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How do Tsinghua top students prepare for study?


Oct 1, 2023

In fact, most children make the wrong preparation goals! Many people think that preview means learning the things in the textbook in advance. For example, in Chinese, you have to read the text in advance and in mathematics, you have to do all the extracurricular questions after class. At this time, first of all, the children will feel that the workload of preview is special. It\’s big and easy to encounter many problems. After you take class at this time, you have learned everything. What do you need a teacher for? Therefore, we must be clear about the goal of pre-study: \”Discover problems.\” \”There is no doubt that learning will be difficult, and doubt will lead to progress.\” This is the wisdom of our ancestors. The key to pre-study is how to find problems! Record the questions and go to class with the questions. Naturally, you will have goals in class. For example, in Chinese, how do you find problems? The easiest way to find the problem is to read through a text and \”clear out the new words\”. In addition, try to complete the after-school tasks orally and try to complete them as detailed as possible. Don\’t rush through them. You will suddenly find that these after-school tasks are actually quite useful. For example, if you are suddenly asked to describe a picture, your vocabulary may not be able to extract it. Then this thing will naturally become a problem. It is easier to record it and then listen to the teacher in class to teach mathematics. There are a lot of question marks in the book. Try to answer the sentences at the end of these sentences. If you cannot answer them, it will naturally be a problem. Listen to what the teacher said in class. It is a very simple preview. Our children can all do it, and these problems will naturally be transformed into goals in class. Have you learned to pay more attention in class?

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