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Holidays are a good time to carry out labor education for children


Oct 1, 2023

Although the importance of labor education to children\’s growth has been widely recognized, in reality, the situation of my country\’s adolescents and children participating in labor in their daily lives is not optimistic. Recently, the Ministry of Education released the \”Compulsory Education Labor Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition)\”, which sets goals for different school stages such as \”organizing and storing\” and \”daily labor such as household cleaning, cooking, and home beautification.\” Previously, corresponding policies clearly stipulated: \”Family must play a basic role in labor education.\” The coming of summer vacation is also a good time to carry out labor education. This article focuses on the practices and perspectives of schools and families in labor education, hoping to bring some inspiration to readers. Summer vacation is here, how to let the children have a happy and meaningful vacation? It is best to take children to nature and enjoy the beauty of the motherland’s mountains, rivers and countryside; to go out into society and understand the working conditions of uncles and aunts in the hot summer; to carry out labor activities and grow their talents and wisdom in labor. The practice of Shijiazhuang Foreign Languages ​​School once again proves that labor has many aspects of educational value and significance. We should vigorously advocate labor education in schools and families. \”Comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor\”, labor education is an indispensable part of \”simultaneous development of five educations\”. Children are naturally fond of working. When they are two or three years old, when they see their parents working, they will always help out. Although I didn’t understand the meaning of labor at that time, I felt very happy while working. Parents should maintain and develop this nature of their children, guide their children to participate in all kinds of labor within their capabilities, and cultivate their love for labor, respect for the quality of labor, and the ability to create with their hands. Shijiazhuang Foreign Languages ​​School is a typical example of attaching great importance to labor education. By carrying out good labor education, it has led to changes in the entire school and also affected students\’ families. There are examples like this in other parts of the country. Some time ago, I saw a documentary on CCTV that recorded the story of a rural school in Sichuan. The children used to go to the county town to go to school, but later a new principal came to the school. Labor education was carried out, and the children planted corn, tomatoes, and fruit trees by themselves. If they encountered difficulties in planting, they would find books to read. During the work, the children\’s enthusiasm for learning has also increased, the quality of education in the entire school has improved, and the children who went to the county to study have returned to the countryside. The children enjoyed the joy of labor, tasted the fruits of their labor, and said happily: \”Tomatoes taste better than those bought in the city.\” After watching this video, I was very moved. Labor has changed the children\’s study and life, thus changing the face of a school. We should encourage schools to do more such explorations and generate more such typical experiences. The reason why labor is the most glorious, noble, great and beautiful is that labor creates human beings, labor creates wealth, labor promotes human progress, and labor is the basis for individual development. For children, labor can make their bodies full of vitality and improve their various physiological qualities; it can cultivate their self-confidence and perseverance; and it can help them develop a sense of responsibility of \”I can do it and I should do it.\” Labor, let children realize that labor is productionCreate the source of wealth, thereby cultivating the quality of respecting labor, loving labor, and respecting working people. Labor is the basis of creation. Children must use both their hands and brains during labor. It is a creative activity, which helps to cultivate children\’s creative thinking and creativity. Labor can promote children\’s desire for knowledge. When they encounter problems during labor, they will read to find answers, thus promoting their interest and efficiency in learning. Labor education is an important part of human comprehensive development education. Holidays are a good time to carry out labor education. We hope that schools will organize them carefully and parents will cooperate enthusiastically so that children can have a lively and happy holiday.

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