of activity areas inside the classroom, such as playing house, building blocks, mazes, painting, music, etc. There is also a picture book area specifically for children to read. There are outdoor play areas including swings, climbing equipment, sandpits, etc. Standard 2: Class size: There are two teachers per class, and a maximum of 18-20 children in a class. Standard 3: Teacher-child ratio: On average, one teacher can manage up to 8-10 children. Standard 4: Daily Activities Children can play alone or in groups most of the time. Children can choose most independent play projects and learn some life skills and common sense through these projects. The main responsibility of the teacher is to help children participate in activities, accept the individual differences of each child, and set activity standards according to the child\’s respective mental development level. Standard 5: Interaction between adults and children Teachers should always be present among or among childrenMove around the group, ask questions, make suggestions, and provide your children with some more complex ideas. Teachers should have more ways to guide and encourage children to learn, such as giving examples to children, guiding children to behave correctly, and encouraging children to participate in more activities suitable for them. Standard 6: Teacher qualifications: Teachers must have a college degree or above, and have studied kindergarten teachers, education and other related majors. Standard 7: Interaction and relationship between teachers and parents. Kindergarten and teachers encourage parents to visit the kindergarten and participate in kindergarten activities. Teachers will often communicate with parents about their children\’s behavior and development in kindergarten. Standard 8: Kindergarten qualifications Kindergartens have nationally recognized school qualifications. Many parents actually don’t pay enough attention to the importance of choosing a kindergarten for their children. A child\’s initial socialization process, cognitive development, emotional development, and learning all occur in preschool, including kindergarten. In fact, I encourage children to enter kindergarten before entering elementary school. A good kindergarten environment is richer than what a family can provide for its children. Interaction with other children and people outside the family is more beneficial to children\’s social development. However, many parents will try hard to get their children into a key middle school or primary school, but they rarely seriously examine the situation of a kindergarten. Parents should also interact and communicate frequently. Don\’t be like the Tengteng incident, where parents collectively reacted to the fact that their children were beaten by teachers only after it happened. I really hope that parents will take the initiative to teach their children some awareness of \”self-protection\”. The previously recommended picture book \”Cultivation of Children\’s Self-Protection Awareness\” is something I really hope every family can keep. There is a book in it specifically telling children not to keep secrets for bad people. It also teaches children some psychological knowledge. The \”Picture Book on Children\’s Personality and Emotion Management\” produced by the American Psychological Association also hopes that parents can read it with their children. Books are the most cost-effective investment. The knowledge in a book may be an Easter egg for a child\’s life. A book worth dozens of dollars may be able to save a child\’s life at a critical moment. Today’s second article shares 25 questions: How should parents ask their children how they spent their day in kindergarten? The third article is to tell children not to follow strangers casually. I hope you all have time to take a look. If you have a good way to identify the quality of a kindergarten, I hope to share it with everyone!

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