• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

How can children be successful when they grow up? Take more TA to these 3 places

Nowadays, many parents like to take their children out to see the world and increase their knowledge. Parents who are qualified have chosen foreign countries to let their children experience the exotic customs; or large playgrounds to let their children relax… Some people say that the most important thing about parent-child travel is companionship, and where to go is not so important. In fact, this is not the case. The choice of travel destination is also very important. If you have not been to these three places, it will be useless to let your children see more of the world! Hunan Satellite TV in the backward mountainous area has a program – \”Transformation Plan\”. Although there is a lot of controversy, I think there are still some things worth seeing. The poor mountainous areas one after another in the show are one of the places you must take your children to once! The urban protagonists in \”Metamorphosis\” grew up in fine clothes and fine food, and had everything they wanted in terms of material things; they were all rebellious, spendthrift, and did not understand the hard work of their parents. why is that? Because they have never seen how hard and difficult it is for their parents to make money, and they don\’t know that there are still people in this world who don\’t even have enough to eat. There was no feasting, no famous brands, and I walked dozens of miles on mountain roads every day to go to school. When I got home, I had to feed pigs and sheep, and take care of my grandparents. The family can\’t even afford a few dozen yuan for living expenses. Because parents work outside, the burden of taking care of the entire family falls on the young shoulders of the children. Some of them are not as high as the table, so they have to put bricks on them to prepare meals for the family; even though they are only children, they have to take on the responsibility of taking care of their younger siblings. It is said that today\’s children are spoiled because they really lack the opportunity to endure hardship and experience poverty. If we can artificially create some such opportunities for children to have a physical examination and experience, I believe they can better understand and cherish a happy life. If you have never experienced a life of poverty, how can you know how to cherish the happiness you have now? Children\’s Welfare Home Only mothers are good in the world, and a mother\’s child is like a treasure. Unfortunately, not every child has a parent. There is a group of people who have been abandoned for various reasons and can only rely on social assistance to survive. They are the children in the children\’s welfare home! Their home, the orphanage, is also worth taking your children to see. In many one-child families, the child is the center of the family. The whole family gathered around him. The child is the little emperor of the family, with clothes on his hands and food on his hands to open his mouth. When I go to school, my grandma takes me to school and my grandpa picks me up. I don’t even have to carry my schoolbag. Even so, I always yell at my family if I don’t get what I want. The care and love of family members are taken for granted by children. Not only do they take it for granted and are ungrateful, but they also forget about basic respect and love. On weekends, you might as well take your children to see the children in the children\’s welfare home. They not only have to take care of themselves at a young age, but also help their aunts take care of the younger children. They have nowhere to act coquettishly and nothing to ask for, so they can only live cautiously and hard. I believe that children will definitely feel something: Compared with them, they have the care of their parents and the love of their grandparents, so what else can they be dissatisfied with? He will definitely know how to cherish the love of his relatives, and he will also respect his grandparents who love him more, and be grateful to his parents who have devoted themselves to him. In addition to time, there is endless knowledge in this world of large libraries. The difference is that timeThe passage of time cannot be resisted, but knowledge can be actively explored. Knowledge and learning make people enlightened and calm. The library is the best choice for a day trip for children. The more books you collect, the greater the shock to your children! A large part of the reason why children don\’t like to study is that they find reading to be no fun and that learning is of no use. In anything, interest is the best teacher. Spending a day in the library with your children is also a good choice! Being in a sea of ​​books, when children see people around them reading, they will naturally join in. What we have to do is to \”let it go\”, don\’t rush to correct, don\’t assign tasks, and let the child\’s interests go. When he finds content he likes, he will be able to experience the joy of reading.

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