• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

How can children live happily if they don’t study hard?

Sometimes I write some inspirational articles about children, and netizens always leave messages saying: I don’t want my child to have good grades, as long as he lives a happy life! This is of course logically correct. However, anyone who has gone to school knows that if a child\’s grades are not good, can he really live a happy life? In every classroom, the most painful ones are often not the top students who study hard and know everything, but the poor students who spend a lot of time and study hard and know nothing. When a student loses interest in learning and looks forward to the end of every class from the beginning, what a pain it feels to live like a year! Learning is never easy, and it is the same all over the world. Many times, hard study and childhood happiness may really be a fish and a bear\’s paw, and you cannot have both. Sitting at a desk doing exercises versus lying in bed playing with a mobile phone is definitely more painful and more comfortable. But we can’t just take care of our children’s happiness, so we let our children play with their mobile phones every day according to their temperament. A child\’s growth must be restricted, and he must do things that conform to the norms of this society but are unwilling to do. This is the same all over the world. I have to admit that for most children, reading is still the most important opportunity to change their lives. If our children are just born into an ordinary family, and they will need to rely on their own hands to make a living and fulfill their responsibilities in life, then their lives will only have the following four possibilities: (1) Happy now, happy in the future Also happy; (2) If you are not happy now, you will be happy in the future; (3) If you are happy now, you will not be happy in the future; (4) If you are not happy now, you will not be happy in the future. In the first situation, the child regards learning as fun, has excellent grades, and has won a bright future for himself. This is the best state that can only be encountered. In the second case, they are either forced by their parents to learn various talents, or they are forced by their teachers to learn cultural knowledge. When they grow up, these talents and knowledge become their own skills, their hobbies, and their The means of making a living for oneself has become the greatest wealth in one\’s life. This is the growth path of many children. The third situation can be summed up vividly in one sentence: If a person has a happy childhood and a carefree youth, then he must have a hard middle age and a miserable old age, unless he is a rich second generation or a carefree youth. Second generation official. The fourth situation is that there are a few in every classroom. They have nothing to rely on and they don’t work hard. They will always live at the bottom of society in the future. Our children should try to do the first two. A childhood that is allowed to grow wildly is not true happiness. It will only leave too many useless blanks in the mind and fill it with more water. If we do not have the strength to plan a life for our children, then tell them that hard work is your responsibility and the only way for you to improve your life. If you want to live a more prosperous life when you grow up, you have to let yourself suffer more as a child. Because tomorrow\’s happiness will always be directly proportional to today\’s efforts.

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