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Here are three tips for what to do if your child is too slow in doing homework


Oct 1, 2023

\”If you don\’t do your homework, the mother is kind and the son is filial. If you do your homework, you will be like a chicken and a dog.\” I committed sins in my previous life, but I have to accompany my children to do their homework in this life! Among the many aspects of midlife crisis, doing homework with children is said to be the last straw for parents. Do you still remember the social news circulating on the Internet that \”accompanying children to do homework makes them so angry that they have cerebral hemorrhage\”? A collection of various parents\’ help for their children\’s homework is comparable to jokes. But looking at the replies from netizens, apart from empathic echoes and complaints, it seems that few parents can rationally analyze the reasons, let alone provide \”solutions\”. The correct way to accompany your children when doing homework. What exactly are you accompanying your children when doing homework? When you accompany your child to do homework, are you accompanying your child? Or homework? Children need their parents\’ support to grow up, including academic studies. Companion is not about staying next to him all the time and watching him write, or even writing on his behalf. It’s not like the police are using their skills to catch thieves, closely monitoring every move of their children, never relaxing at all, and “screaming” whenever mistakes are made in homework. Our companionship is to play a role in supervision and promotion, to check whether the children have completed their homework on time? Have you developed good study habits? For children, parents should focus on cultivating their children\’s ability to learn independently and let them develop a good habit of completing homework independently. Otherwise, the child will become dependent. After all, homework is an important part of the child\’s learning process. Being dependent will affect the child\’s ability to learn independently, and will not be able to test the effect of learning. Over time, it will reduce the child\’s enthusiasm and confidence in learning. Heart. Accompanying children to do homework seems to turn self-discipline into other-discipline, so parents must slowly hand over the responsibility for completing homework to their children as they grow up. Parents are only responsible for supervising, but for homework Right or wrong, the quality of the completion should be the responsibility of the child himself. The next very important question is: the highest level of doing homework with your children is when you are not present. I have seen some parents like this: while their children are doing their homework, they are checking WeChat or playing mobile games. When their children ask them how to solve a problem, they look impatient. It is better not to accompany them when doing homework. Even if parents are accompanying them, they should step back and leave their children with a relatively independent and focused space and time. Do not interrupt the child at any time. For younger children, parents can focus on reading, knitting, and doing their own things in a place not far or near, creating a focused atmosphere for the children. But it’s best not to watch dramas and play on your mobile phone, as your children will feel it’s unfair. As children grow older, parents should withdraw from the room where their children study. Children should develop self-discipline and an internalized self-monitoring mechanism to complete homework on time and with high quality and quantity, rather than having to deal with teachers or parents. This is the highest state of doing homework with your children. How to get rid of children\’s problem of dawdling? Chen Mo bids farewell to wasting time on writing homework efficiently in 30 lectures. A mother with a doctorate pointed out: \”Five-step method\” to accompany your child to do homework, if you stick to it for a month, you will have self-motivation. After reading this, I was really amazed by this educational method. As expected, mothers with PhDs are different. They have their own ways of accompanying their children to do homework.Law. Those who have children at home, especially those who often have headaches when spending time with their children, should save it and learn more about the educational methods of mothers with PhDs. If you follow this method for a month, your children will immediately see a big change in their homework.

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