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How do children grow taller? Pay attention when your body has these symptoms


Oct 1, 2023

There are signs that children will grow taller. Have parents noticed it? Children\’s height is always a timeless topic in front of adults. In fact, a child\’s height has a long-term impact. As long as the mother grasps the child\’s growth period and supplements the child\’s nutrition during the child\’s growth period, it can effectively promote the child\’s growth. Moreover, there are signs that children will grow taller, mainly the following. As long as mothers pay attention, they will not miss them. How to grow taller? A professor from Peking Union Medical College Hospital teaches your child to grow 10cm in one movement. NO.1 The appetite suddenly increases when the child starts to grow taller. The child\’s appetite will become better than before. The child\’s appetite is always strong and he always says he is not full. If a mother finds that her child has this change, she must ensure that the child gets balanced nutrition and sufficient calcium in the diet. NO.2 Shoes change. Children\’s bodies grow from bottom to top. As you grow taller, your feet will naturally become longer, and then your shoes will become smaller. If a mother finds that her child\’s shoes are a little tight on her feet, congratulations, your child is growing taller. Mothers should promptly change their children to new shoes that fit their feet. NO.3 Children feel leg pain before going to bed. Children often complain in front of you that their legs hurt at night, but they don’t feel it during the day. This may be the child\’s growing pains. Growing pains are physiological pain caused by a child\’s rapid bone growth and uncoordinated growth and development of local muscles and tendons. In this case, the mother should also be happy. However, you need to consult your doctor about what supplements you should take to better help your child grow taller, and you cannot ignore it. NO.4 Strange dreams Most parents should have had such dreams themselves. If you dream that you are going down the stairs and suddenly step on the air; or if you are being chased and run hard but cannot run, this is because your bones are growing. Babies grow taller while sleeping. The human pituitary gland secretes a growth hormone to promote growth and make the body grow taller. If your baby has dreams like this, it is most likely that he is growing taller. Tips for children to grow taller 1. If you eat too well and too full, you will not grow taller. Pay attention to a reasonable diet. Protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin A are all indispensable. But don’t just give your children big fish and meat. If you eat too much, your blood sugar levels will be higher, your growth hormone secretion will be reduced, and you won’t be able to grow taller. Also be careful not to let your child become too obese. Obesity induces precocious puberty in children. Precocious puberty will cause the epiphysis to close prematurely, affecting the child\’s height. 2. Moderate hunger: Maintain a moderate sense of hunger and control blood sugar at a slightly lower level, which is conducive to the secretion of growth hormone. If the weight is controlled at 3 kilograms per year, \”horizontal growth\” will also make it easy to grow short. Fatter is not always better. 3. At what time of the day is growth hormone highest? From medical student data. Nocturnal growth hormone is more abundant in the first half of the night than in the second half of the night. Moreover, the two highest time periods for growth hormone secretion overnight are 22:00-2:00, and 5:00-7:00 account for about 90% of nighttime growth hormone secretion. The peak period is between 23:00-1:00 and around 6:00 in the morning. In addition to ensuring the amount of sleep, the quality of your child\’s sleep must also be ensured. Mothers can improve their children’s sleep quality through room layout. Use opaque curtains and lower the curtains after the child falls asleepDecibel and so on. 4. How can exercise help children grow taller? Growth hormone reaches its highest level around 30-40 minutes of exercise. Don\’t exercise too much, as excessive exercise will reduce growth hormones. Choose exercises that are helpful for growing taller, such as skipping rope, playing basketball, swimming, running, horizontal bars and parallel bars, etc. Emotional factors must not be ignored! Never hold a \”criticism meeting\” while your children are eating. Because being depressed or nervous can easily lead to a decrease in growth hormone secretion in children. A good mood can not only promote nutrient absorption, but also improve sleep quality. Moms and dads should take their children out more often to bask in the sun and exercise. Also remember to pay more attention to your child’s growth performance!

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