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How can we educate children well? The key is the three unaccustomed + the three unhelpful + the three unfriendly

Loving children is the instinct of parents. It does not require teaching or thinking. It is a natural force. But it is this deep love that makes parents pay close attention to their children\’s \”growth, study, and life\” and control them closely, for fear that if any link is missed, the children will fall behind others. The road to education is long and difficult. There are some truths that teachers will not tell their children, but as a parent, you must teach them to your children! The relationship between the two children is very simple. They have the friendship of \”obeisance\” and pay special attention to sharing blessings and sharing hardships. Even if they get into trouble and lie, they will be blamed. A friend took his son back to his hometown to visit relatives happily, but he returned home depressed. It turned out that Lele had made several friends in the countryside, playing in the mud and catching small fish with those children, and had a great time every day. But one night, several children set off fireworks together and ignited a small pile of grass stored far away from the village. It was firewood used by others for cooking. The friend was so angry that he beat Lele violently. After beating the child, he asked who set off the fireworks. Lele said nothing and kept shouting, \”If you tell me, we will no longer be friends,\” which made your friend very angry. A friend who protects his friends without being punished or harmed is indeed considered a true friend, but when dealing with others, someone must take responsibility for making mistakes. If you know your mistakes and can correct them, there is no greater good. If you really want to do good to a person, you cannot allow him to make mistakes. Copying the homework is not helpful. \”Hey, copy the homework for me quickly. The teacher is here to collect it.\” \”How do you do this question? Give me a quick look.\” \”I am going to a training class today. This paper is Can you do it for me?\” Are you familiar with these words similar to homework? Today\’s students are under great pressure to study. In addition to homework at school, they also have homework assigned by teachers of various subjects when they return home. Sometimes because there is too much homework, the children do not finish it in time. In order to avoid punishment from the teacher, the children will choose to copy the homework. Homework is the best way to consolidate the knowledge you learn every day, and it is also the first choice to check for gaps in your studies. If you choose to copy homework, you may miss important knowledge points, which is not helpful for learning. Teachers teach, teach, and resolve doubts. If your children cannot do their homework well, they can ask the teacher for help. After all, this is their job. If you cannot complete the task, you can also explain the details to the teacher, and I believe the teacher will handle it as appropriate. Moreover, copying homework will also make people develop a habit of dependence and make them lazier in their studies. This will not improve their performance, but will only hinder them. News about \”school violence\” and \”school bullying\” appear on the news every now and then. Every time I see it, I feel sad. Parents send their children to school to learn how to behave and learn culture, not to become executioners who hurt others. We do not prevent our children from making friends, but we hope to expand their circle of friends and enrich their spare time life. But looking at the cliques and isolated classmates on campus today, we have to examine, what kind of friends do our children make? As students, children can help their classmates with tutoring after class, and they can also help their classmates clean up, but they cannot help in group fights or bully weaker classmates. School is a youthful paradise of knowledge, where children should absorb the fragrance of books and ink., reject hostility and violence. My friend\’s son Lele is a typical stubborn child. Every time he goes out, Lele always cannot move his legs when he sees toys, especially Transformers. Even though we already have one at home, we still have to ask our parents to buy it again. Regarding this, my friend was very helpless: \”I scolded and hit, but the child was determined to buy it. If you didn\’t obey him, he would keep crying, which made people very annoying. I don\’t know where this stubbornness comes from. \”Presumably this is also a problem that many parents often face, but many times, parents just summarize this phenomenon as \”the child is young and ignorant\” and do not face the seriousness of the problem. Children with stubborn tempers and always contradicting their parents mean that they have developed self-awareness and the ability to think. At this time, if the parents blindly indulge and cannot patiently correct their behavior, it will breed the rough growth of their characters and thoughts. For example, they must do what they believe in and get what they believe in. Being stubborn, only accepting dead facts, and being unable to learn to adapt and adapt will be of no benefit to future study or even future work. Don’t be squeamish. I was taking a bus a few days ago, and something happened on the bus that I still remember vividly. It was the rush hour that night, and the bus was very crowded. During this period, the mother and daughter came up. After a while, the little girl about 7 to 8 years old shouted: \”I don\’t like too many people, it\’s so crowded here.\” After saying that, he cried loudly. The girl\’s mother hurriedly coaxed: \”It\’s after get off work time. There are too many people and there is nothing we can do. Just wait until we get off the bus.\” The girl refused and still cried: \”I want to get off the bus.\” The mother, who was helpless to her daughter, still took her to the next stop. He got out of the car with his daughter. People say that children\’s words are unbridled, just listen to them, but I don\’t think so. Nowadays, the economic level is relatively high, and the family only has one or two children, and the children are very pampered. But in exchange for such love and care, the children are more squeamish than the other. They will complain that they are tired after taking only two steps outside, run out after helping their mother sweep the floor, and complain that they smell dirty when they encounter dirty places… This kind of thing cannot be tolerated. My child, what do you expect from him when he grows up? You know, it is okay for a child to be coquettish before the age of three, but after this age, coquettishness will turn into overbearing, unreasonable, and selfish. Moreover, when faced with setbacks and difficulties in life, he only thinks about escaping and asking his parents to help him solve the difficulties. He is a lazy person who only knows how to enjoy but not pay. Don’t be stingy. We often say that sharing is a virtue. Children who know how to share are a kind and generous expression. But in the eyes of some parents, only if a child is stingy will he be smart and not suffer a disadvantage. Sometimes, it is understandable for children to be a little clever, but if they are too shrewd and do not miss a penny, it will become a calculation. For children, sharing is a kind of joy, a kind of wisdom, and a kind of friendship glue. With it, life will be warmer, thoughts will be broader, and friendships will be stronger. A child who only knows how to make small calculations will not experience the joy of being kind to others, and will not understand the enrichment of sharing. He will only have a narrow personality and a vision that is difficult to broaden. There is an old saying that goes like this: \”If you give up small, you will gain; if you give up big, you will gain big.\”, reluctant to part with it! \”There is no such thing as freeloading in this world. If you want to gain something, you must first learn to give up. People who don\’t make three friends make trouble out of nothing. Such people like to spread rumors and sow discord. When they are in a good mood, they will accompany them. Chat a few words; when things go wrong, just tell a few things that embarrass you, and then add fuel to the fire, causing things to develop in a very bad direction. These people are usually heartless, and it doesn\’t matter if they spread rumors in front of anyone. Gossip It is the most hurtful, hurting individuals, children and families. Remember, the other side of making trouble is being mean, selfish, and doing whatever you want, and these things are engraved in your bones and dripping into your blood. If there is such a person around your child, try to Stay away from them, I believe not many people are willing to stay with them. There is a kind of duplicitous person who likes to point fingers at others, has all kinds of dissatisfaction, and wishes you could wear small shoes every day, but once you give him some small favors, he will Start to change your attitude towards you and treat you better. This kind of person has no principles of his own. It is very likely that if others give him some petty profits, he will choose to betray his friends and family. Don\’t be nice to this kind of person. If you are careful, he will stab you in the back. Most of these easily bribed people are short-sighted and only know how to pay attention to some small interests in front of them. They do not think about problems in the long term. Their villainous appearance will only make people feel off-putting. People who bully the weak don’t know since when. The friendship between gentlemen has become a joke. I don’t want my children to become people who dislike the poor and love the rich. I also don’t want my children to lose the most basic morals of life because of money. .Tell your children that if there is such a person around you, you must stay away from him, the sooner the better! Good parents are learned, and good children are taught. There are no children who cannot teach well, only parents who cannot teach. The road to education is long, don’t think about it overnight, stay patient and have confidence, and your children will achieve success one day.

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