• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Hello, kid! I want to say sorry to you

I still remember that winter, I was running up and down the corridors of the hospital as fast as I could. I heard loud cries coming from the delivery room. Then he took over this little life from the nurse\’s hands. I greeted him with joy in my heart: \”Hello! My child, I am your father!\” Of course, he couldn\’t understand me at that time. But I can definitely feel my love for him. \”I will love you well and be a good father.\” This was also my initial promise. \”Dad, I most hope you have time.\” \”Stay there for a while. Dad has a very, very important thing to do now.\” You stood aside with red eyes. Only then did I realize that my tone was a bit harsh in order to drive him away. A temper that gets angry when anxious is really hard to change. But I didn\’t say anything and continued to do my own thing. I figured he wouldn\’t be angry after a while. Sometimes this approach works well. But now, he seems to have become more determined. Just stay there. \”What do you want to do?\” \”I want you to read this book to me.\” I looked at it and saw that it was a literacy textbook. \”I\’ll read it to you for five minutes, and then I\’ll continue working on mine, okay?\” \”Five minutes is too short.\” \”Then keep standing.\” At this time, he kicked me angrily. I pretended not to see it. When I finished part of the task at hand, I felt less anxious. He glanced at his son. He just kept waiting for me to finish. \”Dad, can you read to me?\” \”Come on! I\’ll read to you.\” Later, when he was quietly reading books or drawing in the study alone. I looked at his small figure and felt guilty. I walked over and stood beside him and watched. \”Dad, are you not busy anymore?\” \”You\’re a little tired, let\’s take a rest.\” \”Then let\’s draw dinosaurs with me.\” \”Well, it was Dad who was wrong just now, I want to say sorry to you.\” The little guy looked at me , chuckled. Already forgive me. When children are young, it is always easy for children to forgive their parents\’ mistakes. well! Because of this, it makes them more vulnerable to injury. Because many people don’t know how to cherish the simple love of their children. He even refused to say \”I\’m sorry\”. Just because of the word \”busy\”, many parents have ruined their children\’s little wishes. The time spent together becomes less and less. Unfortunately, it is also further and further away from my original intention. I remember one time my son’s kindergarten asked the children to write down their wishes. Several children wrote: I hope my parents will keep their word and take me to play. One girl said that her father had promised her to go to Ocean Park since the first day of school. But a semester has passed, and my father still didn’t take me. I heard what the child said at that time. It wasn\’t just the girl\’s father who lowered his head. We all also had our hearts pounding. Because I had promised my children to do something together. But it was delayed by some entangled things. \”Dad, you said you would go hiking with me. When did you go?\” \”Next time! You see the weather is so bad.\” \”Next week! If it doesn\’t rain.\”… It seems that there is a reason every time put off. Then, we never went there in the second half of last year. He accidentally told me again a few days agoNaotao: \”Dad, I really want to see that 800-year-old tree on the mountain. Has it grown up a little?\” \”It is very, very old. You can\’t tell if you go there.\” But I thought to myself. Said: My child, I’m really sorry! Parents always say: \”Baby, I love you, I am the person who loves you the most in the world.\” But when the child needs love, there are conditions unknowingly attached to it. \”Mom, please hug me!\” When a child makes a mistake, he longs for his mother\’s forgiveness and love. \”I won\’t hug you if you are so naughty. You can\’t do this again.\” The child has to bow his head before he is willing to give you a hug. Sometimes, it\’s really just a very small thing. It\’s just because the child doesn\’t do as well as the parents want. Sometimes just because you are in a bad mood or have a bad temper, you use your children as a punching bag. Because I had something to do, I fiercely refused my children\’s legitimate needs. I still feel like I’m right because I’m busy! But what about the children? They are always willing to get close to and help their parents. For example, when I call him softly, he always runs over immediately. \”Daddy is long, daddy is short,\” he called, for fear of missing any small detail between us. Get Dad a glass of water. Immediately went to the ground. Get that book for dad. OK OK! We say we love our children very much, but sometimes we really don’t do as well as they do. And they will misunderstand the child\’s meaning and hurt the child severely. Tagore wrote in \”The Way of Children\”: As long as a child is willing, he can fly into the sky at this moment. It’s not for nothing that He doesn’t leave us. He loved to rest his head on his mother\’s breast, and he could not live without her even for a moment. Children know all kinds of wise words, although few people in the world understand their meaning. It was not for nothing that he never wanted to say it. One thing he has to do is learn the words that come from his mother\’s lips. That\’s why he seems so naive. …Children never know how to cry. He lives in a perfect paradise. It wasn\’t for nothing that he shed tears. Although he used the smile on his lovely face to draw his mother\’s eager heart towards him, his little cries because of trivial matters became a double bind of pity and love. Every time I finish reading this poem, I will reflect deeply. Because when the body is covered with the turbidity of the world. Your own heart will also become turbid. You will forget the ways of children, the first love and the first happiness. When you misunderstand your child so deeply that you blindly feel that you are right. And what about the mistakes I made? If you don\’t say it, maybe only you and your children will know. The child will choose to forgive and forget. When you still refuse to reflect, but blindly think yourself right. Then who can wake you up when you are pretending to be asleep? As a parent, please remember to cleanse your mind often. And you should spend more time with your children and always be introspective. Because children come into the world to educate us and make our lives grow, not to decay.

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