• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Heartbreaking short film of the year: The more things our parents do to us, the further our relationship grows…

Recently, a 6-minute short film went viral on WeChat Moments and made countless parents cry after watching it. Many people say they see themselves inside, but what I see is a different scene. The video tells the story of the parent-child relationship crisis that broke out in three families because of a report card: a migrant father opened a breakfast shop. In order for his children to go to school in the city, the family worked early and late, but the children\’s grades were still a mess. And the only way he dealt with it was to hit or scold him. The words \”trash\” were not so much scolding the child as punishing himself. A mother who worked hard in the workplace wanted to give her children a better life and worked hard to worry about their children\’s studies. However, when faced with her children\’s poor grades again and again, her emotions exploded. In her words, her son became a good-for-nothing \”idiot\”. She thought that careful tutoring would bring her closer to each other, but unexpectedly, the mother and son who could have been so close became drifting apart. A full-time wife, she was willing to give everything for her daughter, but her daughter blocked her circle of friends and began to fall in love without telling her family. She wanted to take care of her daughter meticulously and protect her from wind and rain. For this reason, she even \”stalked\” her daughter, but her daughter became more rebellious. Rather than saying that this is a story of three families, it is better to say that this is the epitome of the current Chinese family. The more parents pay, the more distant their relationship with their children becomes. CCTV once planned a 10-year documentary investigation – \”Mirror\”. Among them was a young man named Jia Ming. His parents were both intellectuals. On the surface, they lived a decent life that ordinary people would envy, but behind the scenes, they had the bitterness of most middle-aged parents. Jiaming\’s father said that I want to teach him my life creed, which is to never give up and never give up. I hope his life will be better than mine. For more than ten years, he has been unswervingly on this path: working hard and desperately trying to get his children to study. Even when the school holds parent-teacher meetings and parents have to appear, he has to keep calling the principal to explain that he is too busy with work and the leadership is too pressing. \”It\’s all work arranged by the boss. I can\’t turn it down, you know.\” When he said this, the middle-aged father\’s face was full of embarrassment and helplessness. Just like the three groups of families in the 6-minute short film, parents have almost lost all their life space for their children, and even work and life have become unable to cope with it. They have to work hard to shoulder the responsibilities of being parents and do their best to protect the whole family. family. Almost all middle-aged parents hide the sorrow behind their lives, but act strong and impatient in front of their children. In \”Mirror\”, the harder Jiaming\’s father tried to arrange everything for his son, the more his son resisted. In the end, he didn\’t even go to high school, stayed at home, and even committed suicide. The biggest pain for a parent is to unknowingly \”turn against each other\” with his or her children, and eventually fall in love and kill each other. I saw @宁公子 telling such a story on Zhihu. His father was very strict with him. Whenever he made a mistake as a child, he would be beaten or scolded. Therefore, his relationship with his father is very poor, and he seldom communicates with him. He will bother his father even for the smallest things. For many years, he had been harboring a grudge against him.After going to college elsewhere, I rarely go home unless absolutely necessary. Later, he wanted to buy a house in the city, but his father unexpectedly spent 500,000 yuan. Most of the money was borrowed from relatives and friends, and the rest was my father\’s savings from working hard bit by bit. In order to repay the money, my father insisted on working in a cement factory owned by a relative. When he returned home during the Spring Festival that year, he saw his father struggling to unload the truck from a distance. When his father saw him panicking like a child who had done something wrong, he said he was here to help. It wasn\’t until that moment that he realized that the father who he regarded as stern and cold had been always behind him, weathering the wind and rain, and struggling to support a clear sky for him. All the father\’s harshness and indifference were nothing but a deception. Director Shin Won-ho once said: \”Children lie to their parents to cover up their embarrassment. Parents lie to their children to hide their inner suffering. The pressure of life makes parents exhausted. It\’s not that they don\’t want to change.\” They have become the \”ideal\” parents in their children\’s minds, but they have done everything they can. Faced with the problem of children\’s education, what should parents do? This has become an urgent issue for Chinese families today. Watch \”Reply 1988\”, countless People were moved to tears by the father\’s true confession to his daughter. \”Mom and dad can\’t forgive you because they don\’t know: teach the eldest brother well; care for the second child well; teach the youngest child to be a good person.\” . Dad, I was not born as a dad. It is also the first time for my dad to be a dad. My daughter should be a little considerate. \”The father\’s \”show of weakness\” actually made the long-standing gap between father and daughter disappear in an instant. Because the children finally understood that parents are not as strong as we imagined, and both adults and children have their own weaknesses. Parents are important to their children Showing your vulnerable side in front of you not only does not lose the prestige of your parents, but also brings you closer to each other. As said in \”The Summer Solstice Has Not Come\”: \”When we were young, we always thought that our parents were invincible until we broke through their helplessness. , only to realize that it was because of love that they were willing to play heroes. Every child will experience that moment, when they suddenly want to grow up quickly and protect their parents, just like they once protected us. \”Let go of the majesty of parents and let the children find their own family status. Maybe they can grow up more quickly into what their parents want. ▽ Bacon once said: \”In a happy family, the parents run the house with love, and the children are also out of love. Obey adults out of love for their parents. \”I hope every parent can understand that not all efforts must lead to all the gains you want. It may take 10 years to cultivate a tree; it may take a lifetime to cultivate a child. Finally, send For parents, I would like to give my parents a little poem \”A Little Child\” from Haisang: A little child should be rolling around on the ground, running wildly in the streets, with dirty face and little hands, and should be a little bad and disobedient. He should play a purposeless game for a long time. He is a selfish, cute and cruel little animal. He came to the world to educate us. So that we can grow again instead of decaying.

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