• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

How are excellent children raised? You must avoid these 10 minefields

\”Wolf parents and tiger mothers\” are not advisable and it is definitely not okay to spoil their children too much, but \”being good for the children\” cannot be used as a simple and crude excuse. Corporal punishment can cause psychological trauma to children and make them resentful and rebellious. Parents cannot rest on their laurels and try to pretend to be who they want their children to be in front of them. Children\’s living habits, ways of doing things, ways of thinking, worldview and values ​​will all have the shadow of their parents. If parents want to educate their children well, they need to update their own concepts first. Don\’t quarrel or fight in front of your children. If parents fight in front of their children, it will make the children feel that the family cannot provide them with a sense of security. Children who feel insecure must look for a sense of security outside, and are prone to problems such as joining undesirable cliques. Don\’t look at your children as useless. Explore your children\’s strengths. Every child has his or her own shining points. This shining point may be the key to his future success. Otherwise, you may obliterate your child\’s potential, or even become the culprit who ruins everything for your child. Don\’t blindly accommodate and spoil your children. Don\’t think that if I treat your children well when they are young, they will treat me well when they grow up. This is a huge mistake. Your doting will make your child think: Everything my parents do for me is natural. When you grow up, once you cannot meet his requirements, your pain will begin. Don\’t regard grades as the only criterion. Nowadays, parents often only focus on grades, forgetting that grades are actually just a tool. Children\’s behavioral habits, ability to cope with setbacks, and interpersonal skills are more important. Don’t blindly deny your child’s ideas. Be good at listening to your child’s opinions and viewpoints, respect your child’s views, and don’t blindly deny his ideas. Only in this way can your child eliminate the gap with you, be willing to negotiate with you when encountering difficulties, and only then can the parent-child relationship be harmonious. Don’t neglect cultivating children’s financial management skills. Appropriately grasp the amount of pocket money. Excessive relaxation will cause children to spend money indiscriminately, pretend to be generous, and be extravagant. Controlling too tightly will make children care about money and affect their future interpersonal communication and creativity. The power of wealth. Don\’t pass on the pressure to your children. Parents have their parents\’ history, and children have their children\’s future; parents have their parents\’ situations, and children have their children\’s thoughts. The best approach is to give your children macro guidance and let them make their own decisions based on full communication with them. Don\’t always mention \”other people\’s children\”. Always like to compare other people\’s children with your own children. First of all, you will have a psychological gap, and you will be too strict with your children in upbringing, or because you always say to your children, \”Look at XX \”How are you doing?\” and the like, causing children to always focus on other people\’s children, making them easily influenced by the outside world, causing them to have no confidence and low self-esteem.

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