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How do you educate your children?

The biggest misconception among Chinese parents is that as long as they have a marriage certificate, they can have children; as long as they have the ability to have children, they have the ability to educate them. Any adult can educate a child, so there is no need to worry about leaving the child to grandparents, or even to a nanny. Many Chinese parents often don’t start to worry about their children’s education until their children become “problem students” in school. To educate children, only love is not enough. Only by understanding the rules of children\’s growth can we have a good future. CCTV Documentary Channel Post-00s documentary watch online all 5 episodes 1080P ultra-clear version 13.7GB What China needs education most is not its children, but its parents. Once you have a baby, you can’t “return” it. Educating children is the most important and difficult knowledge for mankind. Parents are their children\’s never-retiring class teachers and have lifelong responsibilities for their children. No matter how successful parents are in their careers, they cannot offset the consequences of failure in educating their children. All parents want to educate their children well, but none of us have received pre-job training and have become parents in a hurry. Therefore, before educating our children, we parents must also receive education and learn how to be a qualified parent. You need to understand your child and don’t miss the critical period of your child’s development. The critical period of development: refers to the mastery of certain behaviors, skills and knowledge of human beings, which develop fastest and are most susceptible to influence in a certain period. How much do you know about the critical periods of child development? The critical period of learning to chew (6 months): the most important learning period in infancy. The critical period of order and regulation (2.5 to 6 years old): a critical period for the formation of children\’s behavioral habits. The characters, behaviors, and habits formed during this period often do not change when they grow up. \”Three-year-olds are considered older, seven-year-olds are considered older.\” Critical period of language development (3-6 years old): Children around 3 years old can basically master all the pronunciation and grammar of their mother tongue, and their language abilities will be further developed thereafter. Critical period of imagination development (2 to 8 years old): At this stage, children’s curiosity and imagination must be protected. Culturally sensitive period (6 to 10 years old): Many children in this period are very curious, love to use their brains, and have many questions. Children’s desire for knowledge should be satisfied. Golden reading period (4 to 12 years old): If you miss the scientific reading guidance and extensive reading during this period, it will cause irreparable shortcomings in the child\’s growth. The critical period of independence (12 to 15 years old): If this period is not properly grasped, the child will never grow up. You need to know maternal love and paternal love. Maternal love: virtues, etiquette, character and temperament. Mothers have a huge influence on their children during their infancy and childhood. Fatherly love: directional guidance and rational action. A great father must be the guide and founder of his children\’s ideas. Rule: The maternal love required for a child\’s growth is on a decreasing trend, while the paternal love is on an increasing trend. Before children enter school, they generally need more maternal love. The transition stage between primary and secondary schools is the end of the romantic stage and the beginning of the precise stage of a child\’s growth. It is a transitional period from mother\’s love to father\’s love. During this period, maternal love should be appropriately reduced and paternal love should be appropriately increased. Advice for fathers. 1. The way home from get off work should be the way home. As a father, you must realizeWhen it comes to the educational responsibilities on your shoulders, you must remember: the way home from get off work should be the way home, and children who eat with their parents are better. 2. Love your family, especially your wife. As a father, it is the father\’s basic responsibility to create a beautiful family environment that can bring security and the ability to love to his children. If a father loves his mother, his children will grow up in the nourishment of love. 3. Play sports and play with your children. A man is also an innocent big child, and his father is his child\’s best playmate. Only with his father can the child truly let go and play happily. Only the father can give his child a brave and cheerful spirit of exploration. 4. Take your children to see the world. Tell your children about workplace life and take them to see various aspects of society. The father uses his eyes to lead his children to slowly come into contact with this society, and uses his own experience to help his children figure out a path. Generally speaking, mothers are more family-oriented and fathers are more social-oriented, which is what fathers should do. Six family education maxims that parents must know. The first sentence: Good parents are learned. There are no naturally successful parents, and there are no parents who do not need to learn. Successful parents are the result of continuous learning and improvement. I have met so many outstanding parents, and none of them succeeded in raising their children easily. An excellent mother even said: Many people think that I am very relaxed, saying that your child is so good that you don’t need to worry about it at all. But as everyone knows, I actually have one eye open even when I sleep at night! Entering the 21st century, the information society has higher and higher requirements for people\’s quality. All positions require training and assessment. However, it seems that only childbirth and education do not require training. It seems that you will automatically be employed and will never be laid off. In fact, this understanding it is wrong. Second sentence: Good children are taught. I have met hundreds of outstanding parents, and one thing they have in common is that they put a lot of effort into educating their children, just like what Shen Liping, one of the top ten outstanding mothers in the country, did. If she did not say it herself, people would not think of her. So much effort has been put into the growth of his son Wang Jiapeng. Some people may say that if there are so many parents who are illiterate, can’t they educate good children? In fact, it is not that illiterate people cannot educate, these parents are also masters at educating their children. The third sentence: Good habits are developed. Many parents blame their children\’s bad habits on the school, on the teachers, on the children themselves, but not on themselves. In fact, most of the habits in children, whether good or bad, are cultivated by our parents intentionally or unintentionally. Parents are often the biggest creators of their children\’s problems, and they are also the biggest obstacle for their children to correct their mistakes and shortcomings. The top priority is not to educate children, but to educate parents. Without changes in parents, there will be no changes in children. There are no children who don’t want to learn well, there are only children who cannot learn well. There are no children who cannot educate well, there are only parents who cannot educate them well. Therefore, scold yourself before scolding your children, and hit yourself before hitting your children. Only in this way can you completely change yourself. Download the complete episodes of Big Ears Tutu Season 4 [Full 26 episodes 3.2G] The fourth sentence: Good grades are all helped. About qualityThe whole society must have a correct understanding of education and exam-oriented education. Exam-oriented education is an issue that neither schools nor parents can avoid, and schools and parents need to adapt together. There is no contradiction between examination-oriented education and quality-oriented education. Quality-oriented education without examination-oriented ability is not true quality-oriented education. Therefore, it has become a duty of our parents to help our children adapt to exam-oriented education. The best way to help our children reduce their burden is to increase our parents\’ burden, that is, our parents can become their children\’s mentors. Sentence 5: Good communication can be heard. For parents whose children have entered junior high school or high school, there is a common confusion that it is difficult to communicate with their children. Children entering puberty and mothers entering menopause have more conflicts, not only because they are in a period of internal psychological turmoil, but more importantly, both are under great external pressure. Children face the pressure of going to school, and mothers face the pressure of career. pressure, which requires enhanced communication. Most excellent parents do a good job in this regard. Their good communication comes from consciously following the following three principles: The first step is to listen, which is to let the child speak out and understand the true meaning of the child\’s words. . The second step is understanding, which is to think about whether it makes sense from the child\’s perspective. The result often makes sense. The third step is advice, which makes sense. Children may not necessarily take the right action, so parents should give advice here. Of these three steps, listening is the worst that parents do. Every child grows up with problems, and every parent grows up with problems. You can’t find children who don’t encounter problems, and you can’t find parents who don’t encounter problems. The key is to Like those good parents who can calm down and find solutions to problems. Sentence 6: Good achievements come from education. Intelligence is not the most important, what is more important than intelligence is will, what is more important than will is mind, and what is more important than mind is character. And these are the most important things in a person\’s growth. When we read the biography of a character, we are often deeply impressed by the extraordinary person in his childhood. The reason is that this achievement motivation has a huge impact on people. The most important factors such as will, mind, and moral character are not effective through \”explicit education\” such as parents\’ preaching, but are transformed into the flesh and blood of children through parents\’ behavior, that is, \”subtle education.\”

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