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How difficult is it to choose a name for a child?


Oct 1, 2023

Although some people say that the name is just a code name, if it is not chosen correctly, the child will only be laughed at. For example, I have read an article before, \”Ranking of the Funniest Names in China,\” in which Ma Tong, Alipay, Li Jianren, Zeng Taoyan, etc. are really not the worst, only worse. I believe many mothers are the same. They have suffered for countless pregnancies just to come up with a good name… Today, let’s talk with Doudehui: How difficult is it to come up with a name? @ a fallen pig: My father’s surname is An, and my mother’s surname is Xi. Then, my friend said that the baby should be called An Muxi… @半点: My husband’s surname is Zhan, and I don’t agree with naming my daughter James! ! CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring documentaries. The child is addicted to self-discipline after watching it @小鱼干: The father’s surname is Li, the mother’s surname is Xia, and the baby’s name is Li Xiahan. Han means lotus. It’s just right, the lotus in summer. I hope she will , come out of the mud but not stained, wash the clear ripples without being evil ~ @Karen: My father\’s surname is Ren, my mother\’s surname is He… just call it (any) hahahaha, but my mother-in-law disagreed. @RuShui: My husband’s surname is Xia. I asked him what he wanted the child to be called, and he said: Xia Ke (after class). @Grape: Bao’s father’s surname is Luo, and they all wanted to give Bao a girl with simple strokes, so “Luobu” was the first choice. Later, when the baby was born, she saw that she was a little princess, so she changed the name to “Luo Li” @ Pooh: Talk about a friend My father\’s surname is Lin, my mother\’s surname is Xu, and my son\’s name is Lin Zexu, who is definitely new (intentional) and domineering. @host: My husband’s surname is Shi. I like to recite poetry and prose, and I am an expert in reciting. Our wedding theme is \”Reading Poems for You\”. Now that the baby is about to be born, I have decided to call it \”Shi Recitation\” @小娟: My father and I both have the surname Mu, and the family name is \”Rong\”. We don\’t know what to name our child. I don’t really like the word “Rong”. It feels like my surname is Murong. Although our ancestors were named Murong, we are all surnamed Mu. I want to name my child Murong Fan, but Rong Fan doesn’t feel very comfortable. @phoebe: His father’s surname is Ma, and he has already given his children a bunch of nicknames: toilet! Maserati! immediately! I\’m going to collapse! @ella: My father’s surname is He. I plan to call my daughter Coco if I give birth to a daughter. When pronounced in Cantonese, it means “Hehehe”~@小苏苏: Isn’t the latest song “Uncommon Words” a hit? My husband said otherwise I also gave my child an unusual name, which made him look knowledgeable and domineering… I thought about it for a long time and said: Let’s call our child Zhang Taotie! @美 neighbor: My dad and I named her Lan Xi. When I went to the hospital for a physical examination, an old lady asked me how long I would be able to write my own name. I instantly regretted it! In the past, I would say a few heart-warming words at the end of every article, but I don’t want to say it this time because it’s so difficult to come up with a name. It makes me cry… The most important thing is not to think of something, but to think of one negative and one negative. You have to think about it, the wireless loop is endless! ! Finally, sisters, hurry up and leave a message for Doudehui to give advice, or tell me: Have you ever encountered difficulty in naming? Does your baby\’s name have any meaning?

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