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How do children become smarter? Seize these three opportunities


Oct 1, 2023

Many people believe that whether a child is smart or not depends on heredity and genes. Some children are born smart, and some children are born stupid. This is something parents cannot decide. But in fact, this is not the case. Whether a child is smart or not, genetic influence is only one aspect, and the more important factor is the cultivation and education of the parents. It is understandable that parents want their children to become smarter, but children cannot become smart at any time. 100 books that primary and secondary school students must read throughout their lives. Harvard University research shows that children\’s brain development often goes through three \”golden periods.\” If parents seize these three opportunities correctly, it will be difficult for their children not to be smart, and they will learn in the future. Basically, you don’t have to worry about it, and it can help you raise better children. 1. When children are two or three years old, their memory explodes. Parents must seize this stage to stimulate their children\’s memory. For example, show children picture books, word cards, and vocabulary cards, and children can remember them all. Because children at this stage have a magical skill called \”photography memory method\”. He can take a photo of all the words he sees and imprint it deeply in his mind. Therefore, at this age, if parents stimulate them, their children\’s memory will be very strong in the future. For example, this is the case for the child prodigy Sun Tianchang. His first teacher was his grandmother, an old teacher with decades of teaching experience. In order to create a learning atmosphere for the young Sun Tianchang, her grandmother posted stickers in every corner of the house. Flashcards. In this way, Sun Tianchang will be able to become familiar with Chinese characters subtly, and he will be able to read with less effort than others in the future. Children have strong curiosity. When Sun Tianchang sees these cards, he will ask adults what is on the cards. His family took the opportunity to tell him the words on the card. Later, after Sun Tianchang knew some words, his family would encourage him to ask questions. This became Sun Tianchang\’s favorite game when he was a child. Knowing one more word was like clearing the game, which made Sun Tianchang Got a great sense of accomplishment. Through subtle practice over and over again, Sun Tianchang knew thousands of Chinese characters before he was three years old. Later, he only studied in junior high school for 5 days. He took the college entrance examination for the first time when he was 12 years old. He scored 594 points in the college entrance examination but chose to repeat it. He scored 659 points in the second college entrance examination when he was 13 years old, but gave up Tsinghua and Peking University and chose to apply for the University of Science and Technology of China. Wang Hengyi, who won the championship in the \”Chinese Poetry Conference\” at the age of 6, also began to read and write at an early age. He comes from an ordinary family, and his wonderful achievements are inseparable from the guidance and persistence of his parents. When Wang Hengyi was 1 year old, his mother bought him various literacy cards to teach him how to read. 2. Around the third grade, children’s language skills explode. Parents should focus on cultivating their children’s interest in reading. In this way, you will fall in love with reading in the future and your Chinese scores will be very good. 3. In the second grade of junior high school, children at this time have their own ideas and logic for doing things, and rational thinking grows the fastest. Parents must train their children in science subjects, such as mathematics, physics, geometry, and even astronomy and geography. Seizing the above opportunities will seize the \”golden period\” of children\’s brain development. If parents do not take detours in parenting, it will be easier for children to become smarter. Be careful not to force your children,Let go appropriately. In the eyes of parents, what they arrange for their children is the best, but they do not know that this kind of education method is difficult for children to accept, and sometimes parents\’ interference will restrain their children. Children are at the peak of their brain development. Parents should learn to let go appropriately and give their children space to develop freely. This may lead to unexpected surprises. In particular, discover and cultivate children\’s interests. Most parents think that their children are smart, which is reflected in how many questions they have answered, how many points they have scored, and how many dozens of words they can memorize. These can only reflect part of their children\’s IQ. In addition to learning, we should also pay attention to the cultivation of interests, carefully observe the children\’s specialties in life, and respect their own wishes. Parents should not use their own thinking to ask their children to learn what specialties they must learn.

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